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  • Forlivese 3 Pack 25 Inch Hair snake Tool Drain Opener Hair Clog Remover sink snake for Sewer Kitchen Sink Bathroom Tub Toilet Clogged Drains Relief Cleaning Tool
    ❤Soft & Flexible Barbed wand: Soft enough to bend in many kinds of strainers and pipes, the flexible barbed wand could easy to hook the hair and debris ❤Excellent Length & Loop Design: Upgrade 25'' long enough flexible shower snake cleaning tool to insert to deep pipes, hold the loop, easily pull out blockages ❤Easy operate:just insert, spin, remove clog. Work for most bathroom drains without disassembling the drain stopper ❤Environmental & less Expensive: More durable recyclable ABS plastic pipelines cleaning tool, easily rinse off for re-use or simply discard after use;and Less Expensive than bad smell chemical drain cleaners. ❤Wide Application: Great drain tool for kitchen sink, toilets, washbasin, bathtubs, and sewers,flexes at P-trap where most clogs occurred
  • FlexiSnake Drain Weasel Sink Snake Cleaner - 18 inch - Drain Hair Clog Remover Tool with Rotating Handle & 5 Wand Refills - Thin, Flexible, Easy to Use on Most Drains & Grates - Made in USA (5-Pack)
    INSTANT CLOG REMOVER: With 360-degree rotation, the Weasel pipe snake effectively tackles your biggest clogs! The secret is our incredible patented micro-hooks, which locks into hair, filth and grime without damaging your pipes or catching on drain parts. EXTRA-LONG DESIGN: Measuring 18 inches in length, deep, hard-to-reach clogged sinks or bathtubs are no longer out of grasps! Ultra-thin and flexible tool winds around curves and slips into most drains and grates without disassembling the drain stopper. EASY TO USE: Not a plumber? No problem! Our easy-to-use drain opener works in 3 steps. Simply insert the wand, rotate the handle, and remove the clog. After unclogging, toss the wand in the trash and replace it with a refill for hassle-free convenience. REUSABLE "QUICK-CONNECT" HANDLE: Featuring quick-connect technology and a molded plastic handle, the drain auger remains securely in place as you work! Strong durable product, which is a must-have in all homes. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Try it for yourself and discover why it’s one of the most popular plumbing snake unclogger around! Our customer service team is standing by, so please reach out to us with any problems or questions you might have. MADE in the USA.
  • 5 in 1 Sink Snake Cleaner Drain Auger Hair Catcher, Sink Dredge Drain Clog Remover Cleaning Tools for Kitchen Sink Bathroom Tub Toilet Clogged Drains Dredge Pipe Sewers Forlivese
    ❤ Unique Combinations: 5 pieces, 3 styles, multiple sizes for any use, suitable for a variety of pipelines ❤ Multifunction: Suitable for kitchen sink, toilets, washbasin, bathtubs, floor drains, help you clean drain, handle blockages ❤ Environmental Protection: Stainless steel and PP plastics are safe and durable, recyclable, good flexibility, more effective in cleaning a clogged drain. Abandon harmful chemicals ❤ Improved Length: 40in, 24in, 20.1in, 3 sizes are available for you to be more flexible and deep in pipeline cleaning ❤ Waiting For You in Any Time: We consider the different pipes of more customers at home, make our products more diversified, and adapt to each guest as much as possible. After purchasing, you don’t know how to use it, or you want to return it, please feel free to contact us. We, we will help you as soon as possible
  • Vastar 3 Pack 25 Inch Drain Snake Hair Drain Clog Remover Cleaning Tool
    3 pack of plastic plumbing snake drain auger 25" flexible barbed wand can easily grab & remove clustered hair, food, garbage, and other obstructions easily Soft enough to bend in many kinds of strainers and pipes, great for kitchen, bathroom & utility sinks, bathtubs and showers Great drain tool for unclogging shower and sink drains, flexes at P-trap where most clogs occurred More environmental and less expensive than toxic chemical drain cleaners
    9.99 $
  • Sink Snake Drain Clog Remover 15 Pack, Plastic Hair Snake Tool 20 Inch, Flexible Plumbing Snake Drain Auger for Shower Kitchen Sink, Sewer Bathroom Tub Toilet Clogged Drains Pipe Cleaning
    ⚡Upgraded Material: Instead of using common PP like other brands, our plastic sink snake is made of modified PP which is more durable, flexible and will not easy to break. ⚡Save Money: Spend minimal money but get large pack. Most clogs can be fixed by drainsoon drain clog remover, much cheaper than spending over hundreds of dollars to call a plumber. ⚡Save Time: Easy to use and unclog the clogged sink drain in minutes. More quickly than calling a plumber or waiting for several hours until the liquid drain cleaners dissolve clogs. ⚡Eco-friendly: The material of sink snake is total recycle and safe, which is more environmental than the liquid drain cleaners. No harsh chemical and water pollution. ⚡Multiuse: The snake drain hair clog removal tool is designed for grabbing hair, food particles, fur, garbage, and other blockages in the sink, bathtub, and shower drain.
