Tuto: Diy robot gearbox | Test & Advice

  • 80Pcs Plastic DIY Robot Gear Kit Gearbox Motor Gear Set for DIY Car Robot
    The product is for toys gear spare parts package. The great tools for all kinds of DIY cars, robots, model making accessories. Suitable for DIY model production technology. This is the most complete gear set, includes 80 kinds of gear parts. It can meet your DIY needs
  • 58 Pcs Plastic RC Parts Lot, Plastic Gears, Rack Gear Kit Gearbox Motor Gear Set for DIY Car Robot Toy Parts
    58 Pcs Plastic Gears
  • EKIND 78Pcs Plastic DIY Robot Gear Kit Gearbox Motor Gear Set Gear Worm Compatible for DIY Car Robot RC Model Helicopter Remote Control Aircraft
    The 78pcs Plastic DIY Robot Gear Kit is for toys gear spare parts package. It can meet your DIY needs. Made of high quality plastic, wearable and long service life The products are for toys spindle gear spare parts, suitable for DIY model technology production Many uses, fun for kids and adults to use and learn,to avoid deglutition, not suggested for small kids. The different kinds of parts and accessories in just one package, which makes it a perfect choice for laboratories, science education, DIY models, RC-airplane/helicopter repair, etc.
  • AUKUYEE 80Pcs Plastic Gear Kit Gearbox Motor Gear Set for DIY Car Robot QY16
    100% Brand new and high quality. 80 kinds of Gear Kit includes most of gears, suitable for vast majority of DIY enthusiast. As picture showed, this gears set contains 2mm single layer gear, crown, pulley, 3mm/2.5mm double layer gears, which are wildly used. The distinctive parts are 102A/81A copper gear, 2.3mm/3.17mm hole main shaft gear, 3mm/4mm/5mm D-axis gear, rack, worm, belt, etc. Spindle, single/double layer gear, worm, belt, tee, rack are gear spare parts for toys. a majority of them are various types of 0.5 modulus gear, suitable for DIY toys.
    9.99 $
  • Yosoo Mini DC 6/ 12V Speed Reduction Motor 50/200/ 300RPM with Metal Gearbox Replacement N20 for RC Car, Robot Model, DIY Engine Toys (6V, 6V 200RPM)
    ✅DC Mini Metal Gear Motor: Fine craftsmanship,durable,not easy to wear, light weight, high torque and low RPM. ✅Widely Use: Ideal for DIY engine, robot model, electronic door lock, small robots, electronic DIY toy car. ✅With excellent stall characteristics,can climb hills easily. Good corrosion resistance and long service life. ✅You can also easily mount a wheel on the motor's output shaft. ✅What You Get: Yosoo Gearbox motor. Yosoo worry free guarantee and friendly customer service.
    9.49 $
  • BEMONOC Miniature Pear-shaped 12V Dc Drive Gear Motor 25 RPM Gearbox DIY Toy Robot Model
    ✔Rated Voltage: 12V DC; No-Load Speed: 25RPM; Rated Torque: 2kg.cm; ✔Reduction ratio: 1/200; Motor Construction: Permanent Magnet; Is_customized:Yes; ✔ Protection class: IP54; Low noise: db<45 (A); ✔Typical Applications: Medical Devices & strong box, Special Regulators; Certification: CE. ✔Package: 1PCS x DC Geared Motor; if you need other voltage and rpm, pls contact us, there are many other models in store.
    16.88 $
  • NW 5pcs 3V Micro Planetary Reducer Motor High Torque DC Motor DIY Robot Gearbox Motor (9161C)
    Voltage: DC3V Current: 42 MA Speed: 110 rpm Voltage: DC3.7V Current: 48 MA Speed: 135 rpm Voltage: DC4.2V Current: 52 MA Speed: 154 rpm Voltage: DC5V Current: 58MA Speed: 180 rpm
    8.89 $
  • ApplianPar Pack of 6 Dual Shaft Gearbox Gear Motor for Arduino Smart Car Robot DIY
    Operating voltage: 3V~12V DC; Load current: 70mA (250mA max) Maximum torque: 800gf cm min (3V) ; No-load speed: 1:48 (3V) Suitable forRC car DIY, smart robot, four-wheel drive toy car, aircraft toy, vibration product and more. Package includes: 6 x Dual Shaft Gear Motor
    10.99 $
  • Yeeco 4 PCS DC Electric Motor 3V-6V Dual Shaft Geared TT Magnetic Gearbox Engine for DIY Robot Cars Chassis Models Vibration Products (1:48 Reduction Ratio)
    ▲4pcs yellow electric motor with 1:48 reduction ratio ▲Rate voltage: DC 3V-6V; Maximum torque: 700gf.cm(3V) ▲Load current: 170mA (3V), 115RPM(3V) ▲Size: 64.2x22.5x22.5mm(without the shaft) ▲Great for RC car, DIY robot cars chassis models or other electronic production
  • 5Pcs 3V Micro Planetary Reducer Motor Dia 10MM High Torque DC Motor DIY Robot Gearbox Motor 55RPM-100RPM
    Dia:10mm; Motor size: 8*10mm; Motor height: 7.8mm;Total height: 19.5mm(motor + reducer) not include output shaft Output shaft: gear shape (outer diameter 4.5MM, six teeth); Voltage: 1.5V, Current: 20mA, 55RPM; Voltage: 2V, Current: 20mA, 65RPM; Voltage: 3V, Current: 30mA, 100RPM step angle: 18 /232 degreess, Motor resistance: 40ohms, Reduction ratio 232:1 (about 4640 pulses) Weight: 3.5g Package: 5 x motor