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  • SunFounder Standard Gripper Kit Paw Robotic Arm Rollarm DIY Robot for Arduino R3 Mega 2560 Nano
    Rollpaw is a simple solution for projects requiring small grippers and driven by two servos, it can be used with ease in your projects. Controlled with two servos: one to control the paw to grip and let go, the other to rotate the paw. Maximum opening distance of the jaws: 60mm. Working Voltage: 4.8~6V. Provides detailed user manual, code, and assembly and application videos.
  • Soft Robotics: A DIY Introduction to Squishy, Stretchy, and Flexible Robots (Make)
  • D DOLITY Desktop Robotic Arm Grippers, Assembled for, Robot Mechanical Claw DIY Toy
    * Overall Length(closed): 83mm/3.26 inch; Overall Width(open): 150mm/5.90 inch; Overall Width(closed): 55mm/2.16 inch; Overall Thickness: 54mm/2.12 inch * Complete accessories, easy for installation and flexible operation. * DIY G6 Metal robotic robot mechanical claw/gripper kit * Maximum Opening Angle: 86mm/3.38 inch * Mading from hard aluminum alloy for high quality and durable performance
  • Parts & Accessories Black Version Mechanical Claw,Gripper,Compatible with MG996r etc,Robot Parts for DIY,Education,Experiment Robotic Hand - (Color: with HM-MS10 Servo)
    Color: With HM-MS10 Servo Material: Metal Tool supplies: Battery Upgrade parts/accessories: Gear Rc parts & accs: Principal Axis
    45.89 $
  • Camisin 3D Print DIY RC Robot Arm Gripper Mechanical Claw/Clamp with MG996 Servo RC Robotic Part DIY for
    Brand New,high quality! Maximum opening distance: 12cm Control mode: MG996 steering gear Product features: simple and clear installation, suitable for DIY people The product is a 3D printed product, there may be defects
    14.27 $
  • Ponosym - hooks rails - diy bed sheet fasteners nylon elasticity suspenders gripper holder straps clip sheets - robot square excavator tie strip cotton backwaterproof sheet sheet f
    for hooks rails whith free shipping Simple to use and easy to clean [Best Service] If You Have Any Problem With Your Products, Please Feel Free To Contact Us
    12.99 $
  • GENERIC Small Hammer SNM2500 3D Print DIY RC Robot Arm Gripper
    Small Hammer SNM2500 3D Print DIY RC Robot Arm Gripper RC Robot Robot Part
    37.00 $
  • Fancyes Robotic Clamp Claw Servo Motor Set 3D Printer DIY Robot Arm Gripper
    3D Printing Mechanical Arm Assemble set with Micro Servo Motor 9G for 3D Printer A fun gadget in mechanical engineering and electronics for Printer Material: Mteal High-quality servos, precision structure, allow an immense range of motion and flexibility within its reasonable limits. Servos is ensuring a reliable and smooth operation.
    8.99 $
  • Vehicles-OCS Metal Gripper Aluminum Alloy Mechanical Claw arm Gripper Gripper Device DIY Robot Model
    Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys Material: Metal
  • Part & Accessories 1DOF Degree of Freedom Mechanical Arm Robotic Blade Metal Claws Smart car Paw Robot Gripper DIY RC Electronic Toys
    Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys Material: EVA Upgrade parts/accessories: Frame Four-wheel drive attributes: Assemblage Tool supplies: Cutting