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  • Viome at-Home Gut Microbiome Test | Science Based Personalized Recommendations for Food, Prebiotics & Probiotics | Improve Digestion | Enhance Sleep | Clear Skin (Not Available in NY)
    ACCURATE GUT ANALYSIS: Get Personalized food recommendations tailored to your body based on the most advanced technology, originally developed for National Security at the Los Alamos National Lab. Don’t rely on one-size-fits-all diets to reach your health goals WHY YOU NEED A MICROBIOME TEST: Take the guesswork out of eating right. No more fad diets & conflicting food advice. Food & supplement recommendations based on your personal gut microbiome activity. KNOW WHAT TO EAT: Our results & recommendations allow for you to make informed decisions about which food or supplements to consume to help you achieve your goal of weight loss, better sleep, improved digestion, increased focus, healthy metabolism or higher energy. THE SIMPLE PROCESS: Your mailed kit will include detailed instructions on how to collect and ship your sample with pre-paid shipping to our world-class lab and receive results online and on the Viome app. Processing times may vary! USE THE APP: Our easy to use app allows you to conveniently access your personalized recommendations to discover the foods you should be eating (or avoiding) and why. Your gut scores help you understand your gut’s current state. No lab required! SCIENCE BEHIND VIOME: Our state of the art metatranscriptomic technology & Artificial Intelligence engine have the power to analyze the activity of all bacterial, viruses, yeast, fungi and mold strains in your gut and their integrative impact on metabolism & gut health. We tell you what foods to avoid and what foods are your superfoods based on how your gut microbiome is likely to respond to these foods. NUTRITION RECOMMENDATIONS FOR ANYONE: Viome gut microbiome test is for anyone looking to level up their health such as expecting mothers, biohackers looking for an optimal diet, or anyone confused about what to eat for weight loss, better sleep, improved focus or tired of bloating and other digestive issues. AVAILABILITY: Viome is CLIA certified under United States Federal regulatory standards ensuring accuracy and reproducibility of clinical lab results. However, the State of NY requires additional licensing that we are working diligently to obtain. We are expecting to get this additional license in the very near future but until that time, we're unable to ship or process samples from individuals who live in New York.
  • Hair Regrowth Topical Treatment Serum | Hair Thinning and Loss | Peptides, Amino Acids & Growth Factor Protein | Clinically-Proven for Hair Growth | HISTEMO ION-TO G Tonic (1 MO SUPPLY - 20ml x 4pcs)
    ✅RELIEVE SCALP SENSITIVITY: Do you dye or perm your hair often? Ion-to G is safe to use on color relaxed or permed hair. In fact, with 8 plant extracts, it protects your scalp from all the chemicals when treating your hair by providing nourishment to the scalp and makes hair grow thicker. ✅FASTER HAIR REGROWTH FOR MEN & WOMEN: With Growth Factor Proteins (bFGF, VEGF) in high concentrations that promote cell regeneration, Ion-to G is an effective solution for hair rejuvenation. These proteins are critical in supporting the look of fuller, healthy hair. ✅SUPPRESSES HAIR LOSS with DHT Blocker: With Copper Peptides, Ion-to G Hair Tonic suppresses hair loss by inhibiting DHT synthesis. It also increases the biosynthesis of new collagen and elastin to make scalp tissue healthy and prevents inflammation from tissue damages. ✅TOP 3 AMINO ACIDS FOR OPTIMUM KERATIN PRODUCTION: About 88% of your hair is composed of the protein keratin. For our body to produce keratin, it requires specific types of amino acids. An adequate level of different amino acids leads to an optimum keratin production, which, in turn, boosts hair growth. Histemo Ion-to G Hair Tonic contains these Top 3 Amino Acids for faster hair growth. ✅STRONGER, THICKER HAIR: With Biotin and Vitamin B5, Ion-to G boosts hair follicle health by providing an abundance of nutrition to the scalp, enhancing thick hair growth for stronger, thicker hair. Stop your hair thinning and shedding today!
