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  • Horticultural Perlite 2 Quart Bag - All Natural Soil Additive for Indoor & Outdoor Plants, Improves Drainage, Aeration, and Growth
    IMPROVE SOIL AERATION the porous nature of Perlite reduces soil compaction and improves the aeration of your potting soil allowing excess water to drain properly EXCEPTIONAL GROWING MEDIUM mix with potting soil to improve your plant growth GIVE YOUR ROOTS ROOM TO GROW the surface area of Perlite allows for roots to expand appropriately within potting soil, allowing for optimal growth EXCEPTIONAL DRAINAGE PROPERTIES when added to potting soil Perlite can greatly improve the drainage quality of your soil, decreasing the risk of over-watering and root disease 2QT size bag perfect for adding to potting soil for 5-6 small or 2-4 medium plants. Packaged in a resealable bag. Perlite granule sizes range from medium coarse to fine dust particles.
  • EasyGoProducts 4 Cubic Foot Organic Planting Soil Additive Palmetto Vermiculite Coarse 120 Quarts Course Grade
    Our OMRI certified Horticulture Vermiculite is light, absorbent, and odorless. It has a neutral pH(7) and is sterile; therefore, is an excellent soil additive. Due to its accordion like shape, it allows for superior soil aeration, as well as, moisture and nutrient retention which are essential in greenhouse and Square Foot gardening. Palmetto Vermiculite does not break down or degrade over time, producing a superior product while requiring less maintenance. For these reasons it is preferred by horticulturists, greenhouse and organic gardening enthusiasts alike over other soil additives and conditioners. Often, maintaining proper soil moisture can be quite tricky. Too little prevents proper growth and maturity, while too much can cause mold and bacteria growth in the soil. Proper soil moisture retention is another benefit of using Vermiculite in all soil mixes. Since it is naturally sterile and germicidal, Palmetto Vermiculite helps prevent build-up of root-rot causing molds and bacteria in the soil. Included Components: 1 Bag
  • 10 Liters Organic Vermiculite Coarse Grow Media Soil Conditioner - Orchids • Hydroponics • Terrariums • (Cz Garden 10 Quarts Coarse Horticultural Grade)
    10 Quarts of 100% natural coarse grade Vermiculite. Inert, pH-neutral, clean & decorative. For Orchids - Vermiculite porous structure provides excellent aeration and acts as a water reservoir. For Hydroponics - Ensures good root aeration and prevents rotting and excess acidity
  • Hydrofarm GROWT GMC25L 25 Liter Bag, 4mm-16mm Clay Pebbles, 25 Liter Bag, Brown
    Aeration of growing media - ideal to mix into coco coir or soil to aid aeration Drainage - will hold water as well as offering great aeration properties and free draining Decoration - looks great as a top dressing for pots and also helps to prevent evaporation Hydroponics/hydroculture - used widely in hydroponic growing, they are ideal for flood and drain, deep water culture and drip feed systems Aquaponics - are also ideal to be used in aquaponic systems
    29.99 $
  • Organic Worm Castings - All Natural Soil Amendment, Soil Builder, and Fertilizer, 1.5 Pound Bag
    Increases Plant Growth - Worm Castings is an All-Natural and Organic Fertilizer that is proven to strengthen root development and help promote healthier plant growth. Perfect for Houseplants, Flowers, and Vegetables - Using just a small handful of Worm Castings with your potting mix or as a top dressing will help to yield larger and healthier plants. All-Natural, Non-Toxic, Odor Free, OMRI listed for Organic use with no chemical fertilizers or synthetic materials. Packaged in a 6 inch by 9 inch resealable bag and weighs approximately 1 and a half pounds.
