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  • VTurboWay 2 Pack Aquarium Ornament Fish Tank Wood Adornment Natural Resin Tree Trunk Fish Escaping Hole DIY Underwater Hollow Tree Ornament Fish Hiding for Aquarium Decoration
    SIZE: 2 Pack aquarium ornament fish tank, one is about 5.31"L x 2.36"W x 2.75"H, the other is about 4.72"L x 4.33"W x 2.36"H, smaller than an adult's palm. Best fit for 10 gallon aquarium, please check the size of your aquarium before ordering MATERIAL: Made of natural resin materials, non-toxic and harmless, will not fade or change color after long time soaking in water DESIGN: Every corner of this fish tank ornament is carefully crafted, and the smooth edges will not hurt your underwater pets. There are cave entrances making it easy for them to swim in and out freely PERFECT GIFT: The aquarium ornament adds a natural breath to the fish tank, let the fish shuttle freely, play, and bring them joy. Easy to clean with a brush and clean water GENTLE REMINDER: The resin product may have a harmless taste, It can be placed in a ventilated place to dry. Ventilation is the fastest way to remove the odor. When the odor is gone, clean it again. Soak it in salt water overnight and put it in the tank
  • FEDOUR Aquarium Artificial Plastic Plants Decoration, Unique DIY Design for Fish Tank, Artificail Wood Root Resin Ornament Vivid Aquarium Decor
    【Realistic Look】The design of tree root will make your fish tank landscape looks more realistic. Even just put it in your table, you will like it. Once you put it in the aquarium, you can't even recognize that it is an artificial aquarium ornament. 【Wide Application】Made of safe and high-quality materials, suitable for both sea water and fresh water, all kinds for fish and other aquatic creatures. 【Easy to Install and Clean】Just place in where you want, creating a comfortable 3D habitat environment for your lovely fish. Easy to clean and maintain. 【Personalized Design】We pack the wood root and the leaves separated, you can install the wood root with or without the leaves, or just install few leaves to make it more special for you. 【Size and Accessories】Length 9.8in(25cm), height 8.7in(22cm), with 5 pcs small plastic grass as bonus for assistant decoration, you can make a whole vivid landscape for your aquarium.
  • SunGrow Cholla Wood, 6 Inches Long, Encourage Exercise, Create Basking Spot, Creative Addition to DIY Home Crafts, Great Accent Piece, 2-Pcs
    ✔ PROVIDE ESSENTIAL ENERGY TO BETTA DIET --- The Siamese Fighting fish, popularly known as the betta fish require a well-balanced diet with plenty of fiber for proper digestion. The two wood logs by SunGrow is an excellent source of fiber to help keep your pet fish happy and healthy. By placing a piece of this wood in your aquarium, not only are you providing your betta with the fibrous matter, but you’ll also be creating a space where delicious food can grow for them to eat. ✔ PROVIDE BENEFICIAL TEA WATER TO YOUR BETTA --- Similar to catappa or Indian almond leaves, SunGrow Betta Wood releases beneficial elements into the aquarium water. As the two wood pieces begin to soften, they release helpful particles that protects your fish against avoidable malady. Over time, the betta wood will fully break down and help with the plant growth. ✔ RECREATE BETTA’S NATIVE ENVIRONMENT --- In the wild, betta fish can live in freshwater or brackish waters and are highly adaptable to wide ranges of temperature and water quality. This gourami family fish likes hiding places and darker spaces to hang out during the day. The two 6” x 1” pieces of wood from SunGrow provide just the right cover for your fish. ✔ ATTRACTIVE, RUSTIC AQUARIUM DECORATION --- Aside from all of the practical benefits of the SunGrow Betta Wood, they also add rustic beauty to your aquascape. The wood for Betta splendens can be placed on its own inside your tank to show off its visually interesting porous structure and soft texture. They can also be used as functional, attractive aquatic plant bases for anubias, java fern, and other aquatic mosses. ✔ SUITABLE FOR NUMEROUS SPECIES OF FISH --- Although the two SunGrow Betta Wood pieces are extra special for these tropical betta fish, they are also highly advantageous to other species of aquatic and land pets. Hermit crabs love to crawl atop this driftwood while betta fish enjoy swimming through the hollow center. The food that grows on this wood is a great food source for shrimp.
  • Beduan 90 Degree Right Angle Clip Fixed Corner Clamp Multifunction Hand Tool for DIY Fishtank Woodworking Picture Frame (Pack of 4)
    Package includes: 4 x 90 degree right angle picture frame fish tank corner clamp Material: aluminum alloy with steel screw. Holds joints at a 90 degree angle for precise secure assembly. Fit for woodworking, fish tank fixing, picture frame reinforcement. Generally used for a group of four. Forming a high-quality screw fixation, even slippery silk off, but also to re-install, hammering reinforcement fixed.
    15.99 $
  • SunGrow Cholla Wood, 6 Inches Long, Encourage Exercise, Create Basking Spot, Creative Addition to DIY Home Crafts, Great Accent Piece, 2-Pieces
    BRING OUT YOUR BETTA’S INNER NINJA --- Betta fish are hunters. In their native habitat, they strike at unsuspecting larvae from below. Nurture your fish’s instincts with this must-have accessory. Because our Cholla log floats, it works like a hunter’s blind giving your betta-ninja a covert hunting spot near the surface. PERFECT FOR NURSERY --- Veil tails and other betta fish love hideout spots because it provides security for their eggs and later for their fry. It’s important to give your Split tails the proper conditions to facilitate breeding and for your pet’s well-being. CREATE ZENLIKE AQUARIUM --- By adding this unique decoration to your tank, your betta will feel right at home and you’ll benefit from the serene beauty of an Asian waterscape. Take a break from stress by enjoying the Zenlike peace of your pet’s watery world. GIVE YOUR CROWNTAIL ZIP AND ENERGY --- Betta’s are intelligent creatures and need enrichment items to stimulate and challenge them. SunGrow’s 6” Cholla log will entice and interest your pet, relieving boredom and enhancing their life. NO PAINTS, GLUES, RESINS, OR PLASTICS --- You know how vital it is to keep your tank’s water at the proper pH and temperature and paints, glues, resins, and plastics may negatively impact your water. With real Cholla wood, you can rest assured because there is nothing artificial that may affect your betta or your water. Increase your confidence and use SunGrow’s Water Starter for routine conditioning.
