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  • Luangfim Scythe Gardening Tool, Scythe with Grinding Stone 4' 7" Multifunctional Sickle for Agricultural and Forestry Tools
    【Material】: This sickle is made of high-quality steel sheet + steel rod + wooden handle, which is strong and durable, resistant to bending and strong in digging force. 【Dimensions】: The length of the steel snuff bottle is 4'7", with two right-angle short wooden handles, one near the upper end and the other roughly in the middle. The blade length is 1'11", and the wheel size is 9.1" x 1.5" x 0.6" . 【Features】: Sharp stainless steel blades have excellent tensile strength and greater cutting capacity. Stainless steel is anti-rust and easy to clean. You can ensure that your product can be used for multiple seasons. 【Widely used】: This ergonomic sickle can be used to cut grass, trim branches, weeds, and even trim the edges of lawns or clods. 【Note】: Store in a safe place, avoid children from touching and cutting the skin.
  • DUC The Handy Plow | Garden Tiller/Cultivator | Creating Rows, Furrows for Your Plant (Your Height : 5.74-5.86 (ft))
    CREATE STRAIGHT ROWS - Plant our garden in straight rows to create a beautiful garden. In addition to the beautiful garden, creating straight rows helps you effectively use your garden space. An easy control tool makes it easy to create straight rows next to a string. Our hand-plow will make orther tool lower its value. You know that the thrust for a wheel hoe is always bigger than the traction of the plow. That's one of the reasons why wheel hoe is harder to control than our plow CREATE STRAIGHT FURROWS - Using The Duc's Plow to create a straight furrow easily without effort. Like creating rows, We often like to plant our garden in straight furrow to make a beautiful garden. An easy control tool makes it easy to create straight furrows next to a string. On the other hand, The wheel hoe can't create a deep row as The Duc's hand-plow. HILL UP YOUR PLANTS - There are many tools for hilling for corn, cucumber..., such as wheel hoe but it is difficult to speed up your work because traction is always harder than the thrust of a our plow. On the other hand, your plant are more vulnerable to using a wheel hoe than The Duc's plow, because wheel hoe works on both sides, when your plant is taller than 0.7 inch, the wheel becomes useless (The Duc's Plow only hill one side) BURYING WEEDS AFTER HARVEST - Using The Duc's Plow to loosen the soil, burying weeds and weed seed burial You can't use tractor for your medium garden. Using the right tools help you save your time and money. The Duc's handy plow is an easy-mobile and straightforward tool that is the best solution for your garden.The prime purpose of plowing is to turn over the uppermost soil to bury weeds and weed seeds at a depth where they cannot germinate. PREMIUM MATERIALS - The lifespan of The Duc's Plow is about 5-10 years. We confidently commit to this because we always create products at its value. Blades: We use premium steel from railroad tracks so that our plow can easily cut through anything ahead. Mouldboard : We use premium materials to easily smooth the surface of moldboard, which is why our plow turns over the uppermost soil easily Beam : We use motorcycle suspension fork to make perfect beam. Never get bent
  • SpraKil SK-26 Granular weedkiller 40 LB Pail (Soil sterilant)
    ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Tebuthiuron: N-(5-(1, 1-dimethylethyl)-1, 3, 4-thiadiazol-2-yl)-N, N’dimethylurea 2.0% Diuron: [3-(3, 4-dichlorophenyl)-1, 1-dimethylurea] 6.0% OTHER INGREDIENTS: 92.0% Total: 100.0% SpraKil SK-26 Granular is a nonselective herbicide for controlling a wide range of annual and perennial weeds and grasses SpraKil SK-26 is for non-cropland areas such as railroad rights-of-way and industrial areas. Do not use on croplands or any land to be used for subsequent cropping For a strong, hard-hitting treatment of vegetation control, SpraKil SK-26 is ideal for areas with long seasons of vegetation growth. SpraKil SK-26 helps control grasses, broadleaf weeds, brush and vines. It is great for weed control on industrial sites, such as railroad rights-of-way, military installations, petroleum tank farms, airports, etc
  • MarkNature Chitosan Oligosaccharide, High Active Water Soluble Powder for Plants, Agriculture Grade COS 450g (15.8 oz)
    CAS NO.: 148411-57-8, Chemical Formula: (C6H11NO4)n Marine source: Shrimp and Crab shells Promote plant callus formation and growth Improve the uptake plant nutritions and fertilizer ingredients. It is widely used in all kinds of crops, vegetables, fruit trees, houseplants, lawn, herbs, etc. as ground, foliar or drip irrigation fertilizer.
