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  • PawHut 17" Durable Wooden Dog Pet Feeding Station with 2 Included Food Bowls & a Non-Slip Base, White
    ✅HEALTHIER EATING: Raised double elevated dog bowls do more than just feed your pet. They create a health-conscious environment by encouraging your furry friend to eat in a natural standing position which aids in digestion and reduces stress on the body, improving overall health and well-being ✅CLEANER AND SAFER: This elevated feeding station keeps food off of the floor and away from places where bacteria and mold thrive. The set comes with 2 stainless steel bowls that remove easily to refill and clean. ✅NON-SLIP BASE: The solid non-slip base ensures that the bowls stay firmly in place while the frame is water-resistant to last years. ✅DURABLE DESIGN: Pawhut' dog food bowls and stand are constructed of durable MDF board and stainless steel metal. Even if your furry friend is a messy eater, this elevated pet feeder stand will keep your floor clean. ✅MODERN LOOK: This elevated feeder is crafted from solid engineered wood finished in a contemporary, sleek glaze while the classy, minimalist design will fit with any existing home decor.
  • Qucey Pet Raised Bowls for Dogs and Cats, Bamboo Elevated Dog Feeder Stand 3 Heights Adjustable with 2 Stainless Steel Food Bowl
    Neck & Joint Protection: Qucey adjustable pet bowls stand made of natural bamboo, which can be adjusted from 5.3" to 13.8". Intimately designed for pets of different heights to reduce neck and joint pressure Adjustable Stand with Three Heights: Can be set to three different heights to cover different growth stages of your furry pals. Proper eating height helps preventing gastric upset. Each height of adjusted elevation off floor is 5.3 inches, 8.8 inches and 13.8 inches Natural Bamboo: Qucey elevated dog bowls made of natural bamboo, it with anti-skid pad, more stable and provide protection for your floors. The minimalist appearance will complement any home decor Removable Stainless Steel Bowls: 2 Bowls are removable for easily cleaning and refilling. The opening diameter of each bowl is 6.4 inches, bottom diameter is 4.1 inches, and 2 inches height. Each bowl capacity is 20 oz / 600ml Easy to Install: Measures with overall size L 16.9 * W 7.5 * H 15.2 inches. Comes with required hardware (screws and screwdriver), installation manual and 4 non-slip pad replacements. The eating surface is very smooth, easy care and cleaning
  • PETUPPY Bamboo Elevated Pet Feeder(7" Tall),Raised Dog Bowls,Elevated Dog Feeder with 2 Stainless Steel Bowls for Food and Water,for Medium/Large Dogs.
    Natural and durable: The pet feeder is made of high-quality natural bamboo, which is sturdy enough to last a long time.Both sides of the hollow design to facilitate you to carry it. Take care of your pet's health: The raised design is very friendly to dogs. It reduces the pressure on the neck when dogs take food with their head bowed. Raised dog bowl stand is a good protection for the dog's neck and joints,especially for large dog. At the same time, the design will make the food to be swallowed easier and promote the food to be digested better. Avoid messy: If you are constantly bothered by the messy floor after your dog has eaten, this dog feeder is a great solution. Just wipe the table with a towel after they have eaten and you can get a clean environment soon. Two high-quality stainless steel bowls: Two bowls of elevated pet feeder are made of stainless steel which is superior and widely used. And the bowls can be washed in dishwasher.Size measured: 6" inner diameter and 2.9"deep. Happy shopping experience: If you have any questions,we are pleased to answer you.Make sure you have a pleasant shopping experience.