    9.99 $
  • Toilet Auger
    3' equipped with plastic grip handle, bowl guards Has 7/16 inch diameter spring, with ring for attaching spring when not in use Vinyl bowl guard protects porcelain
    24.09 $ 36.26 $ -34%
  • THINKWORK 25 Ft with Endoscope Plumbing Snake Sink Drain Auger,Professional Sink Snake Hair Clog Remover Heavy Duty Pipe Snake for Kitchen and Shower, Comes with Gloves, Magnets.
    Professional Drainage Tool: THINKWORK Drain Auger is a great household tool for quickly unclogging any drain including kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathtubs, showers, and drainage pipes. Instead of calling a plumber and a lot of expenses. Easy Use: The plumbing snake spring is both flexible and tough to enable you to easily take tight bends, and the large crank knob and grip handle makes it easy to use, require no chemical drain cleaner.Effectively to remove sink clogs which usually caused by grease or overworked garbage disposers.It is reusable. Pipe Endoscope: This kit is equipped with a 720P, 2 million pixel pipe endoscope, and is attached with a 2 meter long hard wire, which can easily pass through obstacles in the pipe (Only for Android). Special glue is used inside the lens, which is waterproof and can be operated underwater for a long time. At the same time, it can be used with the side mirrors we presented to observe the tricky angle of view. Excellent Anti-scratch Design and a Variety of Useful Accessories: We included magnets and hooks in the set. The small tools are great for helping you easily take out the iron products that fall into the gaps in the pipe. At the same time, it is equipped with a set of heat shrinkable tube to protect Prevent the pipe from being scratched. Premium Quality:The drain clog remover is made of high-impact ABS drum housing for long-lasting durability. The springs are made of high-quality 72A Mn-steel, Grip handle and turning knob for rotating the drum to clear the clog. Steel Thumbscrew keeps the cable in place while not in use, and should also be tightened after you pull the cable out, in order to properly rotate the cable.
    42.99 $
  • 25 Pack Drain Clog Remover 20 Inch, Sink Snake Hair Removal Tool Drain Auger Drain Cleaner Plumbing Snake for Kitchen Sink, Bathtub, Toilet and Shower
    SUPER VALUE 25 PACK: Hurry! With the minimum cost, you can get 25 pack plastic drain clog removers. The size of the sink snake is 20 inches long and 0.31 inches wide, which is long enough to reach most clogs in the sink pipe and small enough to go through many kinds of strainers and sink drain. It is perfect for use in the kitchen, bathroom sinks, bathtubs, toilet and shower drain. HIGH QUALITY& FLEXIBLE: The sink drain cleaner is made of durable modified polypropylene which is more durable and will not easy to snap or break like other brands. The excellent flexibility of barbed wand can easily bend into P-trap of the drain where most clogs occurred and snag hair clogs, food, and other blockages to achieve a high clean effectively. EASY TO USE: No bulky equipment. This plastic sink snake easily clears clogged and slow running drains. When your drain is clogged, try this easiest fixes first, simply put it down the drain and then pull it up with tiny hooks for hooking up hair clogs. If it is full of gunk and hair, you probably solved the problem. ECO-FRIENDLY & SAFE: Not like the liquid drain cleaner, the sink snake is completely made of recyclable and safe material that will not lead to a harsh impact on our environment and never do harm to your drain pipe. Keeping you and your family safe from chemicals full of your sink. Good Services: we stand behind our products! If for any reason you are not satisfied with the products we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are committed to making it right for you.
