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  • DIY Wood Square Dice Holder Cool 3D Castle Design Carved Dragon Eye - Easy Rolling Dice Tray for DND, RPG and Board Game
    CASTLE DESIGN: This wooden dice tray will definitely impress everyone with its realistic battlements and watchtower; and the laser engraving cool Dragon Eye in the center - It would be a great addition to your gaming table! ENOUGH ROLLING SPACE: Our D&D dice tray measures 9 x 9 x 3 inches(assembled), gives plenty of room for dice movement without taking up too much valuable tabletop space. EASY DICE ROLLING: Rolling your dice in style with our easy dice roller, you don't have to worry your favorite dice bounce off the table, clatter loudly to the floor and then hide under the sofa. MULTIPURPOSE: This decorative tray is not only for rolling dice, but it also doubles as a storage tray of holding for other essentials. Keys, wallet, watch, phone and other EDC gadgets fit comfortably and orderly inside ready for your next use. GIFT IDEAL FOR GAMER: Great for games like D&D, Warhammer, Zombicide, or even Yahtzee! This is a great gift for your favorite Dungeon Master and a great addition to your game table.
  • WE Games Old World Wooden Treasure Box with Brass Latch (Redwood Finish)
    GET ORGANIZED: This skillfully crafted wooden treasure box is exactly what you need to get your space organized. The box has a unique brass latch closure. The inside and bottom of the box is lined with the velvet felt. Outside measurements are 12.125 x 9.625 x 3 inches. Inside measurements are 11.25 x 8.75 x 1.75 inches with the inside lid being 11.25 x 8.75 x .75 inches. TREASURE BOX: The inside, bottom of the box is felt lined. Outside measurements are 12.125 x 9.5 x 2.875 inches. Inside measurements are 11.3125 x 8.75 x 1.75 inches. MEANINGFUL: This box is called a treasure box because it is just that. Keep all your most important keepsakes, photos, letters from loved ones, favorite chess pieces, small heirlooms, jewelry safe in this box. HOME DÉCOR: Versatility is a big component of this box. Not only is it a functional storage and keepsake box, it is also adds a décor value to any space. It can be a sophisticated coffee table box that can store coasters and television remote controls. It can make a hectic office desk look more organized and elegant. Whatever it may be used for, it will look wonderful doing so. WE GAMES: Making the world’s best traditional games since 1977. Our games are crafted with high quality sustainable materials with attention to fine details. We love bringing people together with our classic board games, and we know the joy of the game will be passed down to the next generation. We also donate time and resources to the Toy Foundation to help children in need who are facing many of life’s most difficult challenges.
  • Heavy Duty 12 Inch Octagonal Wooden Dice Tray with Felt Lined Rolling Surface
    Heavy Duty 12 Inch Octagonal Wooden Dice Tray with Felt Lined Rolling Surface Octagon-shaped wooden dice tray Plush felt surface ensures a controlled rolling surface 1 ½ inch tall walls protect against missed rolls Exterior measures 12 inches wide; Interior diameter measures 10 inches wide; This big sized 12 inch high quality dice tray has thick solid wooden frame and velvet playing board. It is a super playing board for your dice game! The velvet board can be made with custom color and printing--perfect to match your custom dice game!
  • Rolling Tray Mold for Resin, Rectangle Rolling Tray Molds, Large Rolling Tray Molds for Epoxy Resin with Edges,DIY Jewelry Holder Agate Tray Serving Board Home Decoration
    Large Rolling Tray Molds:11.5 x 8 ×1 inches; big enough to meet your needs to DIY sparkly tray or other ornaments for home&office. Durable Silicone Material:The epoxy mold is made of high quality silicone, flexible, thick side, well resistant to tearing, hard to deform, washable, durable and reusable. Easy to Demold:Just twist the silicone resin molds and release your creation out of your coaster molds after the resin is completely dry and cured. The easiest way to demold is to first peel from the edge slowly. Multi-Function Resin Tray Molds:You can customize your own unique style of the rolling tray using this resin mold. Great for jewelry and accessories management on the table. DIY Resin Serving Board:These silicone resin molds are compatible with most casting material such as epoxy resin, UV resin. You can add some resin pigment, resin dye to create personalized art craft projects in differnt ways.
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  • Hominize Bamboo Dice Tower - Premium Dice Rolling Tower and Tray for RPGs and Board Games
    IMPROVE FAIRNESS: this dice roller has 3 levels in between to generate a randomized and undisputed result. It would be a lot harder for your friend to cheat you thank to this amazing tool BEST VALUE: beautiful set, high quality, made from bamboo, compact and portable EASY TO USE: setting up in just 1 second and keep your dice from flying off the table. Suitable for most dice and dice size up to standard D20 BEST GIFT FOR YOUR KIDS: your kids will love you for this amazing dice tower and tray SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: order this dice box NOW, 100% risk free, FULL REFUND if this does not work for you for any reasons. We stand behind our dice tower and tray !
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  • EuTengHao 18Pcs DIY Silicone Resin Casting Molds Tools Set Includes 6 Resin Casting Molds Large Clear Silicone Molds 2 Measurement Cup 10 Wood Sticks for DIY Home Decoration
    18pieces DIY silicone resin mold package totally have 18 items, it includes 1 sphere silicone casting mold, 1 cube silicone resin casting mold, 1 diamond silicone casting mold, 1 triangular pyramid silicone casting mold, 2 silicone casting mold measurement cups, 2 different crystal stone shape resin casting molds, 10 wood sticks. Material: DIY silicone resin casting molds are made up of silicone, very flexible and easy to clean and it re-usable, not easily damaged. When you do the project, it will check project process in anytime with transparent. Easy To Release: With smooth and shiny interiors, and reduces the need to cut back and polish. After your project is fully cured, it will be easy to pull your finished resin items out after it’s fully cured. After that you could use release spray, it might be help you extend your molds life. Wide Application: Perfect for making cabochons, orgone, hanging ornaments, home decorations, pendulum, art projects etc. Can be used with such material like epoxy resin, wax, soap etc. Storage and Care: Please store your resin molds in room temperature place, avoid from the direct sunlight. Clean these silicone coasters molds with soap water; for the finished products, there will also be rough edges that will need to be sanded and polished once removed from the mold but do not sand until the casting has fully hardened. Note: The maximum temperature of the molds can withstand is 220℃ (428℉). 
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  • Epoxy-Resin-Crystal-Clear-Kit for Art, Jewelry, Crafts,Coating- 16 OZ Including 8OZ Resin and 8OZ Hardener | Bonus 4 pcs Graduated Cups, 3pcs Sticks, 1 Pair Rubber Gloves by Puduo
    ▶ Use our clear epoxy resin starter kit for all of your casting and coating applications. Cures crystal clear and hard as a rock.You will get 8OZ resin and 8OZ Hardener ▶ Rigorous testing was done to ensure that our resin is a perfect match for all of glow in the dark and other craft pigments ▶Unique FAST Curing Resin that finished casting can be remove from mold after 8 HOURS ,One to one mix ratio is fool proof and has a forgiving 40 minute work time ▶Our resin is self leveling, self degassing, odor free, resistant to yellowing from UV exposure ▶Come with Bonus Tools-4pcs Graduated cups, 3pcs Sticks, 1 Pair Rubber Gloves
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  • Darice 9157-69 Unfinished Wooden, 3.4 x 9.2 x 12 inches, Natural
    WOODEN BOX: An unfinished wood box is a blank canvas for creativity. Let your personality shine through colors, designs and embellishments with the Darice Unfinished Wood Box. Create a gift box that will be treasured like the gift inside. READY TO DECORATE: The unfinished wood box is easy to paint, stain and embellish on the inside and out. Add rhinestones, beads, decoupage and photos or create a wood-burning masterpiece. The options are endless to display your unique design. PERFECT CRAFT BOX: The 12” x 9.125” x 3.25” unfinished wood box has metal hinges and is easy to open and close. The wood is a light natural color that easily absorbs paint and stain so it’s easy to create something totally unique. DIY PROJECT IDEAS: This DIY wood box is the perfect base to create a stunning jewelry box, cigar box, wood treasure box, and a creative craft box. From kid crafts to bridesmaid gifts and more, there are countless opportunities to create. VARIETY OF SIZES: With a range of different wooden box sizes available, you can get the perfect one to express your creativity and bring your ideas to life.
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  • Folding Rolling Dice Games Tray Leather Square Jewelry Trays & Watch, Key, Coin, Candy Storage Box Cabin In The Woods
    Jewelry tray is made of microfiber leather and 300Dpvc, strong and durable Dice tray has two sizes: 11.5x11.5 cm/4.5x4.5 in, 14.5x14.5 cm/5.7x5.7 in, and the height is 3 cm/1.2 in Unfolded size of the game tray is 16 cm/6.3 in, 20.5 cm/8.1 in, which is convenient for you to carry when traveling, camping, picnic and other outdoor activities Leather tray with metal snaps in the 4 corners to make it is easy to fold and unfold, DIY printing inside, exquisite and beautiful Storage box has enough space to hold your multi-faceted dice. It can also be used to store watches, coins, jewelry, candy, keys and other items
  • UGEARS 3D Puzzle for Board Games - Modular Dice Tower for Rolling Dices or 4 Dice Cups - Unique Mechanical Devices for Family Tabletop Role-Playing Games - Wooden Construction Kits for Adults
    THE MODULAR DICE: Tower The Modular Dice Tower model comprises four dice cups. Individually, the dice cups can serve the quartet of gamers in their quest. No more running after a runaway die or crawling under the table searching for the game piece that jumped off the edge. Just put your dice inside a small cubical box and give it a good shake. GATHERE OVER FOUR FRIENDS: If you gathered over four friends around the gaming table or want to use the same set of dice for all players, the model offers a splendid solution. Each of the modules has detachable details. Reorganize them under the detailed instruction manual that comes with the model and you will have a single multistoried Dice Tower. UNIQUE DESIGN: Originally, The Modular Dice Tower comprises four dice cups, but it does not limit youit does not limit you to four blocks. Two sets of this 3D puzzle will give you an eight-storied Dice Tower and twice as much fun! Put your dice cup back on the table and simultaneously push the buttons on the sides. This will release the bottom of the box with your dice sitting in it. Now it is time to make your move! GLAD FAMILY TIME: The complexity of this 3-D Puzzle Kit will boost your child creativity, bring families together for hours to create something unique to display in their home. Believe us, this is an unforgettable family time, the child’s hands-on talent will surprise you. DECORATE YOUR HOME AND OFFICE: The mechanical engineering kit designed beautifully. The 3d wooden puzzle has decorative designs that look captivating in the finished product. Your guests will find it interesting and appealing with the entire setting and visible gear mechanism.