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  • A Systematic Approach to Learning Robot Programming with ROS
  • Robot Programming: A Guide to Controlling Autonomous Robots
  • ROS Robotics Projects: Build and control robots powered by the Robot Operating System, machine learning, and virtual reality, 2nd Edition
  • A Systematic Kit to Learning Robot Programming with ROS | ROS Smart Car System | SLAM Builds a map | Voice Navigation | Speech Recognition | Speech Synthesis (Package Content: 4)
    【Why do we need to learn ROS?】 ROS has developed a unified interface standard for robot development. ROS has extensive system and hardware support. Many of the robots on the market today are based on ROS systems. If you want to work on robot development in the future, then you must learn ROS system. 【What kind of help do we offer?】 We have written a tutorial, the content includes the assembly tutorial of the robot car, provides a comprehensive, introduction to the essential components of ROS through detailed explanations of simple code examples along with the corresponding theory of operation. Learning: how to understand ROS packages, how to use ROS tools. etc. *** ROS Car assembly tutorial. Search for " Areskey ROS Robot Car assembly video tutorial " on YouTube *** 【What advantages do we offer?】 Our robotic car parts can help you Design, Simulate, Build, and Program an interactive autonomous mobile robot. How to complete your first ROS mobile robot that can walk and talk. We can help you Leverage the power of ROS, Gazebo, and Python to enhance your robotic skills. 【What are the advantages of our mobile robot?】 The robotic car was designed with a differential base frame.We will help you with SLAM constructing a map and autonomous obstacle avoidance navigation. Building a Raspberry Pi 3 development environment. How to learn voice interaction and natural language processing. 【Multiple set meal to choose from】 We offer different car combination parts for you to choose from. You can purchase the package that suits you based on your current level of knowledge. No matter what package you have purchased, we will provide you with an after-sales service that will satisfy you.
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  • Programming Robots with ROS: A Practical Introduction to the Robot Operating System
    O Reilly Media
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  • Cozmo
    Supercomputer on treads. Always game. Never ending play. High-tech. Not technical.
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  • Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches (Tab)
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  • Machine Learning: 4 Books in 1: Basic Concepts + Artificial Intelligence + Python Programming + Python Machine Learning. A Comprehensive Guide to Build Intelligent Systems Using Python Libraries
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  • Deep Learning with PyTorch: Build, train, and tune neural networks using Python tools
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