    9.99 $
  • Cinderite 100% Organic Soil Conditioner Amendment for Indoor, Outdoor Plants & Gardens - Volcanic Soil Additive stimulates Soil Micro-Organism Activity. Safe Around Children and Pets – 12 lb. Bag
    SAFE FOR PLANTS, CHILDREN & PETS: Our environmentally friendly soil amendment is safe to use around Plants, Children and Pets. Use this soil additive to dramatically improve plant growth and health without harming your home's environment. Intended to be mixed with current soil for amazing benefits. JUST THE WAY NATURE INTENDED: Cinderite’s soil conditioner boosts the plant’s natural growing process without the use of any artificial additives. This 100% ORGANIC and chemical free soil amendment intensifies plant vitality and optimizes the immune system the way nature intended. PERFECTLY BALANCED: Cinderite’s natural volcanic organic soil amendment is "perfectly" balanced. Cinderite contains "vital" minerals and balances the Ph levels within the soil. Ideal for growing all types of plants and produce. A MUST HAVE FOR GARDENING LOVERS: Cinderite can be used in potting soils, germination media, bed preparation, farms, gardens and landscapes. Cinderite, is a “perfect” potting soil amendment. It’s “High Paramagnetic Levels” enable better growth through “Physics” not Chemistry. This soil additive works great for medicinal herbs and succulent plants and is fully endorsed by Howard Garrett, the "Dirt Doctor." HIGH ENERGY SOIL AMENDMENT: This garden soil additive increases water retention and stimulates soil micro-organism activity. The angular porous pieces of lava hold and exchange nutrients efficiently and attract and redistribute energy in the soil. "Grow It Right With Cinderite!"
    29.95 $
  • MicroLife Ultimate (8-4-6) Professional Grade Granular Organic Fertilizer for All Vegetables, Flowers Trees and Bushes, 7 LBS
    ULTIMATE AND MOST POWERFUL NUTRITIONAL MULTI-PURPOSE 100 % ORGANIC FERTILIZER: contains over 100 + minerals, vitamins, natural plant hormones and stimulators, essential sugars/amino acids/carbon and protein plus billions of beneficial microorganisms including Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizal fungi (when applied top soil, at times under certain conditions, white fuzz fungus will grow on the granular pellets which should not be of concern as they beneficial for roots and immune systems of plants). COMPLETELY NATURAL AND SAFE FOR CHILDREN, PETS AND ALL LIFE FORMS: 100% slow releases, 2% iron, will not burn and easy to use, does not contain poultry manure, repeat every 3-4 months. GROWS MOST BEAUTIFUL PLANTS AND IMPROVES SOIL: guaranteed to increase yields, more buds, fruits and better flavors; for all new and established vegetables, flowers, ornamentals, perennials, annuals, trees, bushes, lawns and gardens. BUILDS LARGER ROOT SYSTEMS AND ENHANCES PLANTS’ HEALTH: designed for all growers’ professional and beginners in mind who want dynamic plant growth; provides essential elements for water conservation and help to better withstand environmental stresses. MANUFACTURED FOR OVER 30 YEARS: MicroLife is one of the oldest and most accomplished manufacturer of all organic biological fertilizers in the U.S. All products are made in small batches from top quality ingredients under strict quality control. All ingredients are honestly listed on the packages. Favored by organic growers, co-ops, landscape professionals and universities.
    32.88 $
  • RTI Xtreme Gardening Azos Beneficial Bacteria, Natural Growth Promoter, 6-Ounce Bag
    Highly-efficient conversion of nitrogen Drives clorophyll production Helps keep plants green and efficient Highly-efficient conversion of nitrogen Drives clorophyll production Helps keep plants green and efficient Acts as growth simulant Works symbiotically with mykos
    22.77 $
  • 8 Quarts xGarden Horticultural Grade Premium Vermiculite - Extra Chunky
    8 Quarts (32 Cups) all natural Premium Vermiculite soil additive - Extra Chunky Lightens soil and improves root and plant health. Assists with drainage and aeration for soil Vermiculite allows soil to retain maximum moisture and nutrients for later use Non-toxic and sterile - PH Neutral - Vermiculite helps soil maintain constant PH Levels xGarden Brand - Buy from a brand you know and trust - xGarden products are exclusively distributed by Bywater Shop
  • 4 Liters Organic Coarse Perlite for All Plants - Horticultural Soil Additive Conditioner Mix - Grow Media - Orchids • Hydroponics - Cz Garden (4 Liters Coarse Horticultural Grade)
    4 Liters all natural Coarse Grade Perlite soil additive Coarse Grades - PH Neutral, sterile. For Organic growing Holds moisture and nutrients & makes them available to plant roots when needed Horticulture Grade - For Hydroponics - Ensures good root aeration and prevents rotting and excess acidity