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  • [2020 Latest] Jetson Nano Case, iUniker Jetson Nano B01 Case with PWM Large Cooling Fan Jetson Nano Case Cooling Fan Compatible with Both B01 and A02 Version with Pwm Fan (for B01 & A02)
    All Design, Compatible with Both B01 Version and A02 Version Powerful Jetson Nano PWM Cooling Fan, Make Sure Your Nano Works Stable and you can Adjust the speed by your own Great Heat Dissipation Performance Power button comes with Led light, so you can see if the board is powered on Notice: Jetson Nano Board is not included
  • JetBot AI Kit v2.1 (Without Jetson Nano) - Includes Most Hardware & prototyping Electronics Needed to Complete Your Fully Functional Robot!
    All hardware & prototyping electronics needed to complete your fully functional robot! SparkFun Qwiic ecosystem for I2C communication. Ecosystem can be expanded using 4x Qwiic connectors on GPIO header. Compact form factor to optimize existing neural net from NVIDIA. Example Code for: Basic Motion, Teleoperation, Collision avoidance, & Object Following. 136° FOV camera for machine vision. Pre-flashed microSD card. Chassis assembly offers expandable architecture Note - A Phillips head screwdriver is required for assembly and thanks to Qwiic soldering is no longer required! Other items not Included but you will need: NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit, USB keyboard and mouse, Computer display (either HDMI or DP) & connector cable
  • Makeronics Developer Kit for Jetson Nano -IMX 219-77 Camera Module with Camera Case| 64GB Class 10 TF Card with Card Reader | Jetson Nano Acrylic Case For A02 and B01 | 8265 Wireless Card with Antenna
    ✔️Include Nano Acrylic Case(black), 8265 wireless card with 6DB antenna,IMX219-77 camera board with camera holder, 64GB class 10 TF card along with a card reader. 4.9ft HDMI2.0 Cable. Notice: Jetson Nano circuit Board is not included. The newly updated case (start from 2020/07/15) is compatible for Jetson Nano board B01 and A02 Version. ✔️[Power on and Reset Function] Equippped with power switch and reset switch ✔️[Dedicated PWM Cooling Fan] DC 5V,4Pin reverse-proof connector(with PWM function), Dimentsions 40mmx40mmx10mm,Make Sure Nano Work Stable. ✔️[Wireless-AC8265] Supports 2.4GHz / 5GHz dual band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2. Equipped with dual 6DBi antennas ✔️[PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT] Detialed instruction manual. Quick-responding technical support.
  • Waveshare JetBot AI Kit a Literally Smart Robot Powered by Jetson Nano with The Intelligent Eye (Front Camera) and ROS Nodes Code (Doesn't Support Nano 2GB)
    Doesn't support Jetson Nano 2GB. Jetson Nano is included Batteries are not included The power supply in this kit is for battery charging only, and will not power the Jetson Nano directly. If you want a stand-alone power supply for the Jetson Nano, please buy another 5V/4A power adapter. Please note that the battery length SHOULD be less than 67mm, some batteries with protection plate in the market are NOT supported Please properly keep the Jetson products' original packing box and accessories (if any) for warranty service, and the serial numbers on the product and packing box MUST be matched, otherwise, the original manufacturer will reject returning / repairing.
    238.99 $
  • Arducam Upgraded Camera Pan Tilt Platform for Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson Nano/Xavier NX
    Upgraded: 1. Increase the quality of bracket; 2. Customize a smaller board which can be enclosed in the base; 3. Extend the vertical rotation angle from 145 degree to 180 degree. Pan Tilt Kit: Free panning and tilting in a smaller PT bracket. Specifically designed for a broader view on Raspberry Pi camera projects, can also be used on Jetson NX and other platforms (RPi demo only). Customized Control Board: I2C controlled, outputs the PWM signals to drive the servo motors directly, aesthetic and minimalist customization design makes it can be mounted in the base bracket and simplify the wiring. Mini Digital Servos: Two GH-S37D digital servos for a faster speed, higher torque and better holding capability (than analog servos). You'll be Getting: 1 set pan tilt bracket kit, 2 digital servo motors, a PTZ controller board (with 4 jumper wires), a pack of screws.
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  • GeeekPi NVIDIA Jetson Nano B01 Metal Case with 4020 PWM Cooling Fan and 4010 Fan, Power & Reset Control Switch, Camera Holder for NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit (Support Jetson Nano B01 and A02)
    This is a jetson nano case, which can provide switch button, RESET button, FR mode (Factory Recovery mode) antenna interface mounting hole It can be installed after you purchase the antenna, also provides an internal cooling fan and installation screwdriver, it is Made of sheet metal. Tt is very beautiful and strong, which can protect your jetson nano very well, and also provides a fan that supports PWM signal. NOTE: The Jetson Nano mainboard and the antenna, camera are not included in the package Equippped with power switch and reset switch and camera bracket.For the DC 5V power supply, please refer to ASIN :B07YJDS71K
    26.99 $
  • JetBot AI Kit Accessories Add-ons Compatible with NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit to Build JetBot
    Highly Integrated JetBot Expansion Board.No Messy Wiring,Simple Assembly. Dual Mode Wireless NIC AC8265.High Speed WiFi Connectivity,Stable Bluetooth Communication,Low Latency. 8MP 160° FOV Camera with Sony IMX219 Sensor , Facial Recognition,Object Classify,Real Time Monitoring. Wireless Communication, Plug&Play ROS(Robot Operating System).Comes with ROS nodes code , easy to get started with ROS ,learn the ROS System framework and concept.
    110.70 $
  • Jetson Nano Developer Accessories Kit for Small Powerful Computer AI Development Board with 7 inch IPS Touch HDMI Screen LCD Display Micro Card 64GB Camera Module @XYGStudy (AcceC)
    Part Number: Jetson Nano Developer Kit Acce C This is a development Accessories kit (Type C) designed for NVIDIA Jetson Nano, it includes: 7inch IPS capacitive touch display, IMX219-77 camera board, 64GB class 10 TF card, and the power adapter. This pack is almost a robot in embryo, you can even "see" via its "eye", now it's your show time to bring the superior AI robot to life.
    82.99 $
  • Yahboom Acrylic Case for NVIDIA Jetson Nano B01 & A02 with Cooling Fan and Camera Case (only for 4GB)
    The package does not contain jetson nano, camera, network cable (Note: Installation video is on this page, the package does not contain instructions.) Jetson Nano board acrylic case Protect your Jetson nano motherboard from damage Support wireless network card antenna installation, the camera bracket and cooling fan with anti-reverse connection There is no installation manual in the package. Please refer to the installation video on this page for installation. 【ordered after June 1, 2020 case compatible with Jetson Nano A02 and B01】
  • Waveshare Metal Case Specialized for Jetson Nano Developer Kit Compatible with Original Version and B01 Version (Case Only)
    Metal Case Specialized For Jetson Nano 4GB Developer Kit Special Camera Holder Mounting Holes For Single Camera Or Binocular Camera, Up To 180° Roll Angle Invisible Cooling Fan Heat Dissipation Through The Airflow Vent On The Top, More Elegant Design RESET And POWER ButtonsWith System Status Indicator (B01 Only, NOT Available For The Original Version) Enabling The 4G Communication Allows Installing 4G Module Inside