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  • Backyard Barnyard Chick Perch Strong Wooden Jungle Gym Roosting Bar Made in USA!!! Chicken Toys for Coop and Brooder for Baby Chicks El Pollitos La Pollita Pollos Gallinas Polluelos
    πŸ” GREAT ADDITION TO ANY COOP OR BROODER - Roosting bars are perfect for training little chicks πŸ” COMFORT FOR YOUR CHICKS -Perches allow birds to get off the ground and feel more secure πŸ” WORKS FOR BABY CHICKS-Add to your list of brooder supplies to help train chicks for roosting πŸ” SOLID CONSTRUCTION - Our chicks roosting bars are hand crafted of solid wood and built to last πŸ” 7 PERCHING RODS & TRIANGULAR SIDE OPENING- The perfect chick toy for your coop
  • CooShou Chicken Vegetable String Bag Poultry Fruit Holder Chicken Cabbage Feeder Treat Feeding Tool with Hook for Hens Chicken Coop Toy for Hen Goose Duck
    Materials and Size: The Vegetable net pockets are made of durable nylon, 24" in length. Big enough and durable enough to hang all kinds of fruits and vegetables such as cabbage lettuce corns tomatoes for your chickens ducks goose to eat. Chicken Vegetable Treat Feeder: Our Chicken Vegetable feeder features an interesting way to provide cabbage, lettuce or other vegetables for chickens in the coop. Allow to add fresh vegetables to inspire and satisfy the chicken's foraging instincts. Design: The chicken snack net bag with a hook on the top, it could be convenient to hang vegetables on a fence or chicken coop, and vegetables will not be wasted by chicken stepping. Function: A great idea to keep your chickens from getting bored. Put a whole cabbage a few tomatoes and a few corns in this chicken vegetable fruit pocket and hang it in your chicken coop. Chickens will be attracted to peck at them. It will keeps the chickens busy for quite a while. A good chicken toy for hens. Safe use: Unlike other spray-painting chicken treat ball, our chicken Vegetable pockets is safe to use and won't hurt your chicken.
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  • Pampered Chicken Mama Dust Bath with Non-GMO Herbs (5 pounds) - All Natural Poultry Supplies for Hens Who Love Bathing in Chicken Coops - (5 pounds)
    βœ”οΈ SAFE FOR COOPS: Mix of all-natural & locally sourced minerals, diatomaceous earth, and nesting herbs so your chicken coops and houses stay safe. Economical 5 pound canister lasts 14-30 days. βœ”οΈ USE INSIDE COOP & IN RUN: Add Pampered Chicken Mama Bathing Dust With Herbs to your flock's favorite dust bathing spot or to a large bin Spread around your chicken coop run, in your flock’s dust bath, mix with bedding, nesting box liners, pine shavings in laying hens’ nest boxes, or other backyard chicken supplies. Perfect for winter or summer when your chickens prefer staying in their coop. βœ”οΈ 100% ALL NATURAL & NON-GMO: All-natural poultry supply for chicken dust baths made with non-toxic and safe all natural minerals and herbs. Proudly made in the United States. βœ”οΈ 100% HAPPY CHICKEN GUARANTEE: Your chickens will love them or your MONEY BACK! No questions asked! Pet chickens love the scent of garlic, rosemary, basil, spearmint, and thyme! βœ”οΈ KEEPS FEATHERS CLEAN: Easy to pour into chicken supplies, dust baths, and nesting boxes, so your hens have 24-hour access. Not for use in chicken feeders or with layer feed or herbal chicken treat supplements. Convenient resealable canister for easy storage.
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  • Euchirus 6LBS Non-GMO Dried Mealworms for Wild Bird Chicken Fish,High-Protein,Large Meal Worms.
    6LB EXCELLENT SOURCE OF PROTEIN FOR YOUR PETS - Protein contents account for 53% of the food value in our dried mealworms, an excellent source of nutrients, and an aid to your pets through cold winter weather and spring reproduction. Great treat for chickens, bluebirds, Sparrows, Robins, budgies, turtle, hedgehog, hamster etc. EASY TO STORE & KEEP FRESH - Weight of 11LB,22LB are not in a resealable bag, suggest to keep into a sealed drum to avoid bag leaking and cracking, store this product in a cool,dry area away from rodents and insects. HEALTHY & NO PRESERVATIVES - Our mealworms receive a well-monitored diet of grains, vegetables and cereals. These sources are never blended with animal matter. We demand the strictest quality standards and our worms never eat any GMOs. FEED ALONE & MIXED WITH OTHER FOOD - Our dried mealworms can be served to birds/ chickens either straight or mixed with other food such as seeds, nuts or fruit for added nutrition. They can also be melted into suet to form a bird food fat cake.
