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  • Metagenics UltraFlora® Spectrum – Daily Probiotic – Gastrointestinal & Immune Support* | 60 count
    Daily probiotic support for gastrointestinal and immune health* Features a proprietary blend of 7 probiotic strains for 30 billion CFU at date of expiration Supports a healthy intestinal environment* Contains NCFM, one of the most well-researched probiotic strains This product is non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegetarian
  • The Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator Concentrate - Eliminate Insects, Mildews from Plants, Lawn and Garden - Indoor and Outdoor
  • MacularProtect Complete AREDS2 Vitamin & Mineral Supplement and Whole Body Multinutrient - 120 Count
    Convenient, all-in-one nutrition formula offers powerful protection for macular & whole body health Contains nutrients at levels found to help preserve eyesight in the AREDS & AREDS 2 clinical trials Delivers 30 additional nutrients to protect the entire body. No additional multivitamin needed. Made from premium ingredients according to the highest quality standards Recommended use: four capsules daily During the summer months products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations, when provided.
  • 8 x 1 million Beneficial Nematodes (S.feltiae) - Nema Globe Pot Popper Organic Indoor Fungus Gnat & Insect Control
    Exclusive non refrigerated nematode formulation Slowly releases nematodes into soil for longer lasting control, Use on indoor, greenhouse, growroom plants as well as outdoors in containers and gardens, Use every time you change growing Media Apply 1 pack (sachet) per 5 gallon pot We can/will not ship this product to the state of HI due to State regulations
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  • Rs' Science - Improved Neubauer Hemocytometer kit with Trypan Blue and Methylene Blue for Blood, Cell, Yeast Counting
    ✔ CONVENIENCE – Everything you need for cell counting in one kit. Save your TIME and MONEY. This kit includes Improved Neubauer Hemocytometer, Coverslips, Trypan blue solution, Methylene Blue solution, Sample vials, Fine tip transfer pipettes, Lens paper booklet, and User Manual. ✔ GUARANTEED QUALITY - Improved and brightly illuminated grid lines help you see and count the cells easily. ✔ EASY-TO-USE – Step-by-step user manual shows you how to use the Hemocytometer. ✔ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We want you to be 100% Satisfied with your purchase. Absolutely no risk. Give our product a try by ordering today. If you receive a defect product, we will send you the replacement immediately. Free of charge.
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  • Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game | A Strategy Board Game with Accurate Science
    BIOLOGY BOARD GAME - Learn cell biology from a science game! Players build enzymes, hormones, and receptors and play with proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and DNA or mRNA just like in biology class. STRATEGIC PLAY - A worker placement board game about the human cell with a level of strategy to engage an adult gamer, yet intuitive enough for kids 10 and up to play at home or in the classroom. ACCURATE SCIENCE - All organelles, macromolecules and science vocabulary are concepts covered in high school biology class, making it one of the best educational games to aid science teachers. WHO CAN PLAY - Perfect for the gamer, science class or family game night. Teachers, scientists, biologists, and students love playing this geeky science game; and it makes a great birthday surprise! LEARN SCIENCE - Designed to teach cell biology and organelles like nucleus, rough ER, golgi, and mitochondria at middle school, high school or college levels. Complies with STEM and NGSS standards.
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  • Nutrasumma Growth Hormone Supplement - 120 Capsules Natural Vitamins & Minerals, Lean Muscle Growth, Strength, Endurance & Recovery- Dietary Supplement
    HORMONE COMPLEX: Ingredients that support healthy levels of testosterone and human growth hormone, including tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, longjack and mucuna pruriens. ENERGY COMPLEX: Herbs and mushrooms that fight exhaustion through their adaptogenic and energizing properties, such as, maca and cordyceps. NITRIC OXIDE COMPLEX: Ingredients such as arginine AKG and ornithine AKG may increase the production of nitric oxide, a chemical compound that helps dilate the blood vessels, allowing greater blood flow to the muscles. SLEEP/STRESS COMPLEX: Ingredients including ZMA, L-theanine, GABA, and 5-HTP have a relaxing and mood enhancing effect that may fight adrenal fatigue.
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  • Catalase 12,500 CATu (500mg) Supplement Potent Antioxidant to Neutralize Hydrogen Peroxide (Vegan) by Suzy Cohen
    Protects DNA & mitochondrial function Turns hydrogen peroxide into water & oxygen Supports a healthy immune system Natural enzyme to the human body Support vibrant healthy-looking hair & skin. Increase Hair Shine Support skin integrity & matrix structure Support healthy cholesterol ratios Protect from free damage to DNA Support liver health Reduce oxidation processes in the body. Catalase helps reduce oxidation processes in the body Catalase turns hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen Catalase protects DNA and mitochondrial function. Powerful antioxidant Supports fat metabolism Protects DNA strands Protects our blood Neutralizes cellular poisons Supports mitochondrial health. Do you want to know how to look healthier and more vibrant? You'll discover here how you can boost your skin-care routine, and feel more beautiful than ever before.
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  • Mainam Hydrocotyle Leucocephala Potted (Brazillian Pennywort) Freshwater Live Aquarium Plants Decoration
    LIVE AQUARIUM PLANTS: Brazilian Pennywort 1 Potted, Perfect for any freshwater aquarium tank. Difficulty - Medium | Light - Low | Usage l Midground, surface plant. 3 DAYS LIVE GUARANTEED : In a very rare case our live plant dead on arrive or within 3 days. Please send us the photo within 3 days. Live Guaranteed will be voided after 3 days of delivery. We honor our guaranteed. Photo is not actual plant but is a sample of our stock. Safe for your aquarium pets. Creating natural perspective.
  • Prescription Blend - Complete Nutrient Kit - Optimized in Medical Gardens for use with Hydroponics, Coco and Soil
    COMPLETE 6 PART NUTRIENT KIT - Includes Nutrients and Supplements 32oz Core A, 32oz Core B, 16oz Bio-Si, 16oz Big "Data", 16oz Kelp-Ful, 16oz Precursor 1 EASY TO USE - A simple feed program and flexible pouches make it easy to achieve professional results OPTIMIZED IN MEDICAL GARDENS - Used exclusively in some of Oregon's premier gardens since 2007. Handcrafted in small batches, brewed to our exacting standards. SCIENCE - Our nutrient formulas are the result of understanding plant physiology and biochemistry, good old fashion testing and responsible gardening practices giving your plants the nutrients required for a true Prescription Grade Harvest SUSTAINABLE - Everything we do from choosing renewable ingredients, shipping in plain brown boxes is based on our mission to provide your garden with the highest quality nutrients in a way that preserves our planet.