Expert says: Best ambient temperature for 3d printing | Test & Rating

  • Large 3D Printer, JGAURORA 3D Printers A8 Extreme Accuracy Large Build Size 350x250x300mm Fully Closed Metal Structure Dual Motor Feeding Commercial Grade FDM Desktop 3D Printing Machine ABS PLA TPU
    Reliable Material : Commercial grade 3d printer industrial linear guildway precise ball screw rods.metal structure with cover Large building size :13.78x9.8x11.8in ,lots of printing material ABS PLA TPU WOOD filament 1.75mm Clean and neat structure :Fully closed metal structure with creative and friendly metal extruder cover ,precise CNC components Easy Filament Feeding :Dual feeding motor,filament feeding auto and easily HBG glass heating bed tigh adhesion easy to take off when cooling down
  • Polymaker PolyLite PLA 3D Printer Filament, 3D Printing Filament, 1.75mm pla - 1Kg Spool (2.2 lbs) Green, fit Most FDM Printer…
    <b>Excellent Compatibility</b>: A 1.75 mm PLA filament compatible with Makerbot, FlashForge,Monoprice,XYZprinting,ALUNAR and other popular extrusion based 3D printers. <b>Wallet Friendly:</b> PolyLite PLA 3D printer filament is a truly plug and play 3D printing material that offers you highest and consistent quality at an affordable price. Only $25 per Kilo but it’s as great as other Polymaker filaments. <b>Easy to Print:</b>Works well with all common printing surfaces such as the blue tape, Kapton tape, glass, BuildTak, etc. No heated bed or 3D printer chamber required but can be used (up to 60°C) <b>Uncompromised Quality:</b> With Polymaker’s eight-step quality control process and rigorous in-house testing, you can rest assured that PolyLite will produce beautiful, reliable and accurate printed parts every time. <b>On Line Support</b>: Any questions or problems please leave us a message. A Polymaker engineer will get back to you within 24 hours. Polymaker has worldwide distribution centers located in Europe and North America.
  • Color Change PLA Filament 1.75 mm Brown to Green 3D Printer Filament 1 KG Spool 3D Pen Filament 2.2 LBS Printing PLA Materials Color Changing Filament with Temperature
    Color Chang Filament.Color Chang Temperature: about 15°C。 <b>Warm Reminder</b><br> Dear,Hello everyone .The color change of this filament is related to many reasons. When the temperature is high, it will be green. When the temperature is low, it may be brown, or a mixture of brown and green, or other possible colors. So, please read this information carefully before placing your order, as well as the comments of other customers. Avoid bringing bad experiences to everyone. At the same time, we will lower the price of this filament. Hope you will enjoy it.
  • Ender 3 V2 Enclosure, Creality Fireproof and Dustproof 3D Printer Enclosure Constant Temperature Protective Cover Room for Ender3 V2/Ender5/5 Pro/5Plus,CR-10/10V2/10S/10S PRO/10MINI,CR-X/CR-20- Middle
    Dimensions: 29.9*25.5*28.3”(760x650x720mm). It is compatible with Ender3 V2/Ender5/5 Pro/5Plus,CR-10/10V2/10S/10S PRO/10MINI,CR-X/CR-20(NOTE: Not for CR-10 MAX/ CR-10 S4/S5). Confirming your printer's size firstly. Constant Temperature: Keep a constant temperature printing environment, reducing the bad impact to printed models when low-temperature weather, improving printing stability. Safe to Use: The interior uses pure aluminum film and flame retardant appearance material. Technically, if in a fire, it will melt and not fire itself of the enclosure and will not spread as well. Stable Structure: Equipped with a selection of Iron pipes to support, the structure of this 3d printer enclosure is stable. Soundproof and dustproof, giving you a more comfortable printing experience. Easy to Use: This 3d printer enclosure is foldable, easy to store and carry, saving your space. With pockets to hold the necessary tools. Access the printer by unzipping the front of the enclosure.
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  • DIGITEN WTC100 Wireless Thermostat (with 2 Receivers) Plug-in Temperature Controller Outlet Programmable Remote Control Thermometer Heating Cooling Mode for Fan Heater Greenhouse Home Brew Reptile
    📡【Wireless Remotely Control】: Remotely set and control, portable design, which is more convenient and handy. Communication range is 50-100m in open area. It can save all settings even if the power failure. One remote can control multi plugs. 🕹️【Easy to Use And Program】: Accurate reading temperature for LCD display with back light. Freely switch between ℃ and ℉. 💰【Save Money】: The thermostat will make your life not only comfortable but energy efficient. The thermostat turns on and off appliances connected to outlet based on the target temperature, thus saving money on your electric bill while maintaining comfort. 💯【High Accuracy And Safe】: Built-in highly accurate temperature sensor, ambient temperature is detected automatically by remote controller. High and low temperature alarms are available, the maximum load can reach 14A, 1500W. 🎈【Widely Used】: Widely used for greenhouse,mushroom house, reptiles breeding, pet feeding, wine cellar, cigar storage, home brewing, seed germination, fermentation, baby room, attic fan, swamp cooler, evaporative cooler, space heater, wall panel heater, electric fireplace heater, garage, etc.
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  • TTLIFE Mini 3D Printer for Kids & Beginners, Small 3D Printer with Magnetic Plate, Fast Heating, Low Noise, Printing Size 4"×4"×4", Free 10m(L) 1.75mm(D) Testing Filament, Orange
    [EXCELLENT PRINTING EFFECT] - The mini 3D printer has a printing size of 4"×4"×4" (100*100*100mm), fits 1.75mm diameter PLA and TPU filament, the accuracy is 0.1mm which allows smooth and alive printing effect. It's excellent for children and beginners, you will enjoy creating DIY projects and it will improve your spatial imagination and three-dimensional perception. [UPGRADED EXTRUDER TECHNOLOGY] - The nozzle of mini 3D printer is 0.4mm, reaches the operating temperature(180℃) in just 3 minutes. It is equipped with the latest extruder technology, which will not cause problems such as nozzle clogging and poor extrusion. Note: This mini 3D printer do not have resume print function, it will print from the beginning if there is a power failure. [QUICK ASSEMBLY] - The mini 3D printer DIY kit consists of 3 main parts, normally it can be assembled in just 5 minutes according to the assembly video (included in TF card and product page). It's easy to use even for kids, you can print the attached model or your own design. Note: The filament holder can point to inside or outside, it will not affect the use, its size can only meet filament rolls with a diameter of up to 15cm, or you can place the filament rolls on other holder. [STABLE & LOW NOISE] - The structure of the 3D printer is robust, the base can be placed easily and stably, which is necessary condition for flawless printing results. The noise is lower than 60 db, it will not affect other people's rest or work. It's a perfect gift to kids and friends. [1-Year GUARANTEE] - We wil check each product carefully before the shipping, and we will take full responsibility in case there is problem when you receive the product. You'd better watch the tutorial video before assembling and using. If there is any problems, please feel free to connect our service team.
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  • IC3D Blue 1.75mm PLA 3D Printer Filament - 1 kg Spool - Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05mm - Professional Grade 3D Printing Filament - Made in USA
    PLA Plastic (Polylactic Acid) - a eco-friendly polymer which is harder than ABS, and melts at a lower temperature Amount: 1kg (2.2lbs) of Filament Per Spool Filament Diameter: 1.75mm (Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05mm) Recommended Nozzle Temperature: 190 - 240C - Depending on type of 3D printer, printing speed, and ambient conditions Compatibility: Works with all 1.75mm 3D printers including Makerbot, Afinia, Lulzbot, Flashforge, Solidoodle, 3D Doodler (pen), Mbot, and Type A
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  • Creality Dustproof & Fireproof Warm Enclosure 3D Printer Tent Constant Temperature Heating Box for Ender 3 Ender 3 pro 3D Printer
    Quick and easy installation, folding storage, easy to carry, multi-faceted observation, reserved tool pockets. Economical 3D printing room! Constant Temperature: Keep a constant temperature printing environment, reduce the impact of printed products when low-- temperature weather, improve printing stability Dustproof and good noise reduction The interior uses Pure aluminum film and flame retardant appearance material. Technically, if in a fire, it will melt and not fire itself of the enclosure, and will not spread table Structure: Equipped with a selection of Iron pipes, stable structure, and abundant space
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  • 3D Fuel Pro PLA (PLA+) 3D Printing Filament, Made in USA with High Impact Strength & Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.02 mm, 1 kg (2.2 lbs) 1.75mm Spool in Industrial Gray
    3D FUEL PRO PLA is our toughest, best performing filament ideal for your most demanding projects. This versatile formula has a high heat resistance that rivals ABS! It's non-toxic, easy-to-use and prints with a smooth matte finish. HIGHER IMPACT STRENGTH than Standard PLA (4.3x), with more flexibility and heat tolerance! Designed to serve the growing demand for a versatile filament that delivers superior fracture toughness (approaching or exceeding different types of ABS) and still prints easily. No heated bed needed to achieve amazing results. DIMENSIONAL PRECISION: High bonding and low shrinkage rate means you can create professional quality prints with reliable accuracy. Choose from X different vibrant colors that all print flawlessly and consistently. CLOG, BUBBLE & TANGLE FREE: Our premium polylactic acid is made with Genuine NatureWorks Ingeo Resin (grade 3D870), a trusted name of PLA preferred by professionals and creators alike. MADE IN THE USA by 3D FUEL, a small manufacturing company based in Fargo, ND. We promise to offer the world's best 3D filaments alongside the best customer service. Thank you for choosing 3D Fuel!
  • Polymaker PolyLite 3D Printer Filament, PETG Filament, 1.75mm Filament, 2.2lb(1Kg) Orange Filament [Random Outer Packaging]…
    1Kg Spool; Weight accuracy +/- 30g 1.75mm 3D Printing Filament (Diameter accuracy +/- 0.05mm, 97% is within +/- 0.02mm) Polymaker PETG 3D Printer Filament Vacuumed Sealed With Desiccant Engineered to reduce jamming, balanced mechanical properties and ease of printing New package or old package will be sent at random