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  • uxcell Ultrasonic Module Distance Sensor for Arduino UNO R3 Robot 5pcs
    Using IO trigger for high level signal ( Not less that 10us) The module sends eight 40 kHz automatically and detect whether there is a pulse signal back Working Voltage: DC 3.3V-5.5V; Quiescent current: less than 2mA Test distance=((Duration of high level)*(Sonic :340m/s))/2 Good for learning basic knowledge about Arduino and sensors
  • uxcell Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Distance Sensor with Jumper Wire for Arduino UNO MEGA R3 Mega2560 Duemilanove Nano Robot 2Set
    Using IO trigger for high level signal (Not less that 10us) The module sends eight 40kHz automatically and detect whether there is a pulse signal back Working Voltage: DC 3.3V-5V; Quiescent Current: <2mA Test distance=((Duration of high level)*(Sonic: 340m/s))/2 Package Includes: 2 x HC-SR04 Distance Sensor; 8 x Female-Male Jumper Wire
  • kuman 5pcs Hc-sr04 Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Sensor Module kit for Arduino Mega2560 Duemilanove Raspberry Pi 3 Robot K18
    Update new version: Add 3 items as gift: 1*HC-SR04 Bracket + Male to Femal jump wires 20pin +10*cable ties for fixing HC-SR04 Ranging distance: 2cm~450cm.High precision: up to 0.3cm.Effectual angle:15 degree.Module precision:blind spots (2cm)-SUPER CLOSE Power supply :5V DC. Quiescent current : <2mA.Size : 4.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 cm / 1.8x 1 x 0.59inch (L*W*T) Automatically send eight "40 kHz "and detect whether there is a pulse signal back. Mode of connection:4 pins VCC, Trig (control side), echo (receiver), out (empty),GND
    8.99 $
  • ACROBOTIC 3-Pack HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for Arduino Raspberry Pi ESP8266 HCSR04 Ultra Sonic Robot
    Detect motion up to 4 meters away. Range: 2~400cm. Simply supply power and connect the digital outputs (trigger/echo) to your Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, etc Operating voltage of 5VDC; easuring Angle: 30°< Easy-to-use by connecting your jumper cables to the included 4-pin header
    8.99 $ 9.99 $ -10%
  • Tangyy 5pcs HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor, Distance Sensor with Ultrasonic Transmitter and Receiver Module fit for Raspberry Pi, Arduino UNO, MEGA2560, Robot (Blue)
    5PCS Ultrasonic HC-SR04 Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor Compatible with Raspberry Pi, Arduino UNO, MEGA2560, Robot Power Supply: DC 5V, Quiescent Current: less than 2mA; effectual angle: less than 15°; distance: 2cm-500cm. HC-SR04 consists of ultrasonic transmitter, receiver, and control circuit. When triggered it sends out a series of 40KHz ultrasonic pulses and receives echo from an object. The distance between the unit and the object is calculated by measuring the traveling time of sound and output it as the width of a TTL pulse. Package Content: 5Pcs HC-SR04.
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  • LAFVIN Smart Robot Car Kit Include Ultrasonic Sensor, Bluetooth Module,R3 Board Compatible with Arduino IDE with Tutorial
    The tutorial include codes,labraries and lessons.It will teach every users how to assembly the smart robot car kit and use R3 controller board, sensors and modules. LAFVIN robotic car learning kit is designed for beginners to learn Arduino programming and get hands-on experience on robot design and assembly This kit includes R3 Board HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor,V5.0 extension board,Line tracking module,Bluetooth module,etc. You will learn the Line Tracking, Ultraviolet Obstacle Avoidance, IR Remote Control, Bluetooth Remote Control of Smart Car, you can also extend other functions on this robot platform. This car really excellent and safe to be a perfect gift for your children and friend.
    41.99 $
  • Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Robots | MB1240-000 XL-MaxSonar-EZ4 | Ranges from 20cm to 765cm | MaxBotix Inc.
    39.95 $
  • Helonge Ultrasonic Sensor Module,5 Pcs HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Distance Module for Arduino UNO MEGA2560 Nano Robot XBee ZigBee and Electornial DIY
    The performance of this module is a stable and precise measure of distance. Detects whether a signal returns. A signal to return to a high IO output, high duration of the time from launch to return. Detection is 3cm-400cm, induction angle is not more than 15 degrees. Simple to use, IO trigger ranging to at least 10us high signal.
  • Adeept AWR-A 4WD Smart WiFi Robot Car Kit Compatible with Arduino UNO R3, Line Tracking, Ultrasonic Sensor, ESP8266 WiFi, Processing, DIY Robot Kit with Mobile APP and PDF Manual
    AWR-A(Adeept Wheeled Robot for Arduino) - A complete robot kit for you to get started with or challenge yourself in robotics, Arduino programming and electronics Multiple Working Modes - Line tracking; obstacle avoidance; C/S Architecture - can be remotely controlled by Processing GUI on PC and Android APP on Mobile Phone; WS2812 RGB LEDs - can change a variety of colors, full of technology Service Guarantee: We have Professional technical support team provide fast and free technical supports. Powered by 2x18650 batteries(NOT included). You need to prepare your own batteries.