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  • Organic Harmless Hunny by Pyure | Vegan Honey Alternative, Sugar-Free, Keto, Low Carb | 13.05 Ounce
    HONEY ALTERNATIVE WITH 0 SUGAR- Pyure Harmless Hunny offers the same honey flavor and consistency as real honey with far fewer calories and carbohydrates DELICIOUSLY SWEET SUGAR-FREE HONEY SUBSTITUTE- Drizzle on fresh fruit or oatmeal, stir into tea and coffees or spread on english muffins and breakfast waffles VEGAN, BEE-FREE, PLANT-BASED HONEY ALTERNATIVE- Pyure is high in fiber, plant-based and gluten-free 4 NET CARBS- Pyure is sugar-free and has a low glycemic index, making it perfect for keto, carb conscious and sugar sensitive lifestyles TRUSTED FOR TASTE- Pyure sweetens with the highest quality organic stevia. All Ingredients are USDA Organic and non-GMO Project Verified
  • Frudia Bluberry Honey Overnight Mask5ml / 0.16oz 20pcs
  • Mellis Honey Scottish Ling Heather and Wildflower Honey, 12-Ounce
    A blend of flowers from the upland Scottish pastures Bell heather, Clover and Ling Heather 12 Ounce Jar Imported from Scotland
  • Flower Powered - Raw Superfood Honey with Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis | American Raw Honey | Unfiltered & Pure | Fresh from Florida Superfood | 12 Ounce
    SUPERFOOD: Enriched Raw Honey that is supercharged with the most beneficial components of the hive all in one supplement. We blend our amazing Wildflower Honey with 231mg Royal Jelly, 579mg Bee Pollen and 58mg Bee Propolis per Teaspoon. Flowered Powered Superfood is all about combining the most beneficial components from the hive to bring your the best natural bee related supplement possible. And everything is natural and Bee friendly. ROYAL JELLY (579mg per Teaspoon) is amazing for our bodies. It has been shown to support healthy brain function, lower cholesterol and blood pressure and reduces inflammation. And its also contains a variety of vitamins. The bees create this amazing food for the queen bee and young bees. The queen lives on this amazing food and lives for years while the other bees live for a few weeks. Some say royal bee jelly is what makes her live so long. Powder body PROPOLIS (58mg per Teaspoon) is anti fungal, antiviral and antimicrobial. It is created by the bees from plants to seal and protect the hive from parasites and to inhibit fungal and bacterial growth. In Europe propolis is well known for its medicinal value. It contains over 300 compounds primarily consisting of polyphenols and flavonoids. POLLEN (579mg per Teaspoon) is a complete protein, rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and anti-oxidants, it is considered an immune system builder that will also enhance vitality. Some people use pollen and pollen powder for allergy support. Bee pollen granules are slowly collected by the bees using a pollen trap and used inside our Superfood honey. ABOUT US: Honey Feast is a producer of small batch American honey in Florida. We are natural beekeepers using innovative techniques to manage beehives. By supporting Honey Feast you are helping a small business make a difference in the community. We install hives in urban areas, create pollinator gardens, raise money for hive installations, try to treat bees naturally with innovative techniques such as essential oils and reishi mushroom extracts. Together we can we can make a positive impact.
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  • Honey Baby | Honey Nectar Body Jelly | Paraben Free
    This body jelly works like a serum to help with intense dryness, leaving soft and supple, glowing skin This Honey rich blend of emollients and oils works to soothe and protect extremely dry skin with Raw Agave Honey Nectar, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E Quickly absorbed, it leaves a protective layer over your skin to replenish and restore the skin throughout the day. Great for all skin types to add moisture Free from chemical sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, propylene glycol, or mineral oil
    14.99 $
  • Stakich ROYAL JELLY BEE POLLEN PROPOLIS Enriched RAW HONEY - 100% Pure, Unprocessed, Unheated - 40 oz
    ✔ STRAIGHT FROM THE BEEHIVE - 100% Raw, Unheated, Unfiltered, and Unprocessed Honey - Enriched with All Natural Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, and Propolis ✔ CERTIFIED KOSHER - Pure Domestic US Grade A Raw Honey ✔ NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS, FLAVORS, or PRESERVATIVES - Maintaining Natural Enzymes, Pollens, Amino Acids, Propolis, Vitamins, Minerals, Texture, Flavor, and Color ✔ EXCELLENT SOURCE OF NATURAL ENERGY - Nutritious and Sustaining
    32.95 $
  • PURITI Manuka Honey UMF 10+ | Premium Quality Authentic Superfood from New Zealand | Pure Non GMO & Glyphoste Free Raw Manuka Honey in Gift Jar | 8.8oz
    HIGHEST QUALITY: Produced to the highest purity possible, exceeding MPI government standards our delicious Manuka honey is tested to measurably higher levels of purity. Meticulously tested to premium ‘gold standard’ specifications, this raw Manuka honey is crafted to a superior luxury standard. NATURAL MGO: As a scientifically-proven naturally occurring compound found in genuine Manuka honey, MGO content is crucial. PURITI’s pure New Zealand Manuka honey achieves an MGO level at the upper limit of its UMF grade, guaranteeing utmost quality with every jar. SUPERFOOD BENEFITS: Manuka raw honey is renowned for its impressive superfood value. Not only delivering a delicious flavor, PURITI Manuka honey contains a unique blend of amino acids and prebiotics. Perfect for enhancing wellness and boosting energy! 100% AUTHENTIC: Genuine, real New Zealand Manuka honey is incredibly rare. Complete with guaranteed authenticity and independent certifications, this pure Manuka honey is 100% genuine with maximum purity. LUXURY GIFT: Carefully presented in stunning white and gold packaging, our raw 100% natural Manuka honey makes the perfect gift. Each jar contains uniquely rich complex flavour and a distinctly smooth, creamy, velvety texture. Guaranteed to impress, try it today & ADD TO CART NOW!
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  • Honey Feast Raw honeycomb with honey | from American Organic floral sources | Unfiltered & Pure | Fresh from Florida Superfood | 12 Ounces
    Gourmet Florida honey with honeycomb. We hand cut the honeycomb for each jar. Wild Flower honey is unheated and unfitered raw honey. We place a small chunk of honeycomb in each jar. Our honeycomb is very popular its fresh and local USA honeycomb from Florida. Enjoy this chunk honey southern treat in a beatiful glass jar. GOURMET GLASS JAR. Beautiful look in kitchen. Reuse glass hex jars around the house.
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  • COSRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask, 60ml / 2.02 fl.oz | Propolis Extract 87% | Korean Skin Care, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free
    3-in-1 hydrating mask can be used as an overnight mask, a cream or as a wash off mask Hydrating & Cooling: A light-weight, get type overnight mask feels refreshing on the skin and cooling down sunbum or heated skin. Soothes flared and irritated skin: With propolis extract, this gel mask helps healing stressed skin and reduce redness. Key Ingredient: Propolis Extract 87.26% TIP: As a 3-in-1 mask, this product can be used as an overnight mask, a crea or a wash off mask!
  • Honey Gardens Elderberry Syrup w/Apitherapy Raw Honey, Propolis & Elderberries | Immune Formula | 24 Serv | 4 fl. oz.
    Whole & Raw: Traditional formula includes Whole Elderberry Puree w/ Raw Honey & Apple Cider Vinegar Immune Support: Propolis Tincture & Echinacea may help support healthy immune system function Sustainability: Unfiltered honey is sourced from responsible beekeepers committed to sustainability Time Tested Recipe: Our Elderberry & Honey Tonic is inspired by a traditional folk remedy