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  • Parker W60699S Spectra 360 Signa Spray, Electrode Solution & Skin Prep, 8.5 oz.
    The ideal electrolyte for use with muscle stimulation equipment Superior non-gritty skin prep Bacteriostatic, hypoallergenic, non-staining No residue build-up Easy to apply, easy to clean up
  • 1MD BalanceMD Vaginal Probiotics | Oregano & Caprylic Acid with Lactobacillus & Digestive Enzymes | Promotes Intestinal Flora Balance | 60 Capsules
    Potent Balance from Powerful Support: BalanceMD uses a unique formula of clinically studied herbal cleansers and botanicals matched with digestive enzymes and a powerful probiotic to support the body's natural immune defenses and digestion. Unique Herbal & Enzyme Combination: Protease and cellulase, a unique combination of digestive enzymes, help break down unwanted cell walls and consume their nucleus.* Meanwhile oregano oil, caprylic acid, and other herbal cleansers help inhibit the growth of unwanted intruders in the small intestine, large intestine, and vagina. Soothing Aloe Restoration: Potent aloe vera concentrate helps rebuild damage to the gut lining, helping improve nutrient absorption and even reduce chronic strain on the immune system. 18 Billion CFUs of Probiotics: By rebalancing your gut microbiome, you improve the health of both your digestive and immune systems.* As you continue routine supplementation, the aloe vera concentrate and probiotics promote a healthy gut lining. Support Healthy Bacterial Balance: After 60 days, oregano oil and other BalanceMD ingredients help minimize the risk of unwanted organisms in the vaginal ecosystem.
  • AZO Urinary Pain Relief Maximum Strength | Fast relief of UTI Pain, Burning & Urgency | Targets Source of Pain | #1 Most Trusted Brand | 24 Tablets
    FAST OVER-THE-COUNTER UTI SYMPTOM RELIEF AZO Urinary Pain Relief relieves pain, burning and urgency in as little as 20 minutes. Unlike general pain relievers, it is specifically formulated to address UTI pain and discomfort #1 CHOICE Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride is the #1 ingredient prescribed by doctors and recommended by pharmacists specifically for urinary discomfort #1 MOST TRUSTED BRAND. Before you can see a doctor or until the antibiotic starts to work, relieve painful UTI symptoms FAST with over-the-counter urinary pain reliever AZO Urinary Pain Relief Maximum Strength DIRECTLY TARGETS SITE OF DISCOMFORT, so you can experience relief in as little as 20 minutes – something you won't get with general pain relievers. AZO Urinary Pain Relief soothes the urinary tract #1 most trusted brand
  • Hemorrhoid Symptom Treatment Cream, Itching, Burning & Discomfort Relief, Tube (1.8 oz) Compare to Preparation H (3-Pack)
    Hemorrhoid ointment works immediately to protect against further irritation. COMPARE TO PREPARATION H (3 - PACK) Provides prompt, soothing relief for hemorrhoid itching, burning and discomfort. Relieves both internal hemorrhoid symptoms and external hemorrhoid symptoms. Hemorrhoid CREAM works immediately to protect against further irritation.
    6.99 $
  • Theravir Immune Support Supplement | Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamin C, D & Melatonin | 90 Day Supply | Made in The USA
    OPTIMAL FORMULA - Contains vitamin D, vitamin C, copper, quercetin, zinc, and melatonin to support a healthy immune system.* Formulation developed by a major US medical school. EVIDENCE-BASED IMMUNE SUPPORT - Research studies show that the combination of these nutrients promote a healthy immune response.* VITAL IMMUNE RESPONSE - this unique blend of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients work together to promote a vital immune response.* DYE-FREE. GLUTEN-FREE. VEGETARIAN. - Theravir is dye-free, gluten-free, and uses vegetarian capsules. QUALITY: Made in the USA in a cGMP registered facility. Physician formulated and backed by Theralogix's Medical Advisory Board.
    68.00 $
  • PureCrop1 Organic Agriculture Concentrate | Insecticide, Fungicide, Biostimulant, Surfactant | Eliminate Pests, Molds and Mildews on Plants | Safe for use around Kids, Pets, and Bees | 16 ounces
    Regular Bottle An all-in-one insecticide, fungicide, biostimulant, and surfactant to simplify crop maintenance -- made to eliminate all sap-sucking insects, mold, and mildew while boosting plant health and maintaining vitality. Use on all plants from the most common food crops to rare houseplants and everything in between. Friendly to the environment, humans, pets, and even beneficial insects! 🦋 🐝 Created with all organic, 100% plant-based ingredients.
    36.49 $
  • NIRA Skincare Laser – Advanced Anti-Aging Device, Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles, FDA-Cleared, Clinically Proven, Stimulates Natural Collagen Production (NIRA Skincare Laser)
    The NIRA Skincare Laser is CLINICALLY PROVEN & FDA-CLEARED to visibly reduce fine lines & wrinkles - all in the comfort of your own home! Use the same ADVANCED ANTI-AGING LASER TECHNOLOGY as professional dermatologists to naturally renew skin and smooth wrinkles – revealing firmer, youthful looking skin. STIMULATES NATURAL COLLAGEN PRODUCTION to reverse the signs of aging without pain, redness, or downtime. SAFE for all skin types. Easy-to-use in just 2 minutes a day. Made in the USA.
    399.00 $
  • Certainty SmartShield Antimicrobial Ointment for Nasal Antiseptic, Nasal Sanitizer & Wound Dressing, CNCAM, 30G
    DOUBLE-DUTY OINTMENT - Certainty Smart Shield provides instant and continuous protection against a broad spectrum of infectious pathogens. The double-duty, prescription-strength formula, listed in the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) DAILYMED database[1], is now available and indicated for use as both a nasal decolonizer and healing wound dressing. NASAL DECOLONIZER - Many viruses gain their foothold by infecting certain nasal cells[2]. Infected nasal cells are also a likely source of viral shedding and spread[3]. Nasal decolonization with topical antiseptics is a common infection control practice in hospitals. One application of Certainty SmartShield's gentle, petrolatum-based nasal antiseptic ointment has been shown to help prevent pathogen replication in the nose instantly and continuously for 6-8 hours or longer. FOR USE INSIDE THE NOSE - Nasal passages are a common entry point for airborne pathogens. Certainty SmartShield nasal sanitizer helps trap and eradicate pathogens that enter the nose, reducing the risk of getting or spreading an infection. Apply 2-3 times a day to reduce the risk of airborne pathogens multiplying in your nasal passages, helping protect you and those around you from getting or spreading an infection. FOR USE ON THE SKIN - As a wound ointment, Certainty SmartShield promotes healing while providing long-lasting antimicrobial protection. It acts as a barrier for wounds to protect against infection while promoting healing. This non-irritating, hypoallergenic formula has a long track record of safety and efficacy, and is indicated for use in adults and children age 2 years and older, making it a first aid kit essential. HARSH ON PATHOGENS, GENTLE ON YOU - Certainty SmartShield's innovative extended-release formula delivers potent medication in a petrolatum-based ointment, similar in texture to petroleum jelly. It's more effective than liquid antiseptics like iodine or alcohol at stopping pathogens, but extremely gentle, even on open skin wounds or nasal passages. A little dab starts working in seconds, with no irritation or damage to healthy cells or skin tissue.
    14.98 $
  • URISTAT Ultra UTI Pain Relief | with Cranberry Flavored Coating | 30 Tablets
    Fast, temporary relief of urinary pain, burning and urgency Highest dose without a prescription With cranberry flavored coating Contains the #1 Doctor Recommended OTC ingredient for UTI pain Powerful pain relief in an easy to dose tablet; 30 tablets
  • HealthAid FemProbio, 50 Billion with Prebiotic, 30ct, Helps with Vaginal Support, Acid & Bile Resistant, Lactose, Gluten, GMO Free, Vegetarian
    Great Savings On Quality Branded Items HealthAid HealthAid - FemProbio | 30 Vegicaps