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  • The Permaculture Promise: What Permaculture Is and How It Can Help Us Reverse Climate Change, Build a More Resilient Future on Earth, and Revitalize Our Communities
  • Permaculture, créer un mode de vie durable (Gardons les pieds sur terre) (French Edition)
  • N-Ext Liquid Lawn and Yard Fertilizer Soil Activator by Greene County Fertilizer - 4 Gallons - 7-0-0 GreeneEfFect - Liquid D-Thatch - Liquid Aeration AIR8 - Root Growth Stimulant (RGS)
    ROOT GROWTH STIMULANT - RGS is packed with hormones from sea kelp that stimulate roots and stolons/rhizomes coupled with chelating Humic Acid. LIQUID AERATION - AIR8 dives into the soil and breaks up the bonds between molecules creating space. Every bond that is broken creates more air space (aka greater soil surface area) where grass roots can spread and grow. LIQUID D-THATCH - This with eat up the top layer of thatch in your yard for better grass to soil contact and allow your lawn to breath. NITROGEN FERTILIZER WITH LIQUID IRON - Nitrogen is a “Macronutrient” meaning there is a lot more of it needed for optimum plant health. Iron, on the other hand, is a “Micronutrient” meaning you only need small, spoon-fed amounts in order to push plants to optimum levels. Iron is what gives lawns a deeper “blue” look. SAFE FOR ALL GRASS TYPES - These products are all natural and organic so nothing in this pack will burn your lawn.
  • A Dirty Hoe | Landscaper/Gardener/Lawn Care Gift T-Shirt
    Check out this Landscaper/Gardener/Gardening/Lawn Care Professional/Lawn Mowing Gift Tee. Great conversation starter about mowing lawns and other lawn care technician duties. Made to get you noticed. For architecture landscapers, this tee would be a cool outfit for you if you are cool landscapers. Complete your collection of gardening accessories (lawn mowing machine, boots, shoe, hat, seeds, gloves, shovel) with this beautiful funny shirt. Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
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  • MySoil Pro-Pack | 2 Soil Test Kits, 1 DIY Soil Probe | Grow The Best Lawn and Garden | Know Exactly What Your Soil and Plants Need |
    2 MySoil Test Kits and 1 MySoil DIY Soil Probe Grow The Healthiest Yard & Garden. MySoil Soil Test Kit is the most Accurate and Easy-To-Use professional soil test kit available and is designed for the DIY community Perfect for all growing scenarios : Lawn & Turf, Gardening, Compost, Trees, Vines Ornamental Landscape & Soil-Less Media: Promotes sustainable practices MySoil Soil Test Kits are designed for the DIY community Soil Probe designed for DIY Soil Sampling ; 100% Made in the USA from Stainless Steel for a lifetime of use
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  • LeJoy Garden Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor Grow Plants, Seedlings, Herbs, or Flowers (Big)
    [Home indoor outdoor solution]:The clear waterproof PE cover protects plants from frost or pests while allowing nourishing sunlight to pass through.It maximums solar performanc to keep the greenhouse inside warmer and help to extend plant growing seasons.Place the greenhouse indoor inside your garage during the cold winter or outside with no PE cover during the hot summer. [Sturdy design]:Powder coated metal frame and durable bearing net on each layer are strong enough to hold more seed trays, pots and plants growth.The bottom shelf sits off the floor to allow airflow underneath. [Smart Design]:Walk-in design offers growing space and ventilation for large size plants. Zippered roll-up door for easy access and screened ventilation for optimum air circulation. [Large Capacity]:Overall Dimensions: 56"W x 29"D x 77"H,2 Tier 6 Shelves can hold more seed trays, pots and plants growth.Perfect Size for Easy Moving to Indoor or Outdoors. [Easy Setup & Portable]:Comes with assembly instructions.Easy to setup and break down into a compact storage bag for transport or storage.Enjoying a lot of fun of the flowers and plants in your leisure time!
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    pot plants seeds flower garden nursery garden vermiculite perlite
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  • Grow Food Not Lawns Permaculture T Shirt
    This permaculture t-shirt is perfect for a birthday, graduation, Christmas, or any other occasion. Makes a great gift for a friend who is a farmer or someone who loves gardening. To be a hit both on the farm and in town, this call permaculture tee will please any farming lover and can be worn on October 12, National Farmer Day. Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
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  • Organic Horticultural Vermiculite - Natural Soil Additive for Potted Plants… (4 Quarts)
    Fine grade horticultural vermiculite Excellent for many uses around the home and garden Wonderful medium for growing plants High quality aggregate vermiculite
  • Roots Organics ROGL Greenlite Fertilizer, 1.5 cu. ft Soil-amendments, Natural
    An aggressively free draining indoor and outdoor potting mix Calculated to give you control and accelerate your garden for vigorous plants and root systems Green Lite is designed with more perlite and pumice to give you enhanced drainage and greater oxygen in the root zone and with specific ingredients for versatile container gardening Item Weight: 25.6 lbs