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  • Magic Mineral Stones 5“ Tree Amethyst Crystal Quartz in Amethyst Base Tree of Life
    Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification; cleansing one's energy field of negative influences and attachments. It creates a resonant shield of spiritual Light around the body. Additionally, it acts as a barrier against lower energies, psychic attack, geopathic stress, and unhealthy environments. Amethyst is a natural tranquiliser, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities. The amethyst clusters are the ones that are best placed in an area of your home from which they can help the most. This can be your fireplace mantel, your altar, or a display in the living room or office bookcase. Amethyst has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and Chakra balancing. Amethyst crystal therapies are primarily associated with physical ailments of the nervous system, the curing of nightmares and insomnia, and balancing the crown chakra. Take an empty bowl and put your amethyst inside. Fill the bowl with sea salt until the entire crystal is buried under salt. Let sit for 30min – 4 hours. To boost the cleansing properties and to charge the crystal as well, place the bowl out in direct sunlight.
  • Real CLEAR QUARTZ Gemstone Crystal Straw. Reusable and Eco Friendly. 9" Long. Natural Gem Water Glass Straw. Healing Drinking. (Quantity 1)
    💎 REAL CLEAR QUARTZ: Known as the "master healer". Amplifies energy and thought. Absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy 💎 Great healing power, unlocks the physical centers and harmonizes the chakras vibrating in line with the entire universe 💎 Discover the unique benefit of these beautiful glass straws with semi-precious gems inside 💎 Eco friendly and plastic free. Get in every sip the benefits of its healing and energizing stones ⛔ DO NOT ACCEPT IMITATIONS. THESE ARE REAL GEMSTONES
  • mookaitedecor Amethyst & Rose Quartz & Aquarine Crystal Tree Tumbled Stones, Purple Titanium Cluster Crystals Base Money Tree for Wealth and Luck 4.5"-5.5"
    Total Height: 4.5"-5.5", Total Wide: 3"-3.5"; Size for crystal tree is approximately 2.7"-3.5" in height, 2.7"-3.1" in wide(when open up the leaves); Size for the crystal cluster base is approximately 1.3"-2.5" in length, 1.1"-2.1" in wide, 1.3"-2.3" in height; Weight range from 150-300 grams. Comes with a velvet bag, and the tree will be safely packed in a black box, ready for gift. Handmade Money Tree, use natural titanium coated rock crystal cluster base with a copper wire wrapped money tree sculpture with crystal quartz leaves, secured to and growing out of the crystal, hand-twisted. We will fold up all branches and pack secured while packing. Good size and flexible to arrange the branches how you want them with your creativity and patience. Healing Crystal Tree, it is said that the crystals and crystal trees can enhance healing energies and focus energies in positive ways. Many people using them as a focus object for meditation and find their visual presence to be calming. It is great for your personal altar, crystal healing, heart opening meditation, communication, self-reflection or for holding during meditation. The crystal bonsai money tree known as "wish granting", also called "Wishing Tree" and "Feng Shui Tree", people usually used it to wish for increased luck and wealth. Idea for home decor or chakra crystal healing. It helps increase energy, vitality and boosts mood. When holding or being near this tree you feel simple joy. Please kindly note that, due to the trees are hand wrapped with irregular chips stone by our skilled workers, the sizes and shapes of the tree you received will be similar as pictured. Natural rock quartz cluster base, the color and size may vary lot to lot, you may receive the tree with a similar stone base as shown.
  • NA Healing Crystal Wands,2" Amethyst Crystal, Rose Quartz,Clear Quartz and Black Obsidian,6 Faceted Reiki Chakra Stones 4 pcs
    ◆Size: About 2"long,x-small.If you mind, please think about it. ◆Packing :4 pcs included:Amethyst x1, clear quartz x1,pink quartz x1 and black obsidian x1 ◆Color:This is a mixed package of four pieces. The four SPAR columns in the package are all different. Their stone patterns and sizes are also different.You can refer to the picture. You will receive a similar item shown in the picture. ◆If you are just beginning to understand SPAR, healing crystal, you may consider our products, can be used for decoration or to give you a psychological comfort ◆Satisfactory, this is unique and vibrant quartz.If you have any questions, please consult us
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  • VitaJuwel Inu! Crystal | Ocean Blue - The Original DIY Crystal Water Bottle
    DO IT YOURSELF. We designed inu! to fuel your creativity in preparing your individual crystal water. inu!'s crystal chamber has a removable lid to switch the stones according to your preference. The chamber is totally separated from the water. Add your own stones to the clear quartz inside the crystal chamber or get pre-composed crystal blends. THE FLOWER OF LIFE. ... is a powerful sacred geometry symbol. Since ancient times, numerous cultures have used its positive energy. All geometric forms can be found within it. It is said to be the pattern for everything existing and stands for the unity of creation. We've deliberately engraved a flower of life on the inside of inu! to add a mighty symbol that, as we believe, strengthens the crystals' energies and adds its own note to restructure your water positively. BEST IN GLASS. Our INU! Bottles are composed of 100% high-density borosilicate glass. Compared to 'regular' glass most bottle manufacturers use, borosilicate glass is thermal shock resistant. That means you can use it with ice cold and very hot water without worries. It's lead-free and unreactive, so it doesn't hold any taste. Perfect for pure crystal water. A difference you can feel, especially compared to stainless steel or plastic bottles! FOREVER GREEN. While you're reading this text, more than 1,000,000 (!) plastic bottles are trashed and are littering our blue planet. Most of them for more than 400 years. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. Help us to make a difference. Stay healthy and hydrated. Drink your water from a reusable bottle. To us, the islands of Hawaii are one of the last paradises on earth. In honor of that green spirit, we named out bottle after the Hawaiian word for 'drink': INU! WORRY FREE. You might have seen water bottles with obelisk-shaped stones directly 'touching' the water. We believe inu! is the better option, because many stones are impregnated with artificial resin. Some could even release unwanted substances (like heavy metals) into the water. With the 2-chamber concept, the crystals in your inu! NEVER touch the water, while providing all benefits from the crystals's energies. Enjoy your crystal water 100% safe, pure and healthy.
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  • Real AMETHYST Gemstone Bubble Crystal Straw. Reusable and Eco Friendly. Natural Gem Water Glass Straw. Healing Drinking. (Quantity 1)
    💎 REAL AMETHYST: Powerful and protective stone, transmutes energy into love and protects from all kinds of damage 💎 Natural calming, relieves stress, tension, irritability, balances mood swings, dissipates anger, fear and anxiety. Activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities 💎 Discover the unique benefit of these beautiful glass straws with semi-precious gems inside 💎 Eco friendly and plastic free. Get in every sip the benefits of its healing and energizing stones ⛔ DO NOT ACCEPT IMITATIONS. THESE ARE REAL GEMSTONES
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  • GemPod WELLNESS for VitaJuwel ViA Crystal Water Bottle with Amethyst, Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz
    Gemstone Pod fits with VitaJuwel lead-free, borosilicate glass bottle MADE IN EUROPE Gems are amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz) An ancient way to energize water with the healing power of hand-picked gemstones. Gemstones are natural products. Every gem carries a one-of-a-kind vibration and therefore affects the water in a unique way. That is why all tests on the effect of gems on water will lead to different results. The test we have conducted is just one example on how VitaJuwel works. Infusing water with the power of gems is an age-old tradition and – comparable to homeopathy – hard to grasp by conventional "scientific" means.
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  • SeaHome Crystal Glass Water Bottle, Water Bottle with Gemstone Center Crystal Elixir Bottle with Natural Crystal Point Healing Obelisk Wand Energy Cup (amethyst)
    The glass water glass bottle with all-natural quartz Crystal Points healing stones that holistically charge water for greater energy and rejuvenation. The healing crystal tower column height is about 8.5-9cm (3.3"), bottle size: approx. 9.44"x2.59"(240mm * 66mm). Made of natrual crystals. Each pillar may vary slightly in color and size. Includes protective sleeve, convenient for carrying. Promotes natural health, concentration, spiritual growth. It is good gift for your friends, families.
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  • Highdog Mineral Starter Set/Crystal Healing Kit ~ 6 Colorful Mineral Stones Plus 7 Chakra Tumbled Gemstones, Spiritual Metaphysical, Reiki, Chakra, Healing, Bohemian, Natural
    Natural Gemstones: Gemstone Collection Box. This beautiful collection of polished gemstones is a must for the beginner or seasoned gemstone collector. It comes with a variety of 12 different Gemstones. Dimension: Length: 13cm, Width: 11cm, Thickness: 3 cm. Each one?2*2cm Box color varies. Ages 5 years and up.
  • Banshren Healing Crystal Wands | 2" Amethyst Crystal, Clear Quartz Crystal Wand & Rose Quartz Crystal Points | 6 Faceted Reiki Chakra Meditation Therapy (Set of 3)
    SET OF 3 CRYSTAL TIPS: Each of these crystal sets includes a 2" quartz stone, 2" amethyst crystal tip and 2" rose quartz stick. The bottom of the rods has been flattened so they are easy to stand when not in use. 2 inch Crystal - Each of the healing crystal sticks in this set is approx. 5cm in height. This makes them the perfect size for crystal healing or displaying. Best Healing Crystals: Crystal Quartz, Amethyst and Rose Quartz are known as 3 of the must-have crystals. Use the crystal dots individually for certain healing techniques or use them all together if desired. UNIQUE Authentic Crystals: Our crystals are 100% genuine, so they vary in colour and clarity. You do not necessarily receive the exact crystal dots that are shown in our images. However, you will receive crystal rods similar to shape, colour and size. FANTASTIC GIFT IDEA: This 3 piece crystal wand set is a great gift idea for those who are experimenting with healing crystals.