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  • Nut & Bolt Thread Checker (Inch & Metric), Original Version (SWTC-26)
    Each size has a nut and bolt checker on the same gauge. 26 male/female gauges - 14 inch & 12 metric. Thread sizes are permanently stamped onto each gauge (inch in red, metric in white) Inch gauges are clear zinc plated, metric gauges are black oxide. The individual gauges rotate freely on the wire cable for fast thread verification Wire cable with loop for convenient hanging
  • Slumberkins Lynx Kin & Book | Promote Self-Expression | Social Emotional Tools for Ages 0+
    SPEAK YOUR TRUTH: Our Self-Expression Collection reminds children to be bold, brave, listen to their inner voice, and speak up for themselves. Our little ones, especially our girls, often grow up with messages to tame and quiet themselves. Lynx's story reminds us that using your voice to speak your truth is a gift to the world. THERAPIST CREATED: Created by a therapist and educator, Slumberkins stories use therapeutic techniques to help children master social emotional skills. PLAY ALL DAY: Each Kin measures 12" tall and is made of the softest minky fabric and hypoallergenic fiberfill – making it the perfect companion for kids on the go. ALL FEELINGS WELCOME: Kins will be your child’s new best friend, using affirmations and stories to help children feel confident enough to explore the world around them!
  • Magnetize-It! Magnetic Paint & Primer (Water Based) – Standard Yield 32oz, MISTD-1530
    MAKES: Any Surface Hold Magnets! ATTACH: Child artwork, magnetic letters, posters, documents, reminders and post cards using magnets! CREATE: No show magnet photo displays TOP COAT: With any color latex paint or chalkboard paint (optional) GREAT FOR: Kids' bedrooms, toy rooms, offices, kitchens and more! WORKS ON: Wood, Metal, Masonry, Drywall, Plaster
  • ABBE Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Insulation and Building Treatments Draught-proofing (QCF) Complete Video Leanring Certification Exam Set (DVD)
    Complete set of 40 to 450 total numbers of Questions & Answers (Minimum quantity of no of questions shall be 40, and maximum might go up to 450 no of questions) Set. PPT in PDF format will be given, which may be get printed to test your knowledge before going for the real exam Experts recommends combining education courses and hands-on experience to prepare for your certification exam as questions will test your ability to apply the knowledge you have gained in training Awesome Rate of Success 1691 Days Free Updates - will be emailed to you on each duration.
    120.00 $
  • Firelock Games Oak & Iron: Expansion Deck Vol. 1
    23.46 $
  • Towers & Turrets — Family-Friendly Medieval-Themed Card Game – for Adults, Teens & Kids
    Good for All Ages: Towers & Turrets is the ideal card game for adults, teens and kids Strategic: The game is easy enough for any peasant to learn but offers enough flexibility in rules to allow any true knight to prevail Game Length: 30-45 minutes to play, (ages 8+) and includes 100 cards, 36 coins, Box and instructions Easy to Learn: Takes 10-15 minutes to learn Quality: 100 linen textured 2.5" X 3" medieval-themed cards included with some amazing illustrations
    19.97 $
  • Brainetics Educational Games, Memory Techniques & Math Problem Shortcuts, Award Winning, All Ages
    Brainetics teaches you to use your brain more efficiently to process and memorize information so you can do amazing things with math and memory! Over 200,000 Sold! As Featured on ABC's 20/20 News Show + Award Winning Educational Game: Dr. Toy, Brain Toy, Parent's Choice, & Mom's Best Winner Designed by Mike Byster - A self-taught whiz with a knack for identifying patterns in words and numbers, Mike’s gift has earned him recognition by Princeton researchers as possessing one of the fastest mathematical minds in the world What's Included: Brainetics Complete DVD Set (Levels 1-5) + DVD Levels 6 & 7: Memory & More Cool Math + Interactive Playbook + On The Move...10 Mind-Building Games for the Whole Family + Brain Boosting Guide + Online Support from Mike Byster + Parents' Manual Teacher Approved! After volunteering Brainetics to over 5,000 students, many principals & teachers have implemented the system in their classroom - with students raving about improved mental capacity (Great for Math Olympiads)
    16.99 $
  • LABOR SAVING DEVICES 53-315 Level & Template
    Package Dimensions: 10 L x 5 H x 10 W (inches) Package Weight : 1 pounds Country of Origin : China Includes vertical & horizontal vials to square tool in either position
    14.49 $ 19.99 $ -28%
  • Calculated Industries 4111 Construction Master Pro Software (CD) for Windows | Calculates Construction Math on Your PC | Estimates and Layouts as Handy Pop-up Program
    POWER TO BUILD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS is what you get with the Construction Master Pro on your desktop so you can estimate confidently bid accurately and layout appropriately for a plan to make you proud ESTIMATE YOUR MATERIALS LIST and be smart to order just what you need by easily calculating board feet of trim or number of roofing bundles or sheets of drywall so you make 1 trip to your home center FIGURE OUT JOB COSTS to be in control and know your job materials cost before ordering them and with just a few keystrokes know your cost per unit while controlling your budget and your expenses HAVE THE SOLUTION WHEN YOU NEED IT because when sawdust is flying it’s too late to calculate the cut list and stay in control but instead print it as part of the build plan and carry it in your pocket WORKS WITH MOST ANY PC so you don’t need to continually upgrade your PC or software and the Construction Master Pro is designed to work with a wide range of construction management programs and Excel
  • General Tools & Instruments ToolSmart Infrared Thermometer Model # TS05
    Safely determine temperature readings from a distance Conveniently use your phone as a second screen for easier visibility and to simplify two person jobs Quickly save your readings to the ToolSmart app on your phone Temperature Range: -40° to 1076°F (-40° to 580°C) 12:1 distance-to-spot (D:S) ratio