    128.00 $
  • Tidyard Scythe with Grinding Stone 4' 7" for Grass Weeds
    This ergonomic scythe is ideal for cutting grass and weeds for a tidy garden, and it is great for cutting wheat, oats, barley and other crops. With the length of 4' 7", the steel snath has two short wooden handles at right angles with one near the upper end and the other roughly in the middle. The 1' 11" curved blade is made of durable steel for years of service. Delivery also includes a grinding stone for sharpening the blade to ensure smooth cutting. Ideal for mowing and weeding, this ergonomic file is ideal for cutting gardens, making it ideal for cutting wheat, oats, barley and other crops.
    83.50 $ 97.20 $ -14%
  • Hydro-Stone Plaster for Scenery, Dioramas, Dentistry and Mold Casting, Also Great for Model Railroads & Gaming (20 lb)
    Hydrostone Plaster for Scenery Dioramas and Casting, Creates Super Hard Castings With Great Detail Quick setting, lightweight white / light gray plaster in water resistant resealable bag. Ideal for patterns, figurines, commercial casts, and sculpture. It is not for making outer or mother molds, and it is not recommended for outdoor use. Full strength Hydrostone gypsum plaster, not cut with cheap plaster fillers Designed for strength and casting detail. Hydrostone is 40% to 50% harder than casting plaster and works much like plaster in mixing, pouring, and setting. Accepts liquid or crystal pigment colors and stains
    35.99 $
  • vivApollo Brottopf Brotkasten Brotkorb Original westerwälder Kannenbäckerland salzglasierte Steinzeug Keramik (MM Form geblaut)
    Dimensions Bread pot big: ca. 32,00 x 32,00 x 21,00 cm Colour: grün-blau, Idas Garten geblaut origin: bread pot handcrafted in Germany! Original German Stein marterial: salt-glazed Stein Specials: Handmade bread pot
    169.00 $
  • Concrete Collective Whimsical Fairy Tree Dwelling Tree Art (Iron Stone Moss)
    Handmade in USA Tree Art Handmade in USA with a Cast Stone concrete blend Hand painted and Stained which allows to lasting color and detail Durable Cast Stone will withstand any weather condition, heat, rain, snow or ice!
    49.99 $
  • Magic: The Gathering - Biollante, Plant Beast Form - Nethroi, Apex of Death - Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
  • Orchiata Orchid Bark, Spagmoss, and Perlite for The Perfect Orchid Potting Mix (Power Plus)
    ✔THE PERFECT POTTING MIX FOR YOUR ORCHID - All the components you need to mix the perfect potting media for your specific orchid and climate. ✔BESGROW ORCHIATA PREMIUM ORCHID BARK - (1) 5 liter bag of Power Plus Orchiata bark. Bark chips measure approximately 3/4" in size. This pure New Zealand Pinus Radiata bark has the optimum pH balance, and is loaded with beneficial micro-organisms to protect against plant pathogens. ✔BESGROW NEW ZEALAND SPHAGNUM MOSS - (1) 100 gram brick of premium sphagnum moss. Expands to 8 liters when hydrated. Over 70% of the strands are 100mm+ long, light tan, cream color with some green tips. ✔HORTICULTURAL GRADE PERLITE - (1) 2 liter bag of organic perlite. Course, chunky perlite is excellent to help the water retention and aeration of your potting mix.