Secrets: Arduino robot with ps2 controller | Test & Recommendation

  • Part & Accessories 1piece PS2 Wireless Controller Game Pad Joystick 2.4G Handle Arduino Robot DIY Platform - (Color: PS2 Wireless Control)
  • Arduino Shield Expansion Board 9-12V with 4 Channels Motors 9 Channels Servos Ports with PS2 Joystick Remote Control for Mecanum Wheel Robot Arm
    The motor drive board adopt imported TB6612 driver chip, reserve wifi/bluetooth/handle interface. The Arduino controller can control the mecanum wheel robot with speed encoder, we offer the source code. You learn more about how Mecanum Wheels work and how they can improve your robot's maneuverability. You can develop it secondly, since It also has servos, sensor interface, you can use it to control the robot arm or mini self-driving robotic car. Package included: 1pcs handle controller, 1pcs receiver, 1pcs adapter, 1pcs 4 channel motor driver board, 1pcs MEGA 2560, 1pcs USB cable, 4pcs motor wires.
  • 32 Channel Servo Controller Board & Robot PS2 Controller & Receiver Handle for Arduino Robot DIY Platform Servo Control
  • 15KG Load Smart Mecanum Wheel Car Chassis Omni Wheel RC Robot Kit with Wireless Controller for PS2+ UNO R3 Board+ 4 Chanel Motor Driver Board for Arduino Educational DIY STEM Project
    Mecanum wheel rc kit with controller, can move any direction. The robot chassis is easy to assemble, we provide the manual. Delivery to USA address: about 10 days. You can learn more about how Mecanum Wheels work and how they can improve your robot's maneuverability.
    169.99 $
  • Part & Accessories PS2 Controller Wireless Double Vibration handle+32 control board with High-speed USB 2.0 extension cable for Arduino Robot DIY
    83.51 $
  • Quickbuying for Arduino USB 32CH Servo Control Board PS2 Controller Wireless Double Vibration Handle for Robot DIY Gifts
    High Quality robot control Use : Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
    46.17 $
  • Wishiot PS2 Joystick Axis Sensor Module Game Controller Joystick Breakout Module for Arduino
    You will get 10pcs Joystick sensor Simply connect to two analog inputs, the robot is at your commands with X,Y control The joystick is a combination of 2 analoog potentiometer and a digital switch How to email us? Please click “Wishiot”(you can find "Sold by Wishiot" under Buy Now button), in the new page, click “Ask a question” to email us
    10.99 $
  • ARCELI 5PCS PS2 Joystick Game Controller XY Dual-axis Joystick Breakout Module Compatible with Arduino
    PS2 game joystick axis sensor module consists of using original quality metal PS2 joystick potentiometer system For the (X, Y) a 2-axis analog output and for (Z) 1 digital output channel button. Simply connect to two analog inputs, the robot is at your commands with X,Y control. It also has a switch that is connected to a digital pin. This joystick module can be easily connect to Arduino by normal IO Expansion Shield with supplied cables.
    8.99 $
  • Wireless Controller 2.4G Compatible with Sony Playstation 2 PS2 (Pink+Green)
    8 Action buttons with pressure sensitivity Twin analogue sticks and directional thumb-pad Built-in Twin Shock with 2 force feedback. Optimized performance for every game. Controller Wireless Receiver Included. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) Third-Party Product. not made by Sony,One year warranty. Personalized look, ergonomic design: Hours of comfortable game play
  • 120 PCS Breadboard Jumper Wires + 5 PCS Joystick Breakout Module Game Controller for Arduino PS2
    Game joystick module for Arduino PS2, electronic building blocks standard connector with 2.54mm pin. Module uses 5V power supply, the original state of X, Y read voltage of 2.5 V. When pressing at the arrow direction, voltage increases, maximum is 5 v, at opposite direction of the arrow, the voltage value decreases, minimum is 0 v. DO port for digital output, AO port for analog output; Bi-directional 10 k resistor, the resistance changes with the rocker in a different direction. Jumper wires kit, compatible with 2.54mm spacing pin headers, great for Arduino PCB project, pc motherboard. Package include: 5 * XY joystick module(NOT designed for high current applications.) + 120 * ribbon Cables Kit(including male to male, male to female, female to female).