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  • UV Curing Cabinet UV Curing Box for 3D Printing After Treat of LCD SLA DLP 405nm UV Resin 3D Printer Curing 3D Printed Models Printed from anycubic epax formlabs form1 phton
    Unique light source design, 140° wide-angle illumination range, basically no dead angle, under the same power, the light intensity is greater, the penetration is better, so with better curing effect Made of all-metal sheet metal, which is not easily deformed by ultraviolet light. Easy to use, like use a microwave oven, put the items to be cured on the turnable, set up time and go, when time is up, the machine will automatically power off The mirror acylic tray can reflect uv light to make curing better
  • Voxelab Aquila 3D Printer with Removable Build Surface Plate,Fully Open Source and Resume Printing Function Build Volume 220x220x250mm
    【Rapid Heating Bed】The carbon crystal silicon glass plate provides a strong adhesion,so the printing model will not easily become warped, so users can realize quick manual mold taking 【Resume Printing Function】Aquila can resume printing after power outage or any other unexpected stoppage,save time and filaments 【Fully Open Source】Aquila is a straight forward BD printer based on open source technology. It allows for flexible upgrades and various modifications. Meanwhile, you are able to choose your favorite software as VoxelPrint, Cura and more 【Silent to Print】Aquila equipped with super quiet printing designing, the sound of operation is 50 decibels, provide a quiet printing experience for colleague and family! 【Warranty and Service】Voxelab provides Lifetime technical support and a one-year warranty.Any questions regarding product operation please feel free to contact us
  • ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer, UV LCD Resin 3D Printer Fast Printing with 6.08'' 2K Monochrome LCD, Off-line Print 5.11"(L) x 3.14"(W) x 6.49"(H) Printing Size
    2.5X Faster Resin 3D Printer,ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer's printing speed is 2.5X faster than the regular 3d printers, rapid prototyping greatly improved printing efficiency and saved more time, comes with a 6.08'' 2K Monochrome LCD and only takes 1.5 seconds per layer exposure to cure resin, whose service life is 4 times that of RGB LCD screen, save material and costs High Accuracy and Strong Stability, ANYCUBIC Photon Mono LCD screen Adopts matrix parallel light source 15 pcs lamp beads, is able to carry out uniform exposure, improve the quality of models, Z-axis guide rail structure and stepper motor have better stability, with an accuracy of 0.01mm, it effectively eliminating layer patterns, It's a great 3D printer for printing games, movies, cartoon characters, miniatures, etc. Outstanding Prints And Easy To Use, Off-line printing function with size 5.11"(L) x 3.14"(W) x 6.49"(H) / 130 x 80 x165MM, Photon Mono resin 3d printer uses a removable one-piece transparent cover to make the internal space of the machine, and the printer can be set to stop printing immediately after opening the cover, which is convenient to operate and see the printing process, Friendly use for beginners and good performance for the enthusiasts The transparent cover blocks up to 99.95% of ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 405nm, can be effective high resin solidification rate and ensure your success printing, reduce wasting of resin, New photon mono uses One-piece FEP, which can be easier and quicker to replace After Sale Service, All of our 3d printers provide one month free return and exchange, one year warranty (exclude consumable parts like LCD screen & FEP film) and lifetime technical support, If you encounter any problems, please feel free contact us
  • 3D Printer Resin Filter Silicone Funnel Strainer Kit for ANYCUBIC Photon Sparkmaker Kelant Orbeat D100 SLA SLA DLP 3D Printer Filament Eewolf
    3D Printer Stainless Steel Funnel and Silicone Collapsible filter cup for Resin used with SLA DLP and LCD 3D printer Funnel is made of high-quality silicone, soft and pliable, eco-friendly; Collapsible design, compact for easy storage Silicone funnel is used to pour resin back into a bottle, fits all kinds of bottles (the width of the funnel neck is around 15mm) Filter is made of stainless steel, fine mesh layer effectively filters impurities while pouring resin back into the bottle. Both funnel and strainer are easy to clean for reuse.