  • SHUNAI Adjustable Raised Pet Bowls for Cats and Dogs with 2 Stainless Bowls , 5 Heights Bamboo Elevated Stand Pet Feeder with Storage Shelf
    【Natural Bamboo Material】 Elevated dog bowls for food and water stand feeder is made of pure natural wooden bamboo, with high-strength ,low density and durable feature, Raised pet bowl is healthy for your lovely pet cats dogs birds 【5 Heights for Neck & Joint Protection】Pet Raised Bowl with 5 adjustable heights perfect for cats and dogs from different stages of childhood to adulthood,Elevated pet feeder can be adjusted from the lowest height 4" to more than 16",the comfortable height is easier for pets to get food. Pet Raised Bowl Stand help reduces bloating in addition to strain on dog’s neck and joints. 【Easy to Install】Dog raised food stand is easy to install without screwing and other tools.Insert both bowl board and shelf board into one side, do the same on the other side, then insert the stoppers, clear and easy to install. 【Storage Shelf and 2 Stainless Bowls】Bamboo elevated dogs feeder bottom shelf designed to lay the toys, foods and snacks for your love pet's daily use. 2 stainless bowls good for food and water, easy and convenient to clean ; 【Removable and Foldable】Abjustable Pet Raised Bowl is removable and foldable for storage, making it easy to carry and save space. It is a very user-friendly elevated dog bowls.
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  • FOREYY Adjustable Raised Pet Stand for Cats and Dogs with 4 Bowls, Bamboo Elevated Dog Cat Food and Water Bowls Stand Feeder with 4 Stainless Steel Bowls and Anti Slip Feet (Medium)
    Adjustable height, Grow Up With Your Pet: the FOREYY raised dog feeder allows you to adjust the height according to your pet’s needs, making it an excellent solution for puppies and medium to large big size and/or senior dogs. The small size raised dog bowls feeder' height can adjustable to 4'',5'' and 6''. Convenient to eat food for different size of dogs and cats. Swallowing Easily. The elevated dog dish provide ease of access to food and water.Reduces bloating and neck strain in dogs.Digestive health is dramatically improved when dogs no longer have to strain unnaturally to eat from ground level. Keeps Cleaner And Easy To Clean. Using this elevated pet feeders keeps the feeding area cleaner which is essential to a sanitary life. No more getting down on your hands and knees to scrub the feeding area clean. Instead, you simply wipe the surface of the feeder table clean. 4 Premium Quality Stainless Steel Bowls Included. The stainless steel has been the material of choice for food processing industries. It is durable, sanitary, rust-free, non-leaching and dishwasher safe.You can easily replace and clean the bowls. Stable Anti-Skid. The dog feeders elevated with anti slip feet make it stable and does not slide easily, it prevent your pet from sliding bowls around and provide protection for your floors. Increases Anti-slip feet on bowl insets which eliminated the impact sound when pets are eating. Simple Assembly!
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  • Elevated Pet Bowl Stand for Medium Dogs with Slow Feeder Bowl Premium Foldable Stand Dog Food Water Feeding Bowl, Detachable Anti-Slip Mats Non Skidding No Spill for Indoor & Outdoor (Two Bowl)
    HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Stainless steel material for one bowl(2cup),other bowl and the shelf is made of Polypropylene (PP) material which is durable in long-term use. Removable and detachable bowl for convenient refilling and cleaning, dishwasher safe. SlOW FEEDER BOWL DESIGN: Interactive slow feed bowl promote healthy eating, adjust pet weight, prolonging meal time prevent indigestion. The other stainless bowl can satisfy the need of feeding water. The shelf is additionally equipped with an anti-overturning frame that can securely fixe the two bowls, not easy to shift and avoids flipping. NON SKIDDING: Silicone anti-slip mats at the bottom of the four corners of the bowl rack to prevent the shelf from sliding when your pets are eating, and non-slip ring for the edge of the bowl to effectively keep the bowl in place and prevent against tipping and flipping. ELEVATED FEEDING BOWL: With the elevated bowl stand, this feeder bowl encourages effective digestion and helps your beloved dogs or cats reduce strain on neck and joints caused by long-term low-headed eating. EASY STORAGE: This elevated pet feeding bowl is foldable for easy storage, making you feel free to feed your pets anytime and anywhere, perfect for both indoor and outdoor.
