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  • ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial and UNO R3 Compatible with Arduino IDE
    Free PDF tutorial(more than 22 lessons) and clear listing in a nice package The most economical kit based on Arduino platform to starting programming for those beginners who are interested. Lcd1602 module with pin header (not need to be soldered by yourself) This is the upgraded starter kits with power supply module, 9V battery with dc High quality kite with UNO R3. 100% compatible with Arduino UNO R3, MEGA 2560 R3, NANO.
  • Arduino Software Internals: A Complete Guide to How Your Arduino Language and Hardware Work Together
  • Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches (Tab)
  • KEYESTUDIO 37 in 1 Sensor Kit 37 Sensors Modules Starter Kit for Arduino Raspberry Pi Programming Project, Electronics Components STEM Education Set for Kids Teens Adults + Tutorial
    This sensor kit comes with 37 basic sensors and modules, which is good for learning basic knowledge about sensors. It comes with detailed tutorials which include pictures and code and 37 projects, explained step by step. Note Only provide arduino tutorials, not Raspberry Pi tutorials. Each module has 3-4 pins broken out that make it easy to plug into a solderless breadboard or hook up to with DuPont wires. They are intended to be used with the Arduino platform, but can also be used with the Raspberry Pi platform as well. 37 Sensor kit came nicely packed in a carrying case with every single sensor wrapped in plastic and in its own compartment.
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  • Arduino Programming App
    1. loop 2. Setup 3. curly braces 4. parenthesis 5. Comments 6. Angular bracket 7. Square bracket 8. Data types 9. Logic
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  • Arduino Programming: A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to learn the Realms of Arduino from A-Z
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  • Plusivo Wireless Super Starter Kit - Complete Wireless Starter Kit for Programming and Development - Includes a Development Board (Compatible with Arduino IDE) - A Beginner's Inventor Kit
    Complete Set: This kit includes LEDs, motors, buzzers, switches, photoresistors, transistors, etc. which are all basic items in electronics. This starter kit is ideal for beginners who want to learn basic electronics and as well as for professionals that are in need of basic electronic components for their advanced projects. The ESP8266 Module: The ESP8266 Module offers a hardware I/O and it is compatible with the Arduino IDE. It comes with an integrated TCP/IP protocol stack that gives any microcontroller for wireless access. Easy to Build - Just follow the step-by-step instructions provided and complete your first electronics project in no time. No soldering needed. Durable Plastic Storage Box: All items are packed inside a durable plastic box that keeps them organized. Bring your kit anywhere and keep the electronic components free from damaging and breaking inside this plastic storage kit. Satisfaction Guarantee: This Plusivo Wireless Super Starter Kit is backed by the manufacturer with a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime customer support for customer’s satisfaction.
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  • Arduino Programming in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (Sams Teach Yourself: In 24 Hours)
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  • Arduino Programming: 3 in 1- Beginner's Guide+ Tips and tricks+ Advanced methods to learn Arduino programming
  • Keywish Project AE-01 Scratch Starter Kit for Arduino R3 Mega328 with 30 Lessons Tutorial Compatible with Arduino IDE Mixly Sctratch Mblock Graphical Programming
    Free PDF tutorial (30 lessons) Contains basic courses, sensor courses, comprehensive experimental courses from easy to difficult Support Arduino IDE, Mixly, mblock Scratch graphical programming. High quality kit with Development Board. 100% compatible with Arduino UNO R3 This is the most basic Arduino kit for the beginner, has all the component you need to start Arduino Tutorial