  • Phosphatidic Acid (PA) - Increase Lean Mass Gains, Improved Strength, Optimal Body, 60 Servings
    INCREASE LEAN MUSCLE MASS GAIN INCREASE STRENGTH - Push yourself further ENHANCES WEIGHT LOSS - With Proper Diet and Exersize BIOAVAILABLE - Formula designed for Optimal Absorption PEAK BODY COMPOSITION - Enhances your body's building blocks
  • ION*Gut Health for Kids | Promotes Digestive Wellness, Strengthens Immune Function, Alleviates Gluten Sensitivity, Enhances Mental Clarity | (8 oz. Kids)
    【 GO BEYOND PROBIOTICS 】 – Allow their NATURAL stomach bacteria to thrive! By fortifying their gut lining, ION*Gut Health For Kids diversifies your child’s microbiome the natural way. How? It acts as a catalyst for redox signaling which maintains tight junction integrity in the epithelial layer of their gut lining. – Try the 60-million-year-old secret Dr. Zach Bush uncovered today! 【 WAKE UP THEIR BRAIN 】 – Supercharge their Brain Power! By closing the door on the hordes of man-made toxins that poison your little one’s body every day, you’ll help them succeed in school and in life, sky-rocketing their self-confidence! – Who can your child be with ION*Gut Health For Kids? 【 FORTIFY THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEM 】 – Think of ION*Gut Health For Kids as a power up for their gut. When your child’s gut is naturally protected by mother earth, their immune system becomes Fort Knox against harmful chemicals and toxins. – Click Buy Now to get less sick time and more play time! 【 SUPPORT THEIR DIGESTION, ALLEVIATE GLUTEN SENSITIVITY 】 – We want them to eat the things they love! But Gluten is the most potent of naturally occurring triggers for zonulin (a nasty toxin made at the intestinal lining). ION*Gut Health For Kids alleviates that sensitivity by protecting their gut environment. – Detoxify their life and order today! 【 TELL THEM IT’S DINOSAUR DIRT! 】 – Fossilized soil from post-dinosaur, pre-human earth is the secret to ION*Gut Health For Kids healing support. By reawakening 60-million-year-old soil carbons frozen in time, Dr. Zach Bush reconnects your child with ancient earth, all to create a better them today!
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  • Sauerkraut Classic: raw fermented organic kraut, unpasteurized, live probiotics, dairy and gluten-free
    Absolutely delicious and nutritionally dense Raw, unpasteurised, naturally fermented for 28 days Traditional Russian recipe made with 100% organic ingredient and highest quality salts Made by hand in small batches, cold-packed by hand Rich in living probiotic cultures, enzymes and other beneficial microorganisms
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  • Bio360 Probiotics | Skin Health Formula | Daily Vegan Probiotic with Targeted Strains & Dermaval Antioxidant Blend | 30 Supplements
    HEALTHY SKIN STARTS WITHIN: Our science-backed Skin Health Formula with 20 Billion CFU, 8 probiotic strains plus Copper, Zinc, Vitamin A & proprietary Dermaval antioxidant blend is a powerful probiotics supplement to support healthy skin from the inside out. SKIN CARE SUPPLEMENT: Our vegan probiotic capsules boast the #1 clinically studied probiotic strain that supports optimum gut health. This "once per day " skin supplement works with the skin-gut axis to support skin health and elastin production. POWERFUL GUT-SKIN DUO: Gut health is vital for healthy skin. This advanced probiotics formula for skin works alongside specifically selected nutrients such as Pomegranate extract, Acai & Coffee in our proprietary Dermaval blend to promote skin elastin. PROBIOTIC POWER: Unleash the power of your microbiome with Bio360's probiotics for skin health. The body's largest organ is the skin and supplements supporting a healthy gut are integral for skin health and nutrient absorption. No refrigeration required. Bio360's QUALITY: Our probiotics for men, women and kids are produced in a GMP certified, FDA inspected facility ensuring the highest quality. Non-GMO, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Colors, No Preservatives, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free & Vegan.
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  • GOSPrebio, Prebiotic Fiber, Once Daily, 30ct, Helps Proliferation of Beneficial Bacteria in The Gut, Galactooligosaccharides, Vegan
    Prebiotic Fiber GOS Galactoolifosaccharides Helps Proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the gut*
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  • TB12 Probiotics For Women, Probiotics for Men - Improve Gut and Digestive Health, Includes Prebiotic Strain, Shelf Stable Two-Month Supply (Contains 60 capsules)
    THE BEST PROBIOTIC FOR ADULTS: With 15 billion live beneficial microorganisms across eight strains of probiotics, plus a prebiotic fiber, our probiotic nourishes the good bacteria in your body for a balanced digestive system. NATURAL PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT: 8 probiotic strains that promote a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut. Free from artificial preservatives, artificial flavoring, and GMOs. ASSURED STANDARD OF QUALITY & SAFETY: NSF Certified for Sport and has undergone stringent laboratory testing to confirm content, purity and compliance. IMMUNE SUPPORT: The microflora counters harmful bacteria in your gut & supports immune cells. CONSISTENT RESULTS: Take 1 capsule daily with a meal. Over time (approximately 30-60 days), 15 billion beneficial live organisms will work synergistically to help support a healthy intestinal tract, immune system, and optimal nutrient absorption.
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  • The Nue Co. - Natural Debloat Food + Prebiotic | Fast-Acting Bloating Relief (3.5 oz | 100 g)
    This Formula Is Fast-Acting So You Can Get Rid Of Uncomfortable Bloating ASAP Inspired By Traditional Ayurvedic & Chinese Medicines, Using Three Natural Carminatives That Have Been Used For Centuries: Turmeric, Ginger, And Cinnamon. Together With Key Digestive Enzymes,They Work To Relieve Painful Bloating Instantly While Also Supporting Digestion + Gut Health Carminatives Work To Break Up Intestinal Gas + Trigger Digestive Enzymes Natural Ingredients | Our Formulas Are Free From Toxic Preservatives, Additives, Flavorings, And Sweeteners. Organic, Vegan, & Gluten-Free Where Possible. Always Cruelty-Free. We Blend Science & Natural Innovation To Deliver Effective, Yet Gentle Solutions
  • Water Kefir Grains | Cultures for Health | Organic, Gluten Free, Non GMO
    MAKE YOUR OWN KEFIR USING ORGANIC WATER KEFIR GRAINS: water kefir is a cultured drink made by adding kefir grains to coconut water, sugar water; it’s brimming with a host of nutrients and probiotics (a group of microorganisms that benefits the gut, heart, mental health, among others); give yourself and loved ones a health boost by making your own water kefir with Cultures For Health live dehydrated water kefir grains RE-USE HEIRLOOM LIVE WATER KEFIR GRAINS MANY TIMES WITHOUT LOSS IN POTENCY: the live dehydrated water kefir grains from Cultures For Health are heirloom grains, meaning that they’ll not lose potency even if you were to re-use them many times; unlike conventional kefir starters, this heirloom water kefir grain has a structure that protects it from deteriorating over time; so you can use the same batch of heirloom grains to make water kefir with no loss in health benefits time and again - great sa GLUTEN-FREE, NON-GMO AND THIRD PARTY TESTED SAFE WATER KEFIR GRAINS KIT: make your own healthy coconut or juice kefir with absolute peace of mind using these kefir water grains as they contain only the right ingredients and nothing artificial; plus, our coconut/water kefir grains have been tested safe by a trusted third-party laboratory, giving you additional assurance VERSATILE CULTURES FOR HEALTH KEFIR ORGANIC WATER GRAINS: when you buy Cultures For Health water kefir grains, you not only make great-tasting kefir, you can also get FREE access to our 155-page Kefir ebook with a treasure trove of easy kefir recipes, articles and how-to videos; go on, unleash your creativity in water kefir