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  • Renator P72-02330G Brass Spigot for Rain Barrel. Lead-Free Compliant, 3/4" Quarter Turn Ball Valve w/ Bulkhead Fitting, Thread Tape, and Polyester Wire
    A QUALITY SPIGOT FOR YOUR RAIN BARREL. Make use of the water collected from your rain barrel easily. This spigot is designed to provide a strong water flow by relying on pressure from the water in your rain barrel. The 3/4" spigot is threaded for easy use with a hose- no need to haul buckets or watering cans. NO LEAKS. The attached washer and silicone tape provide a perfect waterproof seal, and the bulkhead fitting and spigot are reverse-threaded, and self tighten- which ensures the spigot will not accidentally loosen from use, and will hold a tight seal over multiple seasons. INSTALLATION SO QUICK, YOU'LL BARELY HAVE TIME TO GET YOUR DRILL OUT. The bulkhead fitting and spigot are reverse-threaded, and are tightened from the outside of the barrel- no need to fiddle inside with a wrench. Simply drill a hole, and thread the attached wire down through the hole then slide the bulkhead fitting down the wire as a guide- works well for barrels with and without open top design. The product also comes with a detailed, illustrated guide. HEAVY-DUTY, DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. From using a brass ball valve and body and aluminum handle (with orange paint spray), this spigot is built for longevity. The spigot also contains less than 0.25% lead, compliant with the EPA's Lead Free requirement. Visit for more info. COMPLETE KIT AT A FAIR PRICE. Instead of purchasing separate washers and fittings, save yourself time and money by purchasing this full kit at once. This kit contains: 3/4" spigot with quarter turn valve, 3/4 inch bulkhead fitting (with washer), roll of teflon tape, wire, installation guide. REQUIRED: Drill, a 1-1/4 inch saw bit, adjustable or 1 inch wrench.
  • The Pipefather - Funny plumber plumbing T-Shirt Gift
    You're a plumber? Show with this funny and cool T-shirt that you are the pipefather of plumbing. You can use your tools to fix everything in the bathroom and around it. You're an expert at your job. Perfect gift for plumbing dads, moms, sons, daughters and friends. For birthday, christmas or anniversary. Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
  • "Hose Bib Buddy" - Spigot Mounting Plate - Anchor it - Without Removing The Faucet. No Plumbing! Any Faucet Old, New, and Shark Bites!
    SECURE that Hose Faucet in 3 quick steps -- WITHOUT REMOVING THE FAUCET!** Patent Pending NO WAITING FOR MORTAR. SLIDES BEHIND YOUR EXISTING FAUCET! - No removal, no pluming! 10-15 minutes.** Patent Pending WILL FIT ANY FAUCET!** transfer any hole pattern into the Aluminum plate. ** Patent Pending KILLER METHOD TO HOLD FREEZE COVERS!** Patent Pending - all tight, all winter. And use the faucet easily in cold months. New ANTIQUE BRUSHED finish -"A little more sophisticated!" Each one is UNIQUE. // NEW TOUGHER PRODUCT BAGS!
  • ARROWHEAD BRASS & PLUMBING 251LF 1/2" Male Pipe Thread, Lead Free
    The product is manufactured in United States The product is highly durable and easy to use Easy installation and easy handling
    14.25 $
  • RAINPAL BBF020 Lead Free Compliant Brass Bulkhead Tank Fitting (Double Female 1/2” NPT and Male 3/4" NH Garden Hose Threaded, 4 oz each) (1)
    UPDATED 2021, with Female 1/2" NPT Threaded On Both Ends. Install 1/2 Inch Hose Bibb, Faucet, or PVC Fitting, etc on Either or Both End Male 3/4" Inch NH Threaded, Connect Any Garden Hose to This Fitting Recessed Gasket Won't Slip or Pop Out During Installation. Hard Plastic Washer Provided to Protect the Surface, It's Optional to Use. Need 27mm or 1-1/16 inch Hhole to Install. You can also Use 1 inch Hole Saw then Enlarge the Hole with a File HEAVIEST on the Market, 4 oz Each. Compare Design, Compare Material, Compare Weight, And Choose RAINPAL
    8.95 $
  • Plumber Funny Gift - Plumber Someone Who Solves A Problem T-Shirt
    These Products Are An Awesome Gift Idea For Men, Women, and Kids! This Product Makes A Perfect Present For A Anniversary, Graduation, Birthday, Christmas Or Any Other Gift Giving Occasion! Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
    19.99 $
  • Homewerks VHB-STD-F4B Hose Bibb, Male Thread and Solder, Brass, 3/4-Inch
    This product is easy of use This product is highly durable This product is manufactured in China Model number: VHB-STD-F4B
    8.74 $
  • Brass Garden Water Tap Faucet 3/4" NPT Male Thread w/Hose Thread Rain Barrel NEW
    NEW Brass Garden Water Tap Faucet 3/4" NPT Male Thread w/Hose Thread Rain Barrel Simple Faucet for outdoor spigot. Garden hose will screw on the end.
    17.00 $
  • PlumbCraft Powerful Mini Home Plunger for All Drain Types, including showers, tubs, and sinks - Medium 11.5" H
    The PlumbCraft Sink plunger is great for sinks, tubs, showers, and other drains Its unique ribbed design creates maximum suction for strong plunging power The plunger's small size allows for easy storage in nearly any small space or cabinet. Ergonomically designed and textured handle is simple and easy-to-use. (1) PlumbCraft Home Plunger for all Drain Types
  • Funny Plumber | Plumbing Gifts T-Shirt
    There's no giving up in plumbing. Every Plumber will love it Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem