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  • Food Grade Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards, Countertops and Butcher Blocks - Food Safe and Made in the USA
    Our mineral oil is food safe, use it on surfaces (wood butcher blocks, bamboo cutting boards, more) High grade white mineral oil for food applications with a tamper seal, prevents cross contamination Protects, hydrate and seal wooden surfaces It permeates wood deeply toprevent dry-out and cracks Effortless: Avoid aching hands. Press applicator cap and squeeze bottle over target surface Made in the USA. Use as a butcher block conditioner or knife oil. Safeguards marble, bamboo and more
  • PC Products Woody Wood Repair Epoxy Paste, Two-Part 12 oz, and PC-Petrifier Wood Hardener 16 oz, Kit, 1216
    16 oz PC-Petrifier water-based wood hardener with 12 oz PC-Woody wood repair in a convenient bundle for all wood repair projects Use PC-Petrifier liquid wood hardener to strengthen, seal and harden rotted wood PC-Petrifier will penetrate deep into rotted wood, to restore window sills, frames, beams, columns, and trim After repairing wood damage with PC-Petrifier, use PC-Woody two-part epoxy paste to replace and fill damaged wood PC-Woody fills gaps in wood window sills, frames, doors, rails and can be painted, stained, and machined after fully cured
  • Green Products 33001 Copper Brown Wood Preservative
    Seals The Wood Protects Against Mold And Mildew Kills Off Harmful Insects Dip soaking or pressure impregnation of COPPER-GREEN will result in deeper penetration resulting in longer preservation of treatable species The copper in COPPER-GREEN reacts with the cellulose of wood. As a result it is not easily lost from the wood by leaching This formulation extends the service life of wood products For exterior applications only
  • Valhalla Wood Preservative 1-Gallon Eco Friendly Non Toxic Lifetime Wood Treatment Pouch
    Lifetime wood treatment is an non-toxic wood treatment Useful in treating marinas, houses and decking Natural substances penetrate the wood fibers, permanently modifying the wood structure Creates no harmful residue in soils and water Friendly to plants, animals and people and can be used in direct contact with garden soil
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  • KILZ Over Armor Textured Wood/Concrete Coating, 1 gallon, Slate Gray
    Over Armor offers an innovative solid color coating that brings old, weathered wood or concrete back to life with an advanced and durable 100% acrylic resin formula. This solid color, textured coating bridges cracks, hides imperfections, and gives a uniform look to old, weathered wood and concrete. Use on weathered or cracked horizontal or vertical wood and composite surfaces such as decks, porches and boat docks, or railings as well as concrete surfaces like pool decks, patios and sidewalks. Over Armor is designed to conceal splinters and cracks up to 1/4-inch and creates a textured slip-resistant finish. This is a 1-gallon can of KILZ Over Armor Textured Surface Coating in Redwood. Covers approximately 75 square feet per gallon. Not for drivable surfaces such as garage floors or driveways. All surfaces must be clean, sound, dry and free of any dirt, oil, and grease before application. Two (2) coats are required for optimal durability. Brush, roll, or spray on. Wait 4-6 hours before recoating and 72 hours for full cure. KILZ has been making premium primers and paints for 40 years. KILZ was named Paint Brand of the Year in 2015 in the Harris Poll EquiTrend  Rankings.
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  • Thompsons TH.010100-18 Clear Multi-Surface Aerosol Waterproofer
    Will effectively seal any porous material against damage by water, including concrete, brick, stone, plaster, wood, and asbestos When used as an additive to, or under-seal for solvent thinned paints, it shields paint against weather. Is unsurpassed as a penetrating sealer for concrete hardening and dust-proofing, and meets ASTM C309 specifications for concrete curing Clear waterproofer 10100: 12 oz aerosol
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  • Ready Seal 505 Exterior Stain and Sealer for Wood, 5-Gallon, Light Oak
    Requires no primer. Ready Seal is darkest when first applied. It reaches its true color in approximately 14 days. Do not apply Ready Seal over painted or newly stained surfaces. Sealed surfaces inhibit penetration. May be applied using sprayer, roller or brush onto the woods surface. Requires no back brushing and will nerver leave runs, laps, or streaks. Requires no wet-line application, the product will blend itself and can be applied in any temperature range for proper application.Easy maintenance - no sanding or stripping required for re-application Requires no diluting or thinning prior to spray applications. Subject to or will include a PaintCare recycling fee in the following states: CT, or VT. Not available in CA. "Goof Proof" application No laps, runs or streaks No back brushing Apply in any temperature Subject to or will include a PaintCare recycling fee in the following states: CA, OR, CT, VT
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  • Rust-Oleum 1904A Wolman (Woodlife) CopperCoat Green Wood Preservative-Below Ground, Quart
    It is easy to use It is highly durable Manufactured in United States Model number: 1904A
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  • Rain Guard Water Sealers SP-8002 Wood Sealer Concentrate - Water Repellent for Interior or Exterior Wood - 32 oz Makes 2 gallons, Invisible Clear
    Prevents surface damage from rain, snow, ice with a satisfaction guarantee for up to five years Does not alter surface appearance, does not leave a surface film and helps prevent efflorescence Contains advanced UV stabilizers to ensure long lasting non-yellowing performance Concentrate formula - easily mixed, save money and great for the environment Apply a flood coat with a sprayer, brush or roller, no maintenance required and safe for People, Pets and Plants
  • FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler - Pint, Natural
    Dries in 15 minutes Won't crack or shrink, solvent free – low odor and easy water cleanup Can be sanded, drilled or planed Stainable and paintable Interior/exterior use Solvent free, professional quality wood filler Takes stains and paints like real wood Dries in 15 minutes with no signs of shrinkage, cracking or crumbling Great for indoor/outdoor use