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  • KEYESTUDIO W5500 Ethernet Development Board (Without Poe)+USB Cable for Arduino R3 Controller Board Micro SD Ethernet Shield
    It's a controller R3 Board with a built in Wiznet 5500 ethernet module, contains everything you need, does not to work with another Arduinos You can quickly make your controller access to internet to build your network application. Onboard comes with W5500 network module,which can make Arduino as simple Web server or read Arduino digital and analog interface application via network control. It can achieve a simple Web server through using Ethernet libraries in IDE, meanwhile, support MicroSD card (TF card) read and write, really with powerful functions. Main Chip:ATMEGA328 microcontroller; external power:7-12v,(9v recommended); digital input/output pins: 14(of which 6 pins support PWM)
    19.98 $
  • Arduino Portenta H7 [ABX00042]
    Two processors that can run tasks in parallel with both cores communicating with one another. Each core can execute Arduino, mbedOS, micropython, and TensorFlow Lite code. Comes in the Arduino MKR form factor but includes two extra 80-pin high density connectors. Extend your Portenta H7 to physical interfaces like Ethernet connectors, CAN bus peripherals, extra GPIO pins, SD card, etc. Onboard WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity up to 65 Mbps transfer rate (using an external antenna). Perfect for high-end industrial machinery, laboratory equipment, computer vision, PLCs, robotics controllers, or even dedicated stationary computers. Main features: industrial temperature rates, 8MB SDRAM, 16MB NOR Flash, DisplayPort output, USBC connector, cryptochip for secure data transactions.
    113.74 $
  • SunFounder Ethernet Shield W5100 for Arduino R3 Mega 2560 1280 A057
    With this Ethernet Shield, for Arduino board can be used to connect to internet. Can be used as server or client. Directly plug puzzle board, no soldering required. It is directly compatible with Arduino official Ethernet Library. It adds a micro-SD card slot, which can be used to store files for serving over the network.
    11.99 $
  • Mellanox ConnectX-5 EN Network Adapter PCI Express 3.0 x8 Gb Ethernet 10 Gb Ethernet 25 Gb Ethernet Green/Silver (MCX512A-ACAT)
    Tag matching and rendezvous offloads Adaptive routing on reliable transport Burst buffer offloads for background checkpointing NVMe over fabric (NVMf) offloads Back-end switch elimination by host chaining
    324.96 $
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 [A000024]
    Expansion shield to bring your Arduino board online with simple-yet-reliable communication libraries, supporting TCP and UDP protocols. Rich collection of examples: browse the Internet, make a tiny web server, and send data to a cloud with little coding effort. Use its micro-SD card slot to store sensor information, serve files to 8 simultaneously connected devices, or log traffic. Stackable: other shields can be stacked on top of it adding new functionalities to your projects. No extra power needed, gets it from your Arduino board. It is true plug and play!
    24.80 $
  • diymore ENC28J60 Ethernet Shield Nano 3.0 RJ45 Webserver Module for Arduino Shield (ENC28J60)
    Works as server or client. Comes with efficient library and examples Direct plug puzzle board, no soldering needed. Controller: Microchip's ENC28J60 ethernet / HR911105A. Fast free shipping. Awesome cusotmer service.
  • RJ-45/8P8C to Screw Terminal Adaptor Connector Breakoutout Board for Ethernet DMX-512 RS-485 RS-422 RS-232 (RJ-45-Terminal)
    RJ45/8P8C breakout board for Ethernet/DMX512/RS485/RS422/RS232. Board size: 53.6mm*60.45mm. Onboard 6 mounting hole. Come with 2 PCS PCB DIN Rail Mounting Adapter Circuit Board Mounting Bracket Holder Carrier Clips, fit for 35mm DIN rail. High quality and flexible.