    9.22 $
  • JONJUMP Artificial Driftwood Natural Tree Trunk DIY Driftwood Aquarium Moss Tree Fish Tank Ornament Landscape Bonsai Decoration
    The fish will not cause any harm. Fine shape, may be placed fish tank landscaping. Change your aquarium into a beautiful scenery. Unique design , vivid colors, realistic image. It is suitable for salt and fresh water.
    37.02 $
  • Aquarium DIY Tree Ornament Resin Artificial Driftwood Hide Cave Fish Tank Decor Undersea Landscaping
    Made of resin material, non-toxic and harmless, does not fade or change the water color if soaked in water Provides a beautiful landscape for your aquarium Realistic dead wood model to create an ideal underwater world for you An excellent hiding cave for fish which adds extra fun to play Create a natural and natural living environment for fish
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  • YWNYT 4 Pack 90 Degree Right Angle Corner Clamp, Woodworking Aluminum Alloy Clamps Set, Adjustable Wood Vice Miter Clamp for Picture Photo Frame, Fish Tank, DIY Hand Tools Corner Clamp
    Durable Material: Aluminum Alloy and steel screw. Strongly built with full aluminum one die-casting molding, red rustproof mask outside, this angle clamp is robust and durable. Maximum clamping range 75mm/3in. Wide Application: Perfect fit for woodworking, fish tank fixing, cabinet and furniture connection, picture framing reinforcement, wood DIY project holding etc. Independently Adjustable Jaws: The swivel jaw and swivel points allow the clamp to rotate and adjust to different thicknesses of work pieces. Holds Joints: Not only perfect for holding joint at 90-degree angle, also can be used for 45-degree clamp. 4 Pack Corner Clamp: Includes 4 pieces Right Angle Clamps, satisfy common daily use. Save working time and reduce work difficulty, the design use of reinforced connection, which helps to prevent excessive force caused by breaking. Fixed Rivets: One-time forming rivets are fixed, not easy to fall off and use.
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  • FarBoat 4Pcs Right Angle Clamps Corner Holder 90 Degree Woodworking Frame Clamp DIY Tools for Picture Photo Fish Tank Frame (Red)
    👍【WHAT YOU WILL GET】 4Pcs High Quality Right Angle Clamps. 👍【WIDE APPLICATION】Often used for woodworking, fish tank fixing, picture frame reinforcement and other projects. 👍【HIGH QUALITY】Solid, anti-corrosion, rustproof, very sturdy and durable. 👍【90 DEGREES】Hold joints at a 90 degree angle, can also be used for 45 degree sawing. 👍【MATERIAL】 Made from zinc and aluminiuim alloy, surface is electroplated.
  • SunGrow Leopard Gecko Cholla Wood, 5 Inches Long, Create Basking Spot, Creative Addition to DIY Home Crafts, Great Accent Piece for Gecko, Lizards and Bearded Dragons, 3-Pack
    ✔ ENCOURAGES EXERCISE AND HEALTHY LIVING --- An active pet reptile is a happy and healthy pet who has a long and enjoyable life ahead of him. By placing the 3 pieces of wood from SunGrow into your reptile’s terrarium, you are providing him with places to climb, crawl and explore. The more active your pet is and the more exercise that he gets, the more positive and pleasant life he will live. ✔ GIVE YOUR GECKOS MORE THAN JUST PLANTS --- In the wild, a gecko never sits in one place. He is known for climbing up and down or simply crawl from branch to branch in search of food. Give him a similar environment by placing these logs in his vivarium. See him sunbathing, stretching out, laying flat on his stomach with his legs outstretched, perching on it to pounce on crickets or hiding behind when he doesn't want to be picked up. Create a more 3-D space for him to cling to while basking. ✔ PROVIDES SECURE HIDING SPOT --- Versatile and lightweight, the Three Cholla Wood Pieces can be placed vertical, horizontal or propped against another accessory in a diagonal position. For more skittish reptilian pets, use all three of the cholla wood pieces to create a teepee-like structure that provides them with an extra secure hideout to hang out in until they become more comfortable with their new home. Since they have a constant fear of predators (imaginary or real), they would love hidin ✔ ADDS VISUAL INTEREST TO YOUR GECKO TANK --- The trio of 5” pieces of gecko wood from SunGrow have amazingly intricate distinctions and interest points that attract anyone who glances in the direction of your pet’s habitat. Each rustically attractive wood stick has its own created crevices and holes that make it truly a one-of-a-kind piece. Apart from that, each log would have a slightly different girth adding realism to your gecko enclosure. ✔ EXCELLENT FOR MANY SPECIES OF PETS --- The crested gecko wood is beneficial to numerous types of common household pets. In freshwater or saltwater aquariums, it adds beneficial properties for shrimp, hermit crabs and fish. On dry land in a terrarium or vivarium, the three wood pieces provide bearded dragons, snakes, lizards, and chameleons a variety of surfaces to climb on and hide behind.