    9.99 $
  • KINGPRINT 3D Printing Silicone Slap Mat 410x310mm Clean-up or Resin Transfer to Protect Work Surface for Anycub Photon S Elegoo Mars Wanhao Monoprice DLP SLA LCD 3D Printer - Gray
    ✨Special design for DLA SLA Printer Liquid 3D Printing Materials: we have a round-arc design. This pad is raised around the edge, can be a good collection of liquid resin, stop overflow. ✨Size: 410x310mm / 16.14x12.2 in, big enough for your resin tank, can be folded, can be rolled up storage, waterproof and non-slip, smooth surface, easy to clean. ✨Slap Mat is made of environmentally friendly silicone material, will not be harmed by printer resins, most chemicals, or most glues! ✨Stop working with resin on cardboard and paper towels, throwing away a toxic gooey mess after every clean-up or resin transfer. ✨After-sales Service: If you encounter any product quality or usage problems, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to service you.
    9.99 $
  • Official Creality Ender 3 3D Printer Fully Open Source with Resume Printing Function DIY 3D Printers Printing Size 220x220x250mm
    Resume Printing Function: Ender 3 has the ability to resume printing even after a power outage or lapse occurs. Easy and Qucik Assembly: It comes with several assembled parts, you only need about 2 hours to assemble 20 nuts well. Advanced Extruder Technology: Upgraded extruder greatly reduces plugging risk and bad extrustion; V-shape with POM wheels make it move noiseless, smoothly and durable. Safety Protected Power Supply: Only needs 5 minutes for hot bed to reach 110 degree. Strict Test: Strict testing for key components before delivery and life-time technical supports available.
    206.00 $
  • ELEGOO 3D Printer Rapid Resin, 405nm LCD UV-Curing Resin Standard Photopolymer Resin for LCD 3D Printing Black 1000G
    【Fast Curing and Excellent Fluidity】 ELEGOO rapid resin has low viscosity and excellent fluidity. It can be rapid prototyping, developed to reduce printing time, great for making functional parts. 【High Precision and Low Shrinkage】 ELEGOO UV resin has excellent stiffness and toughness, specially designed for reducing volume shrinkage during the photocuring process, which bring smooth surface with great resolution for print model. 【Wide Applications】 It is not only suitable for our ELEGOO MARS series printer but also compatible with most DLP/LCD resin printers. Works best with the LCD 3D Printers. 【Accurate Color Display】 ELEGOO 3D resin is formulated with high-quality pigments and photoinitiators, so that each model printed has a pure and amazing color display like an artwork. 【Multiple Safety Packaging】ELEGOO standard resin have designed Leak-proof bottle, special bubble bag and strong paper boxes to ensure the safety of transportation and storage. Multiple packaging ensures that ELEGOO resin will not leak during transportation.
    34.99 $
  • ApplyLabWork PT-F001MT Formlabs Compatible 3D Resin, Prototype Engineering Series, Flex, SLA UV Printing Material, 1 Liter, Metallic
    Calibrated on Formlabs' Form2 (Open Mode) and Form1+, VAT friendly (extensively tested) Tensile strength (2-3mpa), outstanding elongation (105-120 percent ) High compressibility, quick return to original form, high tear resistance Smooth finish print surface (0.10.5Mm layer thickness), accurate and flexible print Quick Setup in PreForm: Printer Model select: Form1+ or Form2 / Material select: Flexible & V1
    133.65 $
  • EPAX 3D Printer Hard Resin for LCD 3D Printers, 1KG Black
    Specially formulated for very large printers but works great with printers large or small Great for making miniatures Very stable resin and can tolerate more background light Has wider light tolerance range and great for mono screen LCD printers ABS-like performance. Hard with great toughness.
  • AMX3d Pro Grade 3D Printer Tool Kit - All The 3D Printing Tools & Accessories Needed to Remove, Clean & Finish 3D Prints (Pro Grade)
    THE ESSENTIAL TOOLS FOR 3D PRINTING: Our kit has everything you need to remove, clean & finish 3D printed models in one convenient toolkit – an essential addition to any 3D printing system. EASY CLEANING: Clean your 3D prints, so they look like the pro prints on the 3D Printer Box! A 25 piece kit with 13 knife blades and 3 handles, long tweezers, needle nose pliers and glue stick. SIMPLE REMOVAL: Get your 3D prints off the print bed without damaging either! Slide one of the 3 removal tools under your print and lift (don’t pry) your prints away. PERFECT FINISH: The 3 piece / 6 Tool precision scraper / pick / knife blade combo tools get into the smallest crevices to perfectly finish your print. QUALITY: The Best Prints Start With The Best Tools! Choose either the Pro Grade or the Pro Grade PLUS. AMX3d provides 3D printing supplies of the highest quality.