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  • The Vegetable Gardener's Guide to Permaculture: Creating an Edible Ecosystem
  • Insect Lore Butterfly Garden: Original Habitat and Live Cup of Caterpillars with STEM Butterfly Journal – Life Science & STEM Education – Butterfly Kit
    A cup of 5 baby caterpillars and with all the nutritious food they need to grow into Painted Lady Butterflies Pop-up, reusable 12-inch tall mesh habitat; collapses flat for easy storage Chrysalis Holding Log for when your caterpillars develop into chrysalids Flower-shaped Butterfly Feeder with two sugar packets and feeding dropper STEM Butterfly Journal with learning activities such as writing prompts, word search, sequencing practice, life cycle learning, and coloring activities Important NOTE! Please postpone your live order if daytime temperatures in your area are below 55 degrees or above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Your caterpillars may not survive their journey to you in extreme heat or cold. We cannot ship live insects to Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, or Puerto Rico
  • Backyard Exploration Critter Case
    The Critter Case is constructed from a sturdy plastic frame with fabric mesh sides that allow safe observation of insects within. The case features an easy-open hatch for depositing and removing plants, branches and insect guests. The case's flat base prevents it from being easily knocked over and emptying its contents. The Critter Case measures 8.5-inches by 7.5-inches by 5.5-inches, perfect for displaying on a desk or table. A convenient carrying handle makes transport and storage easy. Challenge your children's imaginations and keep them active with Toysmith. Committed to providing the most imaginative toys along with the highest safety standards, Toysmith has toys appropriate for all age groups. Toysmith offers toys for any kind of play: active play, science and discovery, arts and crafts, impulse and novelty toys, and nostalgic retro classics. Case measures 7.5"x5.5"x8.5" Made of sturdy plastic with fabric mesh Perfect for observing your favorite critters
  • Insect Lore - BH Butterfly Growing Kit - With Voucher to Redeem Caterpillars Later
    Pop up, reusable 11.5 inch tall mesh habitat perfect for butterfly viewing; includes feeding dropper and complete instructions Witness one of nature's most spectacular transformations up close Caterpillars ship separately via included voucher (Additional $7.95 for processing); Packaging may vary Shipping: Live caterpillars are shipped to destinations within the Continental USA and Alaska. We cannot ship live caterpillars to Hawaii Authenticated butterfly garden can help cultivate an interest in stem (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)
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  • Nature Bound Bug Catcher Vacuum with Light Up Critter Habitat Case for Backyard Exploration - Complete Kit for Kids Includes Vacuum and Cage, Green
    Bug Catcher & Habitat Kit with LED laser light for day and nighttime play Built in magnifier in both the vacuum and the habitat so you get two toys in one. Great for collecting, exploring, and even classroom use Patented capture core container for trapping bugs, then transport them to your habitat without touching them. A STEM toy for home or classroom Carabineer clip and carrying handle is great for kids ages 3 and above Packaged in a colorful box so it is great for gift giving. Batteries not included.
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  • ESSENSON 2 Pcs Bug Catcher Kit Critter Cage Butterfly Bug House, Outdoor Explorer Kit with Tweezers, Magnifying Glass, Whistles for Backyard Exploration
    Double bug catcher kit: This outdoor exploration set include: 2 Bug Case, 2 Magnifying Glass, 2 Tweezers, 2 whistles and 2 bags of fake insect Easy to observe: The bug catcher is is constructed from a durable plastic frame with mesh sides that allow observation of insects with 2X magnifying glass The critter case measures: 7.5 inches in length, 5.5 inches in height. 3.5 inches in width. The insect cage is small and portable enough for little kid’s hands Easy operating: Open Rotative Hatch door makes it easy to insert insects, leaves, water, and food. Kids will enjoy hours of fun studying the fascinating world of backyard critters with the backyard exploration critter case Perfect for gift idea: Encourages outdoor exploration and an interest in the natural world. Get kids outside to explore the world and stay curious! Best gifts for 3 4 5 6 7 8 years old
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  • [3 in 1] Bug Zapper & Insect Fly Pest Attractant Trap & LED Camping Lantern, IP44 Waterproof, USB/Solar-Rechargeable, 9-H Battery Life, Insect Fly Traps, Mosquito Zappers, Mosquito Killer for Outdoor
    Fly Zapper + Camping Lantern - The mosquito trap emit "special signals" (The 365nm light source waves are extremely attractive to mosquitoes) to attract mosquitoes, bugs, Aedes mosquitoes, flies, moths and other insects. The high-voltage grid will immediately capture and electrocute the insects to kill them. The camping light plays an important role outdoors when camping, exploring, or partying. Wireless Version of the Mosquito Killer - this is a USB-chargeable (Type-C)/solar chargeable fly trap. When you need to exterminate mosquitoes outdoors, you no longer have to worry about finding an AC power source. You only need a Power Bank (5V 2A) to charge this bug zapper. There are 8 light beads that can emit signal waves of 365nm light source, which effectively attract mosquitoes. Safe & Eco Friendly, Free of Chemicals, Pesticides and Hazardous Sprays: Just use a high voltage electric shock to kill the mosquitoes. The internal power grid is fenced with a reliable plastic shell to prevent accidental contact. Practical & Portable Mosquito Zapper - IP44 Waterproof, not afraid of dew, rain. The maximum battery life is 9 hours. Dimensions: L(5.2- Inch) x W(3.7- Inch) x H(8.3- Inch). Weighs: only 1.2 LBS.It is very portable to carry outdoors. Note: This is a mosquito killer that is more suitable for outdoor use. Great for camping and fishing. Helps you solve the problem of mosquitoes and darkness. The electric bug killer is effective at attracting and killing mosquitoes within an area of about 500 square feet. It can also be used indoors in kitchens or bedrooms. If used in the living room, it is recommended that you buy 2.
