Tuto: Permaculture capataple plnts for grapes | Our Expert Explains

  • Mid East Pickled Turnips Premium Quality 32oz each - 1 Single Glass Jar - مخلل لفت لبناني ممتاز
    Premium Quality Turnip Pickles The perfect side with your everyday Meals Kosher Amazingly delicious ! Free Shipping in 1 Single Jar 32Oz each
  • Non-Pesticide Dried Jerusalem Artichoke, 무농약 말린 돼지감자 300g (10.6oz), No Agricultural Chemicals, from South Korea 100%
    ✔️ This Jerusalem Artichoke is produced using non pesticide in Korea (Non Pesticide certificate number:13302158)) ✔️Jerusalem Artichoke has lots of Inulin and minerals including Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Iron and Magnesium etc ✔️ No additives, No artificial flavors, 3 times cleaning (no need for you to clean again), Natural Korean 100% ✔️ Drying 2kg(4.4lb) of raw Jerusalem Artichoke is similar to 300g(10.6oz) of this product. ✔️ If you are not satisfied with our product 100%, we'll buy them back from you, no question asked !
  • Oregon Growers, Wildflower, Blackberry, Honey Duo, Raw, Unfiltered, Unpasteurized, Natural, 18 Ounce (Pack of 2)
    Raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized, natural, pure honey Superfood constituents: bee pollen, honey comb, propolis, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils Our honey is raw and unfiltered to preserve the subtle flavors and natural enzymes
  • Valle Fertil Chicha Morada ( Purple Corn ) Concentrate Fruit 1 liter ( 33.8 FL Oz ) Bottle (1)
    Chicha morada is a beverage originated in the Andean regions of Perú. The base ingredient of the drink is corn culli or ckolli, which is a Peruvian variety of corn known commonly as purple corn We use the traditional preparation method , boiling the purple corn in water along with pineapple and quince, adding a pinch of cinnamon and cloves.Product is Pasteurized Brix: 23% -35% This product is a concentrate, proportion 1 cup of chicha morada concentrate and add 4 cups of water and stir the product ( this bottle contains a 1 liter of chicha morada concentrate, adding 4 liters of water you will get an excellent chicha morada drink , Total of 1.3 gallos ( 5 liters) ) Usamos el método tradicional hirviendo el agua, donde se ha añadido el maíz morado, junto con piña, membrillo, añadiendo un poco de canela y clavo de olor Este producto es un concentrado, una taza, añadir 4 tazas de agua y mezclar (esta botella contiene un litro de concentrado, con ella puedes hacer 5 litros de refrescante y deliciosa bebida de chicha morada)
    19.69 $
  • Applied Biochemists 13281A Harvester Landscape & Aquatic Herbicide, 1 qt
    BENEFITS: Controls and eliminates a wide variety of unwanted aquatic plant life from lakes and ponds USE: Aquatic (surface and subsurface) and landscape uses; May be applied by backpack, airboat, spray handgun, helicopter, airplane, or similar application equipment that results in thorough spray coverage; Dilute and spray COMPATIBILITY: Water use is restricted for irrigation, drinking (animal or human) and swimming. See product label for details FEATURES: Non-selective, broad range control; Rapid activity; Compatible with other herbicides and algaecides for better control; Non-volatile herbicide INCLUDES: One 1-qt container of Harvester Landscape and Aquatic Herbicide from Applied Biochemists
    40.87 $
  • Wheat Grass, 200 Capsules, 800 mg Serving, Natural Source of Vitamins & Minerals, Green Superfood, Pure & Potent, No Additives or Fillers, Non-GMO, Lab-Tested, Made in USA
    EARTHBORN ELEMENTS Wheat Grass Boosts Energy Levels, Aids Digestion, & Supports the Immune System* 50 DAY SUPPLY: More Than 1 Month of Optimal Support 100% PURE: Never Any Additives or Fillers GUARANTEED: Love It 100% or Your Money Back MADE IN USA: Manufactured in Oregon
    17.99 $
  • Wet & Forget Outdoor Ready to Use Moss, Mold, Mildew & Algae Stain Remover, 64 oz, 2-Pack
    44.49 $ 48.23 $ -8%
  • Wonderful Pistachios , Roasted & Salted, oz Bag Roasted and Salted,32 Ounce, 1 Pack
    SIZE: 32 Ounce Bag FLAVOR: Roasted & Salted. Our best-sellingflavor, perfect for everyday snacking EVERYDAY SNACKING: Perfect for easy entertaining and snacking throughout the day CALIFORNIA GROWN: Wonderful Pistachios owns, cultivates and harvests more than 75, 000 acres of pistachio and almond California orchards, where we carefully tend and harvest using the latest sustainable practices. Gluten Free, Non-GMO Project Verified
    35.99 $
  • Dandelion Root (100 Capsules) 100% Pure & Natural, No Fillers, Non-GMO, Made in USA (470 mg Serving)
    PURE Dandelion Root Supports Liver & Kidney Function, Digestive Health, & Water Balance* 200 DAY SUPPLY: Over 6 Months of Optimal Support 100% PURE: Never Any Additives or Fillers GUARANTEED: Love It 100% or Your Money Back MADE IN USA
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (200 Capsules) Pure, No Filles or Additives, Non-GMO, Made in The USA (375mg Serving)
    EARTHBORN ELEMENTS GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT Boosts Immunity & Protects GI Health* 200 DAY SUPPLY: More Than 6 Months of Optimal Support 100% PURE: Never Any Additives or Fillers GUARANTEED: Love It 100% or Your Money Back MADE IN USA: Manufactured in Beaverton, OR