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  • diymore 2WD Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit with 2 Motor (1:48) Speed Encoder Battery Box for Arduino UNO Project
    This car is the tachometer encoder. Mechanical structure is simple, it is easy to install. No add-ins is very convenient, the entire system highly integrated. Can be used to measure distance, speed. 4 on the 5th battery compartment, convenient power throughout the system in a switch, while starting and stopping. Note: Motor power supply is 3V~6V. All the parameter above is tested without load.
  • 4 pcs TT DC Gearbox Motor Dual Shaft 3-6V Gear Motor for Arduino Smart Car Robot
    This is a TT DC Gearbox Motor with a gear ratio of 1:48, and it comes with 2 x 200mm wires with breadboard-friendly 2.54mm(0.1”) male connectors Maximum torque: With EMC, it has an anti-interference ability Perfect for DIY smart Robot, car projects
  • Robot Programming: A Guide to Controlling Autonomous Robots
  • 2 Sets TT DC Gearbox Motor 3-6V Gear Motor with Tire Wheel for Arduino Smart Car Robot
    This is a TT DC Gearbox Motor with a gear ratio of 1:48, and it comes with 2 x 200mm wires with breadboard-friendly 2.54mm(0.1”) male connectors. Maximum torque: Perfect for DIY smart Robot, car projects Package Includes:2 X DC Gear Motor,2 X Smart Car Robot Plastic Tire Wheel
    8.49 $
  • Motors for Makers: A Guide to Steppers, Servos, and Other Electrical Machines
    21.99 $ 34.99 $ -37%
  • KEYESTUDIO DC TT Motor + Rubber Wheel DIY Starter Kit for Arduino Robot Smart Car Accessories Set for Raspberry Pi Arduino Robotics Set for Kids Adults
    If you want to make your own robot, this parts kit will be a very good choice. The kit contains 4Pcs DC motors and 4Pcs wheels. We are responsible for the quality of all parts, so you can buy with confidence. Operating voltage: 3V~12V DC (recommended operating voltage of about 6 to 8V); Maximum torque: 800gf cm min (when it is 3V) No-load speed: 1:48; RPM:200(when it is 4.5V); Load current: 170mA (when it is 4.5V) The kit also includes four wheels, four holders, eight M3*8 screws, eight M3*30 screws and eight M3 nuts for fixing, as well as eight 200mm connector wires for wiring. All of these fixed parts are flexible for you to mount them well on the car. Car wheel Size: 69mm(outer diameter), 26mm(thickness), 46mm(inter diameter)
    18.99 $ 19.98 $ -5%
  • Arduino Programming App
    1. loop 2. Setup 3. curly braces 4. parenthesis 5. Comments 6. Angular bracket 7. Square bracket 8. Data types 9. Logic
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  • Smraza 10 Pcs SG90 9G Micro Servo Motor Kit for RC Robot Arm/Hand/Walking Helicopter Airplane Car Boat Control with Cable, Mini Servos for Arduino Project
    SG90 9G micro servo motor for remote control helicopters, micro robot, robot arm and boats. Fit for ALL kinds of R/C Toys and also make electronics DIY compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi Interface Type: Compatible with JR & FUTABA interface. Running Speed (at no load): 0.09 ± 0.01 sec/60°(4.8V ) 0.08 ± 0.01 sec/60°(6V). Maximum angle: 120° Stall Torque (4.8V): 17.5oz /in (1kg/cm). Dead band setting: 7 microseconds Amplifier Type: Analog controller. Operating Voltage: 4.8V~6.0V Please Note: The starting current of the motor should be greater than 1A. Comes with 1 year warranty and lifetime technical Support
    17.99 $ 20.99 $ -14%
  • ALAMSCN 6PCS L298N Motor Driver Controller Board Module DC Motors Dual H-Bridge with Jumper Wires Kit for Arduino Smart Car Robot Power UNO MEGA R3
    This is a good Motor Drive for an Arduino and raspberry pi based RC car project. It comes with 6pcs motor drive modules and 60pcs jumper wires for different interfaces, which can meet your project needs. Motor Drive Controller: L298N used as the main driver chip. It has the strong driving ability, low calorific value and strong anti-interference ability. Jumper Wire Kit: 20cm Jumpers, Female to Female, Male to Male, Male to Female each 20Pin. NOTE: Suitable for DC motors in smaller projects, but not for prototyping. Not recommended for stepper motors.
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