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  • BigcaseTech Flexible TPU 3D Printing Filament with Useful Accessories Kit, 1.75 mm, 0.8 kg, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05 mm for Ender 3s 5 CR10 Series Prusa I3 etc 1.75mm 3D Printer (Green)
    TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is a environmental friendly  material which prints strong parts that are also flexible. Compatible with all FDM printers on the market that accept 1.75 mm filament. Including Prusa i3, Monoprice Maker Select, Creality, and other RepRap printers. With proper settings , TPU is easy to print thanks to excellent bed adhesion and the filament’s tendency to not warp. Great for a variety of projects, such as toy ,shoe insoles, watch bands, phone cases, drone parts and more! Bundled with free Gifts you needed: 5 x 0.4mm stainless steel Needles for Nozzle Cleaning, 4 x MK8 M6 thread Nozzles(0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm), 4 x E3D V5-V6 M6 thread Nozzles(0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm), 4 x Hex Wrenches (1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3mm, 4mm), 1 x Build Surface Sticker(200mm x 200mm)
  • Glarks 9Pcs 3D Printer Accessories 3D Print Removal Tool Shovel Tool Set, Stainless Steel 3D Printer Spatula Palette Knife with Sturdy Wooden Handle to Remove Models from 3D Printers
    ★【What You Get:】 In this 3d print removal tool set, it include 9pcs palette knives with various different head for remove models from 3d printers. ★【High Quality:】The removal tools which blades are made of stainless steel, with good elasticity. Rust and corrosion resistance for long time use. Soft and durable wood handle provide excellent hand feeling and works freely. ★【Function and Use:】The shorter spatula is thin enough to get an edge underneath even the most stubborn of prints, which easily gets under the piece to lift off the print bed. The long ones are useful for releasing larger part. Large handles give some leverage and work really well with 3D prints without damaging either the model or the print bed. ★【Best way to use:】To remove prints off the bed, work the edge of the tool under a corner of the print, about half way between the tip of the blade and the handle. then use a sawing motion to get the tool under the rest of the print to separate it from the bed. Twisting the blade slightly will help speed up the lifting of the print. ★【Warm Prompt:】You can sanded the tips of spatulas to make it sharper, but please be careful not to hurt your hands. Please put them away from children when finished the work.
  • 3D Printing 101: The Ultimate Beginners Guide
  • 3D Printing Failures: 2020 Edition: How to Diagnose and Repair ALL Desktop 3D Printing Issues
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  • Home Design 3D - Free
    Floors available! Build your multi-story house now! Mezzanine creation tool Easy to use and intuitive interface Drag and drop any object or piece of furniture where you want (windows, doors, tables, desks, carpeting, etc…. This applies to textures too. An enormous variety of features (magnetism, single walls, wall height adjustment,…) More than 800 different objects and joignery available for the house and the garden Select the dimensions of every element of the house (walls, objects, furniture, ...)
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  • Sister Big Stuff
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  • Premium 3D Print Removal Tool Kit - Durable 3D Printer Tools with Sturdy Comfort Grips, Sharp and Hardened Blades for Easy Separation of Prints, Knife and Spatula Set of 2 - Enhanced Version
    <b>Durable, rigid construction</b>; Solid rivets keep the blades in place, no more repurposed artist palette spatulas with spinning, twisting and turning cramp rings! Long knife with a <b>beveled front edge</b>; Slides very gently underneath prints with ease to protect the build bed surface yet provides good reach and allows prying Stiff, <b>hardened stainless steel</b> blades; Flexible but not too thin or flimsy, safer rounded edges, work well with different size objects without damaging them <b>Stylish and useful</b>; The smaller offset spatula has a black ergonomic rubber comfort grip, the knife has a big thick wood handle suitable for larger parts <b>Essential addition to your 3D Printer accessories</b>; No more putty knives to remove prints. Doubles as a leveling tool to scrape off stuck-on plastic from the print bed
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  • Creality 35 Piece 3D Print Tool Kit Box Includes Assembly Tool, Cleaning/Removal Tool, Filament Cutting Tool, 8PCS Extruder Nozzles and SD Card Reader with Rugged ABS Storage Box for 3D Printers
    35 Piece Essential 3D Printer Tool Kit -Ideal for 3d printer assembly, print removing, cleaning, filament cutting, leveling, file reading. Perfect for 3D Printing Professionals, Hobbyists and Makers. Package Includes- 7pcs allen wrench set, M8 socket wrench, M6 socket wrench, pincer piler, open-ended wrench, cross socket wrench, slotted screwdriver, cross screwdriver, print removal scraper, utility knife, tweezers, 0.38mm cleaning needle , 4pcs 0.1mm needle, needle nose pliers, cutting pliers, PTFE tubing cutter, sd card reader, 0.2mm feeler gauge, 8PCS extruder nozzles(0.4mm*4, 0.2mm*1, 0.3mm*1, 0.5mm*1, 0.6mm*1) Durable and Strong- All the steel tools are forged from high-quality 45 carbon steel,which is strong and durable. Rugged ABS Storage Box- Made by high density ABS with foam inside. This box is waterproof, high and low temperature resistant, shock-proof, and chemical resistant. Easy to Carry- All tools are packed in a box(14.2*10.2*3.2") and each tool fits snugly into its respective place to prevent moving around and scraping.
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  • 3D Printing 3D Print Clean-Up Utility Tool #1 – Double Ended Knife and Angled Pry Tool– Cleaning, Lifting and Support Removal Accessories for 3D Prints
    TOOL NUMBER ONE: A great general utility tool, this double ended cleaning knife and pry tool should be the first of your 3D printer accessories you reach for! EASY CLEAN UP: Ideal for quick cleaning of the support material around your 3D print, the knife tool effectively tackles large scale support removal. SIMPLE REMOVAL: All you need to support material from large or small 3D Print model, the pry tool and blade aid in efficiently getting your model cleaner, faster. TOUGH & DURABLE: The 3D printing clean up tool features high quality, precision stainless steel ends and a comfortable, long polished wooden handle. AMX3D ACCESSORIES: The best 3D Prints start with the best tools! AMX3d provides 3D printing supplies of the highest quality. If there are any problems with your Utility Tool just let us know!
  • AMX3d Pro Grade Plus 3D Printer Tool Kit - All The 3D Printing Tools & Accessories Needed to Remove, Clean & Finish 3D Prints Plus Printer Tune-up Toolkit – 3D Print Like a Pro
    ALL THE ESSENTIAL TOOLS: Our kit has everything you need to remove, clean & finish 3D printed models plus keep your 3D Printer tuned and running to spec - in one convenient toolkit – an essential addition to any 3D printing system. EASY CLEANING: Clean your 3D prints, so they look like the pro prints on the 3D Printer Box! A 25 piece kit with 17 knife blades, long tweezers, needle nose pliers and glue stick. SIMPLE REMOVAL: Get your 3D prints off the print bed without damaging either! Slide one of the 3 removal tools under your print and lift (don’t pry) your prints away. PERFECT FINISH: These 3 precision spatula / pick / knife blade combo tools get into the smallest crevices to perfectly finish your print. PRINTER TUNING: Keep your printer running in tip-top shape. Calibration Instructions included!