    9.59 $
  • POPULO Drain Auger, Plumbing Snake with Gloves, 3/4"-2" Pipe Snake Drain Clog for Toilet, Bathtub Drain, Bathroom, Kitchen, Sink and Sewer Snake Machine
    Multiple Use to Clear Most of Clogs: POPULO snake drain is professionally used for various drains such as kitchen, bathroom, utility sinks, bathtubs, shower drains, sewers, and floor drains. The drain cleaner is equipped with special tips for clearing downspouts and even central vacuum lines. The pipe cleaner comes with a pair of gloves, which help to keep your hands clean and safe. Simple and portable: This plumbing snake drains auger comes with 16.4 ft of heavy-duty spring steel cable that goes beyond traps to remove most household clogs. Drum Diameter is 5.9 inch, best highly drum auger for unclogging drains and keeping your drains flowing smoothly. Reusable Plumbing Snake:Features a lasting and durable firm drum housing for easy use. It will be more convenient to use with cordless drill. This hand-driven drain auger will clear your household drain clogs easily without calling a plumber, for decades of money-saving service. Easy Handling and Detailed Instructions: The flexible spring can be bent more than 90 degrees without breaking or kinking, which enables you to reach the sink clogs efficiently. POPULO drain cleaner can be used manually or plugged in an electric drill, which helps to remove the blockages more conveniently. Quality Products and Services: This drain cleaner is humanized products designed specifically for the American people, we can assure you that our products are of top quality. If you are not satisfied with our drain auger, please feel free to contact us for everything!
  • TACKLIFE Electric Drain Auger 100 Ft x 3/8 Inch Plumbing Snake Autofeed Drain Cleaner Machine, Fit  1-1/2’’-3’’(40mm-75mm) Pipes, 6 Cutters Clog Remover for Drain Cleaners, Service Plumbers- DCM02A
    🏡Advanced AUTO-FEED Technology-- Equipped with dual-direction auto-feed handle, which can be installed on the left or the right side of the machine, more flexible in the tight work space; AUTO-FEED technology powers the cable in and out of the pipes automatically, F direction is to move forward, R direction is to move backward, neutral (Vertical) position is to rotate in the current position (not forward or backward) , easier and effortless. 🏡100 Ft x 3/8 Inch Steel Core Cable-- Breakage-resistant , tangling-resistant, and kinking-resistant, made of high-quallity material to last for years. It's suitable for pipes between 1-1/2’’-3’’(40mm-75mm), such as main drains between floors, main floor drains, house downspout, roof stacks, etc. 🏡6 Types of Cutters and Anti-Dropping Cutter Design-- Equipped with 6 different shapes of cutters, can deal with all kinds of difficult pipe clogs; In addition, it comes with an anti-dropping gasket, which can be added between the cutter and screw, grasp the cutter more tightly. Even if it is heavy-duty work, the cutter head won't fall off. 🏡Convenient and Solid Cart Design-- With Heavy duty wheels and retractable handle, you can carry it to and from multiple spaces more comfortably, piece of cake even if it climbs the stairs; Premium coating for maximum rust protection and durability, also its small frame gives you an easy placement as well as navigation. 🏆Worry-free Purchase-- TACKLIFE products are engineered to the same high standards of quality, strength, and endurance. The 2-year warranty guarantee your worry-free purchase. Feel free to contact us via our store, your question will be responded within 24 hours. We are committed to providing 100% satisfying customer service.