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  • Tongina 4-Dof Tank Robot Chassis & Mechanical Arm for , DIY Assembled Robotic Arm Kit for Kids & Adults
    Can be used to test the servo motor coding for robotic engineers Easy to control, 4 servos control Heavy lifting is not recommended Suitable for learning and controling theory of automatic robotic arm; guest space and students learning kits DIY Assembled 4-dof Mechanics Handle Tank Robot Arm for 51 Learning Kits
  • Yahboom Professional Raspberry Pi AI Robot Kit with Camera Programming Electronic DIY Tank Robotics Kit for Teens and Adults Compatible Pi 4B Model 3B+ 3B(Raspberry Pi NOT Include)
    【Upgrade AI Function】The upgraded V3.0 tank kit is compatible with the latest version of Raspberry Pi 4B (2G/4G/8G). It not only retains the basic functions of difficult line tracking, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, and real-time video transmission, but the upgraded kit also adds AI functions such as face detection/tracking, color/object/gesture/QR code recognition. These new AI features make the tank more interesting. 【★★★Raspberry Pi NOT included. Without Raspberry Pi, tank can't work .】 【Real-time transmission of 5G HD video】Robot tank is professional DIY toy, suitable for electronic amateurs and teens over 16 years old. The tank is equipped with 2DOF camera PTZ, which can realize real-time transmission of HD video through the 5G wifi hotspot on Raspberry Pi. The camera supports 480P resolution with manually adjusted the focal length and two camera formats: MJPEG, YUYV(default). With 4B, video transmission is smoother and more stable. An assembled tank is like a moving camera. 【Programmed&tutorials&APP】Working with the Raspberry Pi 4B, using Python/C++ as the main programming language and Open Source CV as the image processing library, you can develope the kit through the development tool Jupyter Lab. Yahboom provides online learning materials. You can download the "Yahboom Robot" APP (Android and iOS) to control the tank. If you are inexperienced, you can find "G1 tank initial tutorial video" at the bottom of the product page.WeChat program can also control the robot 【Sensors&Breakout】The rich sensors such as 2DOP camera, colorful searchlight, ultrasonic module, and 4-way patrol module make the RPI tank more interesting to finish video transmission, light change and other gameplays. Maximum angle of climbing is 60° on frictional surface. Except Pi, the expansion board is also compatible with Uno R3, STM32, and 51 single board for DIY expansion. One set car kit is compatible with 4 control modes. Raspberry Pi and Uno R3 tutorials could be provided by Yahboom.
  • ZDSKSH Raspberry Pi Robot Kit, DIY Tank Robotics Kit with 720P HD Camera, Coding Robotics Kit with Face & Color Recognition, Tank Tracked Robot with 4-DOF Robotic Arm
    [Visual recognition function]1. Visual recognition of human face, 720P high-definition camera, wide-angle range of 160 degrees, can recognize facial features, face movement, the camera will move synchronously, follow the face, 2. Visual recognition of two-dimensional code, car It can recognize the QR code with instructions, and make corresponding actions according to the instructions of the QR code. 3. Visually recognize the color, set the specified color in the APP, the car recognizes the color [Infrared function]1. Infrared follow, two infrared probes on the left and right of the car body, circularly detect objects on both sides, calculate the object's position through a software program, and send corresponding action instructions to follow the object by the cpu. 2. Infrared patrol line function, the car recognizes the black patrol trace arranged on the ground through infrared photoelectric sensor, and automatically follows the patrol trace. 3. The camera patrols the line, the car rec [Control function]After the robot kit is turned on, it generates WiFi signal and Bluetooth signal. The mobile phone or tablet can be connected to the car via WiFi or Bluetooth and controlled by a dedicated APP. Motor control: powerful motor function, which can flexibly control the front, rear, and Left, right and other actions, steering gear control: support 8 PWM steering gear output interfaces, support serial steering gear interface, can independently control each servo through the control sof [DIY electronic project]This is a DIY electronic kit that needs to be installed by yourself. DIY is always full of challenges and fun, exercise patience and perseverance. Raspberry Pi cars are a fun way for teenagers and parents to work together to build and use. If you are inexperienced, you can find the initial use video "Raspberry Pi Robot initial tutorial video" at the bottom of the product page. [Designed for Raspberry Pi beginners and professionals]If you or your children or friends are attracted by the world of electronics and robotics, this kit will be a good choice, and a perfect toy gift, for them, it's them Start the first step in the electronic journey. You can contact us if you have any questions, we will solve all your questions about this product
  • US Metal Independent Suspension System Robot Tank Chassis DIY Arduino Experiment
    - Material: Thickened aluminum alloy plate - Size: 232mm*193mm*73mm(L*W*H) - Voltage: 9~12V (300 RPM/12V)
    153.87 $
  • Robot Car Crawler Tank Treads Tracks with Gear for Robot Tank DIY
    Material: Plastic <b>Note: It will be sent out from our US warehourse.</b> Chain links can be separated for reuse in other projects A pair driving wheels provide the drive system for tank treads Length*Width: 95cm*4.2cm, the length can be adjusted on its own Package: 2 * plastic tracks, 4 * gears, and some necessary component parts
    24.99 $
  • Fityle Pair of 78cm Plastic Tank Crawler Track for DIY Robot RC Car Modified Parts Replacement Kits Science Toy
    100% brand new and with high quality Material: Plastic Circumference: Approx 78cm/30.71inch Width: Approx 4.5cm/1.77inch 1 pair large rubber tank track, chain-track, great for DIY robot assemly kits, robotics learning
    19.99 $
  • KOOKYE Robot Tank Car Kit Tank Chassis Platform Metal Stainless Steel 2DW Motor for Arduino/Raspberry Pi DIY (Blue Tank Chassis)
    The KOOKYE robot tank platform is designed for learning robotics electronic car programming. You can add robotic arm or robotics HD Camera on this robotic car platform for DIY. The robotic tank car chassis contain extra-large size stainless steel car body and a variety of subplates for DIY. With 1 pairs drving wheels and 5 pairs carrying wheels, it make walk more easily on complex ground conditions. This product only contains tank chassis.If you are an intermediate player and have time to read our code comments,you can buy the robotic car chassis platform andour tank electronic parts kit,then you can easily customize this robotic tank car to make your own project for science fair, college home work or even commercial applications. The tank car chassis kit and the electronic parts kit can be purchase separately for your DIY.The electronic parts kit contains module parts including: Ultrasonic Sensor module, Tracking module, Infrared Remote Control, Bluetooth module and WiFi Expansion board etc. With these modules, the robot car can work in multiple modes such as auto-go, infrared control, obstacle avoidance, line tracking. You can use our Android APP to change working mode through Wifi or Bluetooth.
    79.99 $
  • Smart Robot Car Platform, Kecheer Aluminum Alloy 4WD Robot Tank Chassis Kit Shock Absorbing Robotic DIY Metal Tank Chassis Compatible with Arduino Raspberry Pi DIY Kit STEM Education
    【All Metal Construction】 --- The smart robot tank chassis adopts high strength aluminum alloy material, which can provide durable and solid shell, it is great for rough condition running. 【Strong Compatibility】 --- The Omnidirectional wheel robot tank car compatible with most popular controllers in the market such as compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and so on. 【Damping Effect 】--- With independent shock absorbing system makes the chassis run smoothly even on uneven road surfaces. 【4pc 9V Motor 】--- 4 high-torque motors is equipped with a speed feedback circuit and Hall speed, offers higher power and speed. 【Omnidirectional Move】 --- This aluminum alloy car platform can go forward, go backward, turn left, turn right, turn around, flexible go everywhere.
    149.77 $ 157.99 $ -5%
  • Eclenyes TP101 Tracked Robot Smart Car Platform DIY Metal Robot Tank Crawler Chassis Platform Kit for Arduino - Black
    .Model: TP101 .Panel Material: 2mm Aluminium Alloy .Surface Treatment: Sandblasting Oxidation .Caterpillar Band: Engineering Plastics .Wheel: Plastic
  • Makeblock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit - Premium Quality - 10-in-1 Robot - STEM Education - Arduino - Scratch 2.0 - Programmable Robot Kit for Kids to Learn Coding, Robotics and Electronics
    Ten building forms will meet all your need for different application scenes - Robotic Arm Tank, Robotic Bartender, etc. Great for learning robotics, electronics, graphical programming, Arduino programming and Python programming; Anodized 6061 aluminum mechanical parts with threaded-slot design brings an easy way of building the robot; Three powerful encoder motors enable you to feel every step of the robot; Wirelessly control your robot with smart devices through Bluetooth connection.