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  • Chicken Feeder-Holds 20 Pounds-Pellets-Crumbles-Grain in Bucket - for 21st Century Chicken Owners - Inside or Outside of Coop - Use with Nipple Waterer (2 Feed Ports - Corner (4-6 Hens))
    πŸ“ For chickens 12 weeks and older. (Younger/smaller chickens can crawl in the port) No-Roost Cap included! Place feeder anywhere in your yard/run and the feed stays dry. No need to put it under cover. πŸ“ No more squirrels, wild birds, mice or rats getting into your coop looking for feed on the ground 99% of feed stays in the feeder - Even with your most wasteful hen! πŸ“ 100% Food Grade and BPA Free Plastic - Comes fully assembled - Simply fill with feed and it's ready for your hens. Holds 20 pounds of feed! Refill once every 30 days for 2 hens, 14 days for 4 hens and once every week for 8 hens. πŸ“ Handy? Try out our new "Make your own feeder kit" sold here on Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D1BMN4D πŸ“ Check out our new "25LB Outdoor Rainproof Metal Feeder" sold here on Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08CGP4QBP?ref=myi_title_dp
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  • LITTLE FARMER PRODUCTS Chicken Fun-DOO Non-GMO, Soy-Free Chicken Treat | Premium Poultry Meal Worm, Vegetable & Herb Mix (3 lbs)
    πŸ” A nutritionally complete treat for chickens! Chickens love this holistic snack high in Omega 3's and fortified with Renew Non-GMO, Soy-free Poultry Complete. Made in the U.S.A. 🌾 Renew Non-GMO Poultry Complete. 16% gourmet micro-pellet specifically formulated for back yard poultry. Fortified with flax seed for Omega 3 support as well as oyster shell to support shell integrity. We even include CoolStance Coconut meal to support broad spectrum nutrition. πŸ₯š Dried Mealworms. Delivering 16.58% PROTEIN and fortified with flax for valuable Omega 3's to support health and egg production. Our blend of Flax, Black Oil Sunflower & Safflower seed create shiny feathers. 🌢️ Chili flakes and Oregano. Added chili peppers to our Chicken FUN-DOO treat mix because chickens can benefit from the antioxidants, and it helps eliminate parasites; plus, the birds aren't bothered by the pepper heat! Oregano is a natural antibiotic. 🍼 Feeding Directions. Hand feed, sprinkle on the ground, or place in a dish, after complete feed as a natural, healthy protein snack your chickens will LOVE so much they'll come running for more!
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  • Pampered Chicken Mama Backyard Chicken Nesting Herbs 16 oz (1 lb) - MitesBGone All-Natural Backyard Chicken Feed & Supplies to Protect Against Pests, Bugs, Insects & Vermin - Nesting Blend for Hens
    MitesBGone Dried Herbs For Chickens is a mix of all-natural nesting herbs for chicken coops, houses, and dust baths. These herbs are traditionally used to prevent and repel mites (insects that can cause scaly leg mites) and chicken lice. Safe to eat, and makes the perfect non GMO & soy free chicken feed blend for backyard chickens, ducks, and other poultry who love herbs for pets! Spread around your chicken coop, mix with bedding, nesting box liners, pine shavings in laying hens’ nest boxes, or other backyard chicken supplies you use. Convenient resealable bag for easy storage. Pet chickens love the scent of peppermint, spearmint, thyme, rosemary, and garlic! Directions: Sprinkle 1/2 cup around your backyard chicken coop 2 - 3 times per week or as needed.
  • QXUJI Chicken Veggies Skewer Fruit Holder for Hens, Hanging Feeder Toy for Hens, Hen Toys for Chickens, Large Birds
    Material: The hanging feeder is made of high quality bold polyester materials, woven rope, with good load-bearing capacity to hold the weight of a watermelon,cabbage or lettuce, very strong and durable, not easy to deform.The S hook is made of heavy duty stainless steel. Size: The mesh diameter is about 1.97inch/5cm, and the rope diameter is 0.2inch/0.5cm. The total length of the rope is 22.44inch/57cm.The length of S hook is 4.72inch/12cm. It is long and big enough to hold a vegetable or a fruit and it's easy for chicken or birds to peck at food. Unique Design: The hanging feeder net can be convenient to hang vegetables on a fence or chicken coop, prevent chickens step on the food, keep the vegatables and fruits clean and fresh. A group of chickens gather around a hanging cabbage, fighting to peck at it and enjoying themselves. Function: You can hang the feeder in a chicken cage, or hang on the fence, and put some fruits or vegetables in it , the chickens, hens will enjoy them, which not only stimulates chickens' natural foraging, gathering and fighting behavior, but also provides a source of entertainment for chickens to vent their emotions, relieving the pressure. A good chicken toy for hens. Package included: 1PC black hanging feeder net + 1PC S Hook in total.