    36.99 $
  • ROCKBIRDS Mouse Traps no Kill - High-Efficiency Humane Mouse Trap, Catch & Release Reusable for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Safe for Kids and Pets-2 Pack (A-Green)
    ★2021 Newest High-Efficiency Mouse Traps★: Upgraded mouse trap with front and rear doors, safe and environmental-friendly, rear-mounted bait box, hidden pedal, sensitivity accuracy comes to 0.01 pound. Ensure the mouse will 100% triggers the mechanism before they touch the food. Just need to put the bait in the bait box, and then you wait for the "surprise". A fully automated process, without manual adjustment. ★Humane Design★: European architectural style humane mouse trap will not harm mice. There are 10 windows, ventilation, and sufficient sunlight. So you don't need to worry about mice being exposed to the sun or rain. The comfortable and clean environment gives mice a five-star "home". ★Simple and Easy to Use★: Newest design concept, just push with your finger to complete the setting, without any danger, even the elderly and children can complete it easily and independently. Mice trap is easy to clean and can be reused. ★Easy to Release★: Physical mouse capture, you don't need to touch mice or any drips from mouse, so there is no risk of disease, and it is very safe for children and pets. Easy to release, simply open the rear door and the mouse happliy moves to new home. ★Warranty★: Any Artificial damage or mouse cause any damage to this product, we will provide one-year free replacement service. If there is smart mouse eats up the food without triggering the mechanism, you will obtain a set of the same product as a reward.
    15.99 $
  • Electric Bug Zapper 18W for Outdoor & Indoor, Effective 4200V Mosquito Zapper Killer, Waterproof Mosquito Trap & Insect Fly Zapper (Black)
    High-Effective Mosquito Killer: This is a physical mosquito zapper. The 18W high-intensity UV lamp emit ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 365nm. Attract bugs, mosquitoes, flies, moths, gnats and other flying insects through the allure of the blue hue. When they are close to the electric bug zapper, then killing them by the 4200V high-voltage grid. Powerful & Effective: Top Coverage 1600 sq. ft. with Powerful 4200v Safe high-voltage grid. Fly zapper works better in places far from human activity. 3-4 times effect than alternative insect killer for home, fit for bedroom, living room, toilet, kitchen, hotel, or also suitable for outdoor like patio, garden, camping, fishing etc. Turn it on three hours before bedtime will have the best effect. Safe For Pets and Kids: Our bug zapper outdoor is made of ABS material, which can be resistant to high temperature. We encased the shock grid in a durable Abs plastic housing to prevent potential shock injuries to pets and kids. No more pesticides or potentially harmful sprays, only the effect of current, which electrocutes mosquitoes upon contact. Waterproof Fly Zapper: Our mosquito trap waterproof design reduce restrictions for outdoor & indoor placement, you can even use it while in the rain. Easy to Use and Clean Up: Just place the electric fly trap on a flat surface or hang it up with rings. Insects are immediately dead upon contact, falling in the removable hidden tray at the bottom of the unit. To clean it up, simply remove the tray and clean it up with a brush or flush with warm water. Fast and effective!!!
  • Nature Bound Butterfly Growing Habitat Kit - With Discount Voucher to Redeem Live Caterpillars for Home or School Use - Green Pop-Up Cage 12-Inches Tall - for Boys and Girls Ages 5+
    LIVE BUTTERFLY GARDEN KIT: Includes 12-inch tall habitat, butterfly growing instructions, 50% off coupon for live insects, BONUS activity booklet, and packaged in a colorful box. Waterproof and washes easily. POP UP HABITAT DESIGN: for easy travel and storage. INCLUDES mail-in 50% off voucher for five LIVE caterpillars and food delivered to your door via USPS (LIVE insects are optional and sold separately). Or, use caterpillars and insects found in your own yard or park. GREAT FOR LIVE INSECTS: Perfect for flying bugs, insects and other critters. 50% OFF COUPON: for LIVE caterpillars with food are shipped to destinations within the Continental USA and Alaska. We cannot ship live caterpillars to Hawaii. Optional. EDUCATIONAL: Kids watch the miracle of metamorphosis right before their eyes. Perfect as a gift or for teacher classroom use. SCHOOL OR HOME: Sturdy enough for home or classroom.