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  • Makeblock Robot Kit, DIY Robot Car Smart Robotics with Scratch/Arduino Programming, APP/Remote Control, Ultrasonic Sensor Robot with LED Matrix|STEM Educational Toy Car for Coding Beginners
    【Entry-Level Robot Kit】The Makeblock mBot robot building kit was designed for kids to robot programming in a simple and fun way. This STEM robotics kit is an excellent start programming robots for kids who want to learn about engineering, robotics, programming by creating from scratch and solving coding tasks via interactive software and tools. 【Creative Learning Robot Car】The mBot coding robot kit features a basic play mode that allows you to manipulate the robot via an app or remote control. In the gamified learning program, the mBot helps you learn programming step-by-step through interactive drag-and-drop software and coding games while improving logical thinking. Advanced Programming can be accessed with the same software or switch to Arduino programming. 【DIY Building Skills】The mBot STEM robotics kit is made of 6061 high-strength aluminum, with an anodized metal surface that is safe and resistant for many hours of playing and building. The robot car has a user-friendly design to help children build the robot using a simple screwdriver providing the opportunity to learn more about machinery and robotic components. 【Create Your Robot】Our creative robot has an open-source system that ensures rich and engaging gameplay and allows children to explore their creativity. The arduino car kit mBot can be connected to more than 100 kinds of electronic modules, and more than 500 parts from the Makeblock platform, so you can create a customized arduino robot by your specs. 【Awesome Gifts】 Surprise your little engineer with a super cool robotics building kit and let him or her discover the secrets of programming. It makes a great birthday, Christmas, anniversary present for children who are passionate about robotics and engineering.
  • LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Building Set 51515; STEM Model Robot Toy for Creative Kids with Remote Control Model Robots; Inspiring Code and Control Edutainment Fun, New 2020 (949 Pieces)
    With LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor (51515), kids gain essential STEM skills as they build, code and play with remote-control model robots and intelligent creations that shoot missiles, play ball, drive around and more! Kids build Charlie, Tricky, Blast, M.V.P. and Gelo, and take on activities and missions using the Scratch-based LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor App (visit for a list of compatible devices) With almost 1,000 pieces, including an intelligent Hub, 4 Medium Motors, Color Sensor and Distance Sensor with break-out interface, youngsters can also build their own fun robotic toys and share them online on LEGO Life An easy-to-install rechargeable battery is included, so no need to go hunting for spare batteries when the fun’s about to start Blast stands at over 14” (36cm) tall, while Gelo measures over 9” (24cm) long; The Powered Up components in this set are also compatible with the LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox (17101), Droid Commander (75253) and others
  • Robot Engineer Formulary - Robotics Maths AI Developer Gift T-Shirt
    The robot engineer loves artificial intelligence. Gift idea for kids who love robotics. As math engineer, a formula collection is calculated with which the robot engineer develops autonomous systems with the robotics engineer. Gift for men and women who like to develop the artificial intelligence for robots and autonomous systems for their birthday or Christmas. Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
  • Scout AI - Smart Coding Robot - Fun and Educational Programming STEM Toy - Self-Driving AI Technology with Object Detection - Multiplayer Battle Robot - RC Car with Camera and Two Batteries
    Smart RC Car With Camera - This App-controlled RC Car with 720p HD camera and two rechargeable batteries can be smart and autonomous. The AI mobile app is installed on your phone and will be updated regularly with new features. Coding Robot - The AI coding interface enables kids to learn about concepts of artificial intelligence, robotics, and programming. Scout AI is a great educational robot and a STEM toy that not only teaches kids how to program a robot, but also how artificial intelligence works. Battle Robot - Players divide in two teams and everyone drives around their robot and aims at opponents. The AI technology enables the robot to detect where the opponent is, and counts the points. Self-Driving Technology - You can have the cheapest self-driving car ever in your home. It can detect small traffic signs and drive accordingly. It comes with pre-programmed self-driving coding examples but you can also program new behaviors such as driving slower or faster when seeing different speed limit signs. Follow Mode - The AI technology enables the robot to see people and pets, follow them around and play with them. You can attach a pet toy to the robot to have it autonomously play with pets and keep them active.
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  • Really RAD Robots - Electronic Remote Control Robot with Voice Command - Built for Speed and Tricks - Turbo Bot
    Turbo Bot is built for speed! With a full function remote control including a turbo Boost switch! Use turbo's "voice command" Function to make him "spin", "dance", "explore" Or even get him To tell you a joke! Record a message and playback to Trick, prank and surprise your friends. Or use the record function to spy on someone and record their conversation. Turbo feels every bump. While exploring, turbo will avoid obstacles. With a database full of rad sound effects and fast talking COMMENTS, turbo is a Bot that's full of personality!
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  • SPACE LION Educational Mini Pocket Robot for Kids Interactive Dialogue Conversation,Voice Control, Chat Record, Singing & Dancing-Pink
    [Pocket Robot]:Robot is mini sized(3.5 inch),very cute 。If you do n’t know how to use or how to play, please contact us. [How to play]:You need to prepare an AAA battery yourself.After you install the battery correctly。Slide the black power switch on the head to "On"-turn it on。 1.Press the white button on the left ear once or twice, the little robot enters the singing and dancing mode or pause. 2.Press the white button on the right ear once or twice,and the small robot enters the repeat mode or pause. 3.After not receiving a command for a period of time, robot enters the Conversation Mode。 [Music and Dance Mode]:The little robot will sing some popular songs, put it on a flat surface, and will dance happily. [Conversation Mode]:Voice command include:1.Hello! 2.Where are you from? 3.I love you! 4.Tell me a story! 5.Dance for me! 6.Goodbye! (The little robot will give you some answers.) [Repeat Mode]:pocket robot can record your voice and repeat to you with robotic sound effect.
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  • cyeah Number Robot Math Robot Mathematical Toys for Kids Education 20 Pieces
    20 math signs can be combined into two large robot or a large robot and a large combat vehicle.Note: Some numbers need to be took apart into pieces before Conversion into a combiner robot,please read more on instructions. Packaging included:10 x Number 0 to 9,10 x Sign.Each of the 10 number can transform to 10 kinds of cars, includes assault vehicle,demolition tank,fighter jet,gargo truck, stealth copter,combo semi,medic shuttle,ammo tractor,rocket launcher and military atv. Play, explore and learn! Boost number learning and caculation skills as children play without effort!And it develops children's hand-on ability, imaginative ability , creative ability and observation ability. Made of eco-friendly ABS plastic. Meets child safety standards. Children are play safety.Great gift for kids Suitable age: more than 3 years old.
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  • Robotics Engineer In Training | Robot Engineering Student T-Shirt
    Are you a computer science major, robot programmer or engineering student that loves building hi tech machines, cyborgs or androids? Cute robot party shirt for a science fair, robot battle or competition! Show love for coding, math and autonomous robots. This robotics club tshirt is a fun birthday, christmas or graduation gift for men, women, dad, mom, kids, teacher, mechanic, robot master, tech nerd, coder or robotics team. Great for any fan of artificial intelligence, tech week or futuristic humanoids! Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
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  • Really RAD Robots - Electronic Remote Control Robot with Voice Command - Built for Speed and Tricks - Turbo Bot
    Turbo Bot is built for speed! With a Full function Remote control including A Turbo Boost Switch! Turbo feels every bump. While exploring, Turbo will avoid obstacles.
  • Amazing Toys Greenex D.I.Y. Scientific Robot Interactive Science Learning Kit
    Solar Powered fun! Build Eco-Friendly Robot 100% battery free Amazing science experiment