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  • XKX Raised Pet Bowls for Cats and Small Dogs, Bamboo Elevated Dog Cat Food and Water Bowls Stand Feeder with 2 Stainless Steel Bowls and Silicone Mat
    ★【SWALLOWING EASILY & HEALTHILY】This elevated pet feeder is designed to provide easy access to food and water, when pets no longer have to eat from ground level, their bloating and neck strain are reduced and the digestive health is dramatically improved. At the same time, the bowls are rust resistant, offer a healthy alternative to plastic and doesn’t hold odors. ★【ANTI SLIP & WATER RESISTANT】The dog dishes stand is made quite stable to prevent your pets from sliding bowls around and provide protection for your floors. The natural bamboo material also gives the feeder good water-resistant properties. ★【FOR FULL DINNER】These set of 2 raised dog bowls work perfect for full dinner set with food and water for one, your pet will definitely love this versatile feeder. The removable bowls also allow you to feed two pets at same time. ★【CLEANING MADE EASY】We give away a silicone pad for free, it keeps water and food on it so there is no more messy spills and it protects your floor. Pad can be easily cleaned with water or wet rag. The two stainless steel bowls are also easy to clean. ★【NATURAL STYLE】Bright stainless steel appearance decorated with a natural wooden finish gives you a stylish feeling. Feeder size 12.2(L) x 6.5(W) x 3.7(H) inches.
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  • Elevated Dog Bowls for Large Dogs – Raised Dog Bowl for Medium Dogs with 2 Stainless Steel Dog Food and Water Bowls. Mango Wood Top on Sturdy Black Metal Stand. Double Dog Bowl Stand with Dog Dishes
    Stable and Spill Proof: Hand Crafted in India from Quality Materials the Heavy Duty Frame prevents Dishes being knocked over. No more pushing Bowls around the Floor and Running away with them. Your Dog will always have Drinking Water available. Raised Pet Bowls with Stand come with silicone dots to prevent bowl moving in the stand. Unique Dezign: Modern and minimalist look to suit any décor with a beautiful Water Resistant Grain Mango Wood Top. The Metal Stand measures 17 x 9.5 x 10 inches high with cute dog shaped legs Simply attached the legs with the screws provided that are already in place in the screw insert.. Stainless steel feed and water containers 6.5 X 3 inches high and hold 6 cups or 1.5 Quart each. Look After Your Dogs Health: Improve your pets digestion by eating from a comfortable height with no unnatural strain or neck and joint pressure that happens when eating from ground level. Ideal for pets with Arthritis Safe For Your Pets: The Stand is designed so that Pets ID tags cannot get caught or tangled frightening & endangering your dog. A Metal surround prevents your pet from chewing on the wooden top thus saving your pet from splinters and damaging the feeder. The legs come with rubber stops to prevent slipping and marking floors. Easy To Clean: The Eco Friendly Mango Wood Top is easy to clean and prevents contents dropping onto the floor. Simply wipe the complete unit to provide a perfect feeding environment. The Food Safe Stainless Steel Bowls can be easily removed for washing and are dishwasher safe.
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  • Dog Bowls Elevated,Stainless Steel Raised Dog Food Water Bowls (Large)
  • CHX Dog Bowls Elevated, Adjustable Bamboo Raised Dog Food Water Bowls, 10" Elevated Dog Bowls with 2 Stainless Steel Bowls
    Dog bowls elevated is made from natural high quality bamboo. Dog bowls elevated can be set to three different heights to cover different growth stages of your furry pals. Customizable three heights to be achieved by only sliding wood panel to different notches. Proper position helps preventing gastric upset and relieves neck and back strain in aging or injured pups. Each height of adjusted elevation off floor is 4.3 inches, 7.4 inches and 10.5 inches. Elevated dog bowls are removable for easily cleaning and refilling, using this elevated pet feeders keeps the feeding area cleaner. The stainless steel bowls are easy to clean. Size: 18.1"x 10.2"x 13.7"