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  • Organic Expanded Clay Pebbles Grow Media for Orchids, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aquaculture Garden (2 LB Cz Expanded Clay Pellets)
    2 LBS of 100% natural expanded clay. Inert, pH-neutral, clean & decorative. For Orchids - Clay Pebbles porous structure provides excellent aeration and acts as a water reservoir. For Hydroponics - Ensures good root aeration and prevents rotting and excess acidity Fills approximately: twenty-four 2" pots, or eight 3" pots, or two 5" pots. Only available from Cz Garden Supply (TM); USPTO and Amazon Brand Registry Protected.
  • xGarden 2 lbs LECA Expanded Clay Pebbles - Horticultural Grade for Soil Hydroponics Aquaponics
    2 lbs all natural Premium LECA expanded clay pebbles. Perfect Grow Medium for all horticulteral applications LECA clay simultaneously allow excellent aeration and retains water for root health Prewashed and free from excess dust. Non-toxic and sterile - PH Neutral Great as a soil additive, soil replacement (orchids), or any hydroponics/aeroponics application
  • Hydro Clay Pebbles (Leca) Orchid/Hydroponic Grow Media - 10 lbs. (More Than 10 Liters) by PowerGrow Systems
    Perfect as a Hydroponic, Aquaponic, or general growing medium pH Neutral and inert and certified for Agricultural use Also great for Orchids and decoration Clay Pebbles provides excellent aeration and water retention Once of the time tested and most widely used growing medium.
  • FondPets Expanded Original Clay Pebbles Hydroponic Gardening Leca Clay Grow Media for Orchids,Aquaponics, Aquarium Fish Tank Substrate,8-14mm, (4LBS(1.82kg))
    ♥Breathable,Stable,Expanded,Lightweight Hydroponic gardening,made from 100% natural clay.   ♥PH Neutral,Good Water Absorption.Comes in a 4LBS(1.82kg) package. ♥Clay Pebbles can replace gardening soil to filter water quality and retain water and nutrients all the time. ♥Perfect for the hydroponic gardening,aquaponics and orchids.Improve the condition of plants,Improve pot soil environment.Make plants grow more comfortably. ♥It is also Ideal for the aquariums. Provide a comfortable life for the fish, shrimp and other aquarium pets.
    21.39 $
  • General Hydroponics GH5312 General Organics CaMg+ Hydroponic Plant Supplement, 1 Quart fertilizers, Natural
    CaMg+ helps optimize plant nutrition Resulting in enhanced growth and healthier flowers and fruits It is a blend of fermented calcium and magnesium complexed with organic acids and sugar chelates Low molecular weight acids may facilitate calcium and magnesium transport into the plant Available in 1-quart
    16.71 $
  • Advanced Nutrients ANBGMBD500 Bloom, Micro, Grow Fertilizer Bundle, 500ml Each
    500 ml bundle set Lush, sturdy growth from 3-part nutrients designed specifically for high value 3 part solution: You get advanced nutrients bloom, micro and grow State-of-the-art carrier molecules to ensure their plants get the maximum amount of nutrients You will never have to worry about your pH again
    25.99 $
  • The Atwater HydroPod - DWC Deep Water Culture Garden System Kit - 5 Gallon Bubble Bucket - Bubbleponics - Nutrients & pH Testing/Adjusting Kits are Included! Grow Your Own! Start Today!
    ✔ EASY TO USE, COMPLETE DWC (DEEP WATER CULTURE) HYDROPONIC SYSTEM. This is the easiest to use and setup hydroponic system there is. No frill, just results. Using an air pump and 2 air stones, this system provides a growing zone, a reservoir, and the correct environment to keep your plants thriving. ✔ COMPLETE HYDROPONIC SYSTEM IN A BOX. This kit contains everything you need to start your own garden (minus plants and water!) USA Made 5 gallon food grade black bucket, dual outlet DC air pump kit and all parts and fittings are included. Simply setup your kit following the included instructions, mix your supplied nutrients, test & adjust your pH with the supplied kit. Then easily insert your new plant, plug in your air pump and you're done! ✔ MOST EFFICIENT USE OF WATER COMPARED TO TRADITIONAL GARDENING - Recirculating & DWC hydroponic systems are the most efficient use of water for plant growth. There is no waste other then what the plant uses, and very minimal evaporation. Stop wasting water, and start growing happy plants! ✔ EVERYTHING NEEDED TO GET YOU GROWING HYDRO IN ONE TURN KEY KIT – You could find the parts and make it yourself, but why waste your time for that headache? We've put the easiest to use DWC Hydro kit together so you don't have to! Get started right away with no trouble and no fuss! ✔ EXPERIENCE HYDROPONIC GROWTH YIELDS & SPEED - As the roots do not have to fight and search for water and food, your plant can immediately use its energy for above ground growth. 3x faster growth and yields are not uncommon.
    75.95 $
  • BuddyStone | Aquaponic | Hydroponic | Hydro Grow Stones | Chunky Soil Aerator | Soil Amendment | 1.5 Cu Ft Bag
    BuddyStone is a unique, porous, non-compacting, growing medium made from 100% recycled glass Ideal for hydroponics, aquaponics, green roof gardens and more Provides superior air and water retention for healthier plants Works in both indoor and outdoor gardens Reusable, non-degradable, non-toxic and chemical-free
    49.99 $
  • Cute Farms Terrarium Starter Kit | Moss, Vermiculite, Soil, Pebbles, Plant Food & Finishing Tools (Medium Kit)
    MEDIUM KIT – 12 oz. Moss (Reindeer Moss, Forest Moss & Lichen), 16 oz. Potting Soil Blended with Activated Charcoal, 8 oz. Gardening Vermiculite, 8 oz. Pea Pebbles & River Stones, 1 oz. Plant Food, Finishing Tools, Miniature Dinos BUILD & CARE - Includes a bamboo stick and natural hair brush finishing tools, plus helpful tips on building the perfect terrarium or planter QUICK START – Just add your own plants and container VALUE – Save when compared to buying individual materials
  • Aunifun Hydroponics Grower Kit DIY Self Watering Indoor Hydroponics Tools DWC Hydroponic System Planting Container Include Aquarium Air Pump Buoy Planting Box
    ★★★Color: Gray &Material: Plastic Size: 28x19x13.5cm ★★★Package includs:1 x Box &1 x Buoy & 6 x Planting Baskets &6 x Planting Sponges & 1 x Tweezers ★★★The appearance is elegant, is conducive to the growth of a variety of plant operations and plant. ★★★The roots are suspended in the reservoir beneath the net pots. The roots bathe in nutrient-rich solution throughout the entire grow cycle; which increases yield and reduces grow time. ★★★The basin cover and the planting basket adopt the dark material, which can effectively prevent the light from entering the basin, thereby reducing the growth of green algae in the nutrient solution.