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  • GROHE 07025000 3/4" cartridge for concealed valve, No Finish
    Short spindle for 1/2 inch handles For 3/4 inch Concealed valves Model number: 07025000 Brand name: GROHE
  • ARROWHEAD BRASS & PLUMBING 261LF 1/2" Male Iron Pipe x 3/4" Hose Connection
    The Product Is Manufactured In United States The Product Is Highly Durable And Easy To Use Easy Installation And Easy Handling From The Brand Name: Arrowhead Brass & Plumbing
  • ARROWHEAD BRASS & PLUMBING 253BVLF 1/2" Female Iron Pipe x 3/4" Hose Thread, Ball Valve, Lead Free
    The product is manufactured in China The product is highly durable and easy to use Easy installation and easy handling
  • 1/4 Turn VALVES WITH WATER HAMMER ARRESTOR [3131] 1/2" F1807 PEX x 3/4" MHT Male Hose Connector LEAD-FREE Center Drain Washing Machine Water Assembly Kit, 1/2-Inch Push-Fit Connection Long Shank
    1/2-inch Push-Fit Connection and 3/4-inch Male Hose Thread (MHT) outlet PEX F1807 Quarter-Turn Valves, 2-1/2 in. Sweat or 1/2 in. MIP x Male Hose Valves, EZ Out Test Caps will not fall down drain Hammer Arrestor for Noise Reduction LEAD-FREE Center Drain Washing Machine Outlet Ball Valveswith Water Hammer Assembly Kit, Tools needed for Instalation F1807 Clamp or Crimp (Cinch Tool + Cinch Clamps) Water hammer arrestor cutaway. The sliding piston absorbs sudden pressure changes and keeps the pipes from banging
    31.99 $
  • Midline Valve 6856 Boiler Drain Valve with Stuffing Box, 3/4 in. MIP Inlet x MHT Outlet, Brass, Lead Free
    Provides Reliable Flow Control and Drainage in Commercial and Residential Plumbing and Heating Systems, Including Boilers and Water Heaters Features a 3/4 in. Dual MIP and SWT Inlet, 45° Hose Bibb Drain Outlet, Stuffing Box Assembly, and Multi-turn Wheel Handle SUPERIOR QUALITY: Heavy Duty Solid Brass Construction; Lead Free; Corrosion Resistant; Dezincification Resistant CSA B125.1; ASME A112.18.1; NSF/ANSI 61-8/372 Lead Free; ISO:9001 Approved Manufacturer For Hot and Cold Applications; Maximum Temperature 180°F; 125 WOG Approved By UPC, NSF Working Pressure 125 WOG Brass Body Constructed
    10.49 $
  • DURATECH 2-in-1 Plumber wrench & 4 Way Sillcock Key, 2-Pack, for Valve, Faucet nuts, and Spigots
    The set includes 2-in-1 Plumber Wrench and 4 Way Sillcock Key Set. This 2-pack set are an economical multipurpose product made from durable steel, additional matt finish improves the corrosion resistance of the surface and effectively prolong the service life. The 2-in-1 Plumber wrench includes a 15/16-inch open end wrench, 9/16-inch open end wrench and an open end 12-point box wrench. Two separate wrenches fit together to form a single tool, providing more options with less to carry. Prepare for any emergency with 4-Way sillcock key holding 1/4''(7.5mm), 9/32''(8mm), 5/16''(10mm), 11/32''(11mm) specifications. The 4-way sillcock key measures 3.11 x 3.11 x 0.66 inches, proper size for you to carry it hands or put it in your bag. This is a versatile set for many uses and a great addition to your existing collection of tools. Easy to use and compact. Plumber wrench is suitable for straight stops, appliance legs, shower heads, faucet nuts and toilet bowl bolts. Sillcock keys with 4 designs holes that allow you to control water usage, can be applied to electric, spigots, elevator and so on. Please make sure it is compatible with your equipment before you buy it.
    19.99 $
  • ARROWHEAD BRASS & PLUMBING 248LF 1/2" Bypass, Red Brass, Washing Machine Valve
    The product is manufactured in United States The product is highly durable and easy to use Easy installation and easy handling
    26.82 $
  • SLT0823_002_24_AT69/emale Threaded Brass Housing Aerator with Plumber's Tape
    Material: the faucet aerator is made of ABS plastic, durable and easy to use Function: ease the impact of water, and prevent water from splashing by generating lots of bubbles; the strainer inside can filter out most impurities Applications: the faucet filter aerator is suitable for the installation and replacement of faucet fittings at homes, hotels, public facilities and other places
    39.99 $
  • Cowin Brewing 1/4" Stainless Steel Mini Ball Valve NPT Thread (Male&Male)
    NPT thread, compatible with the most common showerhead connectors in the North America. Material: Stainless Steel 304 with much higher performance (high heat-resistance, high corrosion resistance and pressure-resistance), more durable and harder than the ordinary Brass and Plastic one. Medium: Water, Gas, Oil Working temperature: -10-150 ℃ On/off switch with quarter-turn easy operation.
  • ARROWHEAD BRASS & PLUMBING 240LF 3/4" Female Pipe Thread, Red Brass, Evaporative Cooler Faucet
    Item Weight: 0.6 lb Country of Origin: United States Brand name: Arrowhead Brass & Plumbing Item Dimensions: 1.0"L x 2.2"W x 1.9"H