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  • Zoo Med Creatures Creature Habitat Kit, 8.5 by 11", for Pet Spiders Insects & Other Invertebrates
    Ideal for spiders, insects and other invertebrates Kit includes: soil, cave, naturalistic flora, insect guide Stainless steel rust-proof screen mesh Measures 8.75"L x 8.5"W x 11.75"H
  • Nature Gift Store Frog Growing Kit: Certificate for 2 Free Tadpoles, Large 2-Gallon Habitat, All Supplies Needed
    Tadpole Growing Kit with FREE Certificate to Redeem for 2 Tadpoles When You are Ready For Them FREE Certificate for 2 tadpoles- there is NO additional charge to get the tadpoles. Kids get hands-on experience with the frog life cycle! Kit includes: 2 Gallon Tank, free certificate to redeem for 2 Live Tadpoles, tadpole food, water treatment solution, water change cup, plastic plant, life-cycle coloring page, and easy instructions GUARANTEED! We guarantee live arrival of your tadpoles when you use the included certificate Please do not order your tadpoles if below 40 degrees or above 85 degrees in your area. Our live arrival guaranty will be void if ordered during these temperatures
  • Chippin Peanut Butter, Cricket & Pumpkin - All Natural and Sustainable Cricket Protein, Hypoallergenic, Made in USA Only - 3 Pack
    MADE IN THE USA - Oven baked in small batches in the USA. Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Level III certified. Support a small business run by women. HYPOALLERGENIC & HUMAN-GRADE - Made with human-grade, non-GMO, antibiotic-free crickets, humanely-harvested at a family-run farm in Canada. Cricket is hypoallergenic, easier to digest, acts as a prebiotic and has more omega-3 and B12 than salmon. CLEAN INGREDIENTS - Only all-natural, premium ingredients you can recognize and pronounce, filled with nutrients and antioxidants. Great for dogs with allergies and sensitive tummies. Formulated with board certified veterinarians and animal nutritionists. WE SAY NO TO - Allergy-inducing protein (meat & poultry), artificial flavors, preservatives, wheat, corn, soy and bad odors. Our treats smell good enough to eat! WORLD’S MOST SUSTAINABLE PET SNACKS – Pet food is incredibly wasteful and the leading cause of pet health illnesses. Chippin contains sustainable proteins that use 90% fewer resources and give your dog a boost of nutrients and antioxidants. And dogs love them!
  • Jiminy's Cricket Crave Cricket Protein Oven-Baked Dog Food 3.5 lb Bag | 100% Made in The USA | Gluten-Free | Sustainable | Limited Ingredients | High Protein | Hypoallergenic
    HIGH QUALITY, DIGESTIBLE PROTEIN: We use on essential, high-quality insect protein to build healthy muscle and complex carbohydrates for enhanced gut health and energy for an active life. Cricket protein provides excellent nutrition - a complete protein, high in omegas, fiber, iron, and vitamins. Crickets are a natural source of taurine and (due to the fiber) prebiotic. MADE WITH TASTE IN MIND: We craft our food with limited ingredients and with taste as the first priority. We make each batch in the USA with pride to ensure quality standards. REDUCING CARBON PAWPRINT: We made sustainability a priority with our food! Switching a dog from a chicken diet to Cricket Crave saves over 500,000 gallons of water per year. Pick dog food that is sustainable, good for the environment, and your pet will love! HYPOALLERGENIC: Beef, chicken, lamb, soy, and even fish are the most common ingredients that trigger dog allergies. Vets are already using Jiminy's in elimination diets because insect protein is not an allergen. Insect protein is hypoallergenic, more manageable to digest, acts as a prebiotic, and has more omega-3 and B12 than salmon. MADE IN THE USA: Jiminy's kibble is baked in the USA. Unlike other kibbles that are extruded (high pressure and extreme heat that cooks away the nutrients) our baking process ensures a less processed food.
    21.95 $
  • Erbies Edible Bugs Mixed Trail Mix, 15g Bag, Seasoned and Crunchy Insects, Crickets, Grasshoppers, Silkworm Pupae, and Sago Worms, Protein Packed Snack, Fun Gift Idea
    Mixed Trail Mix Edible Insects – This edible insects bag of mixed edible bugs comes with a variety of bug snacks including House Crickets, Black Crickets, Grasshoppers, Silkworm Pupae, and Sago Worm Pupae to expand your taste bud palette. Deliciously Crunchy, Seasoned Flavor – We properly season our insect snacks to ensure they taste far better than they look. In fact, the amazing taste overshadows the ideas you’re eating bugs, so they actually become a snack that fills you up. Natural Protein-Packed Snacks – Believe it or not bulk edible bugs are rich in vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and essential proteins. It’s even estimated they’re 20% more protein efficient than cattle. Time to try out some new bug burgers. Hilarious Novelty Gag Gift Idea – Erbies edible insects for humans make a great birthday or anniversary gift, or as a Christmas stocking stuffer, so you can surprise your kids, teens, or even friends at work. Don’t worry, they’re 100% food grade safe. Safe and Edible from GAP-Certified Farms – All of our insects are collected fresh from GAP certified farms and then cleaned, quick frozen, dehydrated, seasoned, and packed in a special vacuum pouch with an oxygen absorber ready for shipping.
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  • Exterminators Choice Large Professional Sticky Glue Trap for Bugs, Roaches, Crickets, Spiders, Beetles, and Other Insects… (24 Traps)
    Industrial Strength Glue Place Anywhere Style Traps Just Throw Away When Done Safe For Family When Folded No Toxins or Harmful Chemicals
    19.99 $
  • 6 Pack Cricket Glue Traps, Indoor and Outdoor Cricket Traps, Sticky and Cave Cricket Glue Traps for Crickets
    Cricket traps- our glue board also works for spiders, scorpions and other crawling insects! good glue keeps them from escaping. Safe and non-toxic- indoor cricket trap using the taste of food to attract crickets and other bugs, and good glue to hold them in place. No poison and any pesticide used at all! Apply for- catches house crickets, field crickets, camel crickets and cave crickets and other insects. Size- 20.3*13.3cm, 6 pack sticky traps for crickets, please keep away from children! Please contact us- if you have any questions about our cricket glue traps, please contact us. We will try our best to help you solve the problem!
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  • Hatortempt 5lbs Dried Cricket for Chicken,Wild Bird,Fish,Reptiles
    Nutritional Value Your Pet Needs Banded Crickets are great feeder insects for young bearded dragons, young leopard geckos, many chameleons, anoles, fire belly toads and more! Buy Banded Crickets in bulk and save money! These crickets cost a fraction of crickets from pet stores!
    34.57 $
  • Exotic Nutrition Thirsty Cricket Gel (2 lb.) - Calcium-Enriched Alternative Water Source for Crickets and Mealworms
    ✔ SAFE - Drown-free water source for crickets and mealworms. ✔ SANITARY - Minimizes cage odor and provides a bacteria free water source. ✔ EASY - Just place a shallow bowl full of Thirsty Cricket in the insect holding area. ✔ FORTIFIED - Calcium fortified to raise a more nutritional feeders. ✔ FAST, FREE SHIPPING in USA! Avg 3 days! ZooPro sells exotic animal food and accessories that are manufactured by Exotic Nutrition Pet Supply Company. Exotic Nutrition has been the industry leader of exotic animal products since 1998, specializing in sugar gliders, hedgehogs, prairie dogs, marmosets, degus, skunks, opossums, chinchillas, rats, hamsters, gerbils, squirrels, rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, ferrets, chickens, bluebirds, wild birds, monkeys, marsupials, reptiles, amphibians & more
  • Zoo Med Laboratories Can O Crickets Pet Food, 1.2 Ounce Each (3 Pack)
    This product is easy to use This product adds a great Value Ideal for Reptiles, birds or fishing Natural juices locked